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03-17-2002, 11:58 AM
This may be a rather long post, just warning you.

It begins with a dream from 7 years ago and to date, the dream still continues.

Being from Canada, we are a little removed from a large city centre where "big names" come to tour. It is difficult to get access to entertainers but not impossible, if you believe.

I will begin with our recent trip to see Mickey and Friends in Orlando. We would be driving from our home, which takes 24 hours to reach our destination travelling down I75 and returning via Nashville (or should I say Goodlettsville?!!!)and yes, I believed we would see Garth in some way, shape or form.
What I did not know is that I would "experience" Garth in various places that I travelled along the way.
It began with the special on CMT where Garth was featured as one of the "Class of '89" and for a whole hour, I watched his videos and enjoyed the memories of his world tour. We do not have CMT at home, what a bonus, a holiday AND Garth!
Then we went to Downtown Disney. If you have ever been there, you have seen the Gigantuous Virgin Record Store. Well as we are walking past it, amazed at it's size, there in the window are TWO huge posters of Garth, one is Scarecrow cover and the other is the picture of him in his yellow shirt. Well, had to have a picture of me outside with Garth!! wooohooo!!!!!!!!!!

So now I'll skip to the ride home. Of course we are heading to Goodlettsville, all the while enjoying the country stations as we travel northward and every station has Garth 'n Trisha singing "Squeeze me in". We arrive at Goodlettsville, travel to a gas station where the lady has no idea where Genelle drive is. My husband (bless his heart, he was so good to ask directions, I am a mess by this time, as another dream to visit the gates is almost a reality and the tears are starting to form)mentions to the lady that we are looking for Garth's house and she still doesn't know how to get there!!! Sheesh!!!!!!!!! How can one live there and not KNOW where the Gates are?!!! Anyways, she is talking to her friend on the phone who gives us very vague directions. We are just a stone's throw away. We continue to drive, and no luck. By this time, we are going in circles and we again stop to ask someone for better directions. He also gives us directions, boy, seems like we are "right there" but we still can not find it. One last time, we come to a mechanic's garage and it is a Sunday, the guy is leaving and jumping into his car, when I beg my husband to ask one last time how to get to Garth's house. This guy was a little untidy, we are kinda leery about strangers but this guy still has no idea where Genelle drive is. My husband is losing his patience but determined that "we are so close, we have to find Garth's house" so when Jeff(the mechanic) asks about a landmark we are looking for and we tell him Garth, he springs into action. He states that it is difficult to explain but he will drive us there!!!
(I'm believing, I'm believing!!!!!!)
Where are the tissues?!!!!!!!!!LOL

So drive us he does, we were so close the other two times, we could smell it but no one told us you turn at Fontaine and on to Genelle!!!One small detail that was a little important!!
So Jeff drives us right up the mountain, pulls over and points, stating "there it is". Boy, I sure wanted to jump out and kiss him, but after about 1 million "thank you"s, he was gone and we were there. Now, after reading the stories about being prepared with cameras, batteries and film, you think that I would have learned the "rules". Apparently not!

Camera-check, batteries-check, film, OMG!
To keep the story short, I will just let you know that the packing for the trip home was re-done outside Garth's gates, I am sure his neighbors wondered what the van from Ontario was doing, reorganizing their laundry but after finishing ripping everything apart, my husband found the film in the front of the van, in my purse!!!OOPS!!

We sat, touched, looked, thought, admired, snapped pics and speaking purely for myself, thanked God for the opportunity of visiting the gates and for having Garth in my life. Another dream realized, because I believed and boy, was it worth it!!!
The trip to Florida was wonderful, but believe me, the trip home was a highlight of my life!

I could have stayed there all day, just drinking in the flavour of all the memories held in that home. It is the place Taylor slept in when she came home from the hospital, it is the place that August used to call home and Allie probably took her first steps there. It is the destination that so many fans have visited, met other nutts, shared stories of love for an Amazing human being and cemented friendships for a lifetime. What a great place to be!
But reality shook me awake to hear my husband announce that we needed to be on the road to get back to our home. Home to where my Garthfriends post daily, where I can again read about one of the true blessings to humanity-Garth Brooks
If anyone can advise me how to attach a pic from scanner, I will post photo from Downtown Disney. Also, after checking the page for Virgin records, follow the link and check out the picture in the window!!
Believe, what a wonderful word!!!!

diem nash
03-17-2002, 12:12 PM
Wow! What a trip for ya!!!

You are still somewhere else, donīt ya?! ;)

Iīm happy for you!!!

About showing pics here at PG. When you reply thereīs a part, where stands "Attach file: Maximum size: 102400 bytes". Look for the pic you wanna share (gif jpg png jpeg). Just simple.



03-17-2002, 01:40 PM
Also, as an added sidenote, to Mary Liz, the duct tape is still in my van for a trip where you will be with me to help me accomplish my "mission".
And to Teresa, thanks for teaching me the true meaning of Believe!!
Does anyone know the origin of Blue Rose Estates? Was it built for Garth or did someone own it prior to Garth and Sandy?
Bet the walls have stories they could tell!!!

03-17-2002, 03:38 PM
That sounds like one heck of an adventure!
Thanks for sharing...
I've never been to Garth's gates, but you made me
feel like I was right there with you!

It was awful kind of that man to drive ahead of you
to show you the way there! Did you check and make
sure he wasn't Garth in disguise? LOL :)
Sounds like something he would do!


03-17-2002, 10:23 PM
Glad you made it to the gates, Ali! It is quite a special feeling being there, isn't it? Sounds like you had a great trip.


03-17-2002, 11:25 PM
I might be going to Nashville for the PG convention 2002, if we have it :) I hppe to bring film and *several* cameras :) :)

Vanessa :)

diem nash
03-18-2002, 05:20 PM
Originally posted by countyfair_85
It was awful kind of that man to drive ahead of you
to show you the way there! Did you check and make
sure he wasn't Garth in disguise? LOL :)
Sounds like something he would do!


Oh yes, Diane!!! It could have been our boy!!!

Wouldnīt it be too funny?!

ALI, are ya sure, that it wasnīt Garth?! :p ;)

Maddy :D

03-18-2002, 06:06 PM
Sounds like you had an awesome time :) the gates are a very speical place !!!! Just like Disney World -

the neighbors are used to it I'm sure, last year there was 5-7 people there ( and two dogs) until like 2 am, whoever those people where I'm ashamed...LOL