View Full Version : DOES ANYONE KNOW?(I'M DYING TO KNOW ).....

07-02-1999, 05:53 PM
...when a music video for The Lamb comes out,<BR>i would think before the single comes out...<BR>anyone know? ....since we will not get the movie for more then a year i'm dying for atleast a music video!<P>aRiN

07-02-1999, 06:08 PM
I have no idea, I hope soon! :) I heard Garth will make alot of them for this album and that he will be in them, I hope it is true. I would say in August maybe when the single comes out. :)N

07-03-1999, 01:08 AM
I don't know too, but I hope they will kick it out here in Denmark :D :D<P>BrianN

07-03-1999, 09:53 PM
the song will come out then teh video. from what i heard there will also be a videography on chris gaines. some of his old music first will be presented to us (not the current) in a video format as you all already know. and will be shown on vh1 storytellers. <P>now this along shall generate a lot of controversy being that many rock fans and country fans watch vh1 soooooooooo. but at no time will they say it is GARTH BROOKS<P><BR>the current thing issssss whom will play chris gaines right? now if garht is going through all this trouble of singing the songs and recording the cd and shooting the video and doing press releases then why NOT DOES HE NOT APPEAR IN TEH FILM make sense/..????<P>you see he is giving so much publicity to the chris gaines story line music, photo shoots, interviews, cds and now videos . it would make good sense he will star IN THE FILM<P>but we will have to see (giggle)N

07-03-1999, 11:08 PM
Eternity4U,<BR> thank u for the info!....do you know if they are making a video for "Lost In You" and if it will come out soon after the single<BR>is released to radio? and also i heard that the videos are going to be played on VH1 AND MTV,is this true? <P>aRiN