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07-05-1999, 06:02 PM
see again i told you all from what i heard rumor wise in the record company mill at how he has to be him. he will play him due to the fact he is writing some tunes yes HE WILL WRITE SOME TUNES and will co produce with baby face. he would play chris gaines<P>oh i give up no one ever cares what i say, regarding new info i just give up telling you al the scoop :-( i think i shall leave lololol just kidding about leaving( with all that talk of leaving i was trying to be funny hahah ) <P>diana( the garth scoper( get it i get the scoop on things ) :-0N

07-05-1999, 10:07 PM
thanx for the awesome NEW info!....so are the songs Garth is writing going to be on the<BR><B>1st</B> CG's album? do you know why they did not want us(the fans) to know Garth is writing songs for the ablum?(cuz' at first i heard that he was NOT writing songs for the album).......com'on people,this is exciting, say somethin' so Eternity4u will keep telling us new info!....well i just want to say that i love hearing about new info from the new album!,thanx! :)....p.s. you said before on another post that VH1 will air the new videos....i also heard that MTV will too!<BR>,is this true? one more: will the music video<BR>come out soon after the single "Lost In You" is released to radio?...and is there a video for "Lost In You?....i hope i'm not annoying you with all these questions :( :o<P>aRiN

07-05-1999, 10:58 PM
he is co producing the album with baby face<P>he is writing some songs, but as many artists do on other compilations of music, they use an alias or brief nickname. Check out some of the tunes Prince( yes the formerly known as) as done for other artists. he would use his real name<P><BR>chris will do on air radio spots in sept end of aug sometime as chris gaines. as a discogragphy .<P>the video will be out near end of year however first they will air on tv (cable music) the behind the scenes of this artist or the story tellers version. which in it will have bits and pieces of videos from the past as chris gaines in the group( CRUSH) and then up to know. <P>when he performs on tv he will do so in a narration style of the character (of chris gaines) . that is he will be him however will demonstrate and some what explain to all what this is all about.<P>these are many of the ways they keep the people guessing all part of publicity and grabbing new fans. <P><BR>did i answer your questions (garth fan?)<P>blessings diana a Music fan of garths@!!!N

07-05-1999, 11:14 PM
thanx for the answers ;)...but you forgot to answer one on em'....are the videos going to <BR>be on MTV too!?....so you are saying that Garth will make up a different name for the "other" person(which is really Garth)that wrote the songs(that Garth actually wrote)?<BR>...ok i want to say sorry in advance,if that made your head hurt...lol...hopefully i explained it ok :( :o.<P>aRiN

07-06-1999, 10:10 AM
Hello! Diana Elizabeth.. did I already tell you that I love your name? :) I haven't seen you post here in a while, how ya doing? I for one love it when you post. :). You are our GARTH-SPY in LA. Thanks for always posting your little Garth tid-bits for us to gobble up. :) This is sounding so exciting.. I can't wait. You have a Garthtastic day, Diana Elizatbeth(I even like typing it out, lol).<P>Have a Garthriffic day,<BR>Ellie :)N

07-06-1999, 10:28 AM
Okay okay okay, let me get this all straight. The man is GOING to play Chris Gaines? Geez, I'm confused. My head hurts. I think I need a nap. Please Eternity4U is Garth really gonna act in the movie??? Gosh I hope so.....<P>GarthFanCanadaN

07-06-1999, 03:06 PM
Thanx for the info's hugeGBnutt and Eternity4U :)<P>GfanCan. try and look/search at <A HREF="http://www.imdb.com" TARGET=_blank>www.imdb.com</A> :D<P>BrianN

07-24-1999, 08:13 AM
Boppityboo i love your name.. <P>by the way been busy but with chris gaines around the corner you can catch some times here but early or late before the family is up and house is hopping lol .<P><BR>boppity you wanna go to leno wiht me?? let me know i am trying to get a whole bunch ready to go. so when we find out i can email for tix or go there to the studio some times they hand them out(some times) . but in order to get tix in advance i need to know how many can go. and they only allow so many tix per person . so we can pick a few of us to get 4 tix or 6 each and go from there.<P><BR>so we can even rent a limo huh coolll<P>ok so i am dreaming ( about the limo no about meeting and dining with chris gaines lol) lolol<P>diana elizabeth --blessings <P>and awaiting any info if you all wanna go??N

07-24-1999, 05:34 PM
That would be my dream to go to see GAr.. Chris on Leno. My only problem is about 3000 miles. Sorry, but I would love to hear about it when you guys get back.<BR>N