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07-01-1999, 04:03 AM
I would like to apologize to the Todd Snider fans who have been posting on the Forums for believing that it was one person posting under different names. I now believe that there is some sort of bug with the profiles and the passwords. Hopefully, Brandon will be able to fix it soon.<P>Unfortunately, the mistaken belief that it was one person posting under different names contributed to the defensive position that many PGers took, thinking they were being bombarded with what appeared to be spam. Anyway, I hope we can get back to becoming civil to each other and welcome the new posters, including the Todd Snider fans, to PG and perhaps check out Todd Snider.<P>I would only have one suggestion to the Todd Snider fans and that would be to limit your discussion of Todd Snider to the Chris Gaines or Open Forums and temper your comments so we don't feel as if we're being bombarded.<P>Looking forward to the Chris Gaines project.<P>Paula :)N

07-01-1999, 04:25 AM
Paula -<BR>Well Said!! I, too, think that this whole thing got out of hand mainly due to a misunderstanding - hope we can all "bury the hatchet WITHOUT the handle sticking out..." (for all the TS fans that's a slightly altered Garth lyric) <BR>KerryN

07-01-1999, 07:19 AM
Paula and Kerry--<BR> You both said exactly what I was thinking!!! I have looked at some of the archives from the listserv of the Todd Snider website, and most of the members seem to be all right (at least when it comes to this whole Garth/Todd/Chris Gaines thing). They all seem to be excited for the opportunity for Todd to get his music out to more people. I am also beginning to think that the computer is to blame for their profile screw-ups. I think that they just want their guy to get some recognition for this song...although they seem to have gone about it the wrong way here on PG. To all the TS fans, please follow Paula's advice in the last paragraph of her post :) And like Kerry said, maybe we can bury the hatchet (the ENTIRE thing!!!!) <P>Cathy ;)N

07-01-1999, 09:19 AM
<b>SORRY</b>:O:O:O:O<P>Brian :D<BR>N

07-01-1999, 10:08 AM
I am sorry too :) I hope all the Todd Snider fans stay and post. :) <P>WELCOME TO PLANETGARTH :) :)N

07-01-1999, 03:20 PM
Hey ya'll ...<P>Thanks alot for looking past the names.. and profile similar deals... It<BR>is, in fact, a problem with the server... and hopefully soon we'll have<BR>this mess straight.<P>You're exactly correct when you said that we are, indeed, excited that<BR>Todd's most popular song (to us, at least) Is going to be on the new CD from<BR>Garth. It will, hopefully, broaden Todd's fan base, and get more people<BR>interested in his music. Which is the whole idea behind all the posts.<P>We too are sorry, if you feel we "bombarded" you with similar posts. The<BR>excitement just took over, and we're mighty proud of our dear friend, Todd.<P>Thanks again for the apology, and welcome.<P>Here's to the music!<P>I think I'm Alright!<BR>N

07-01-1999, 07:48 PM
:( <b>APOLOGIZE</b> :(<P>For what reason?? we didn't do anything wrong here?? I am not going to <b>Apologize</b> for there actions!!!! I have gotten HATE Mail from someone out of there group and just want them to go away and leave us alone!!!!<P>NO APOLOGY given here TOO TICKED for that!!N

Debbie R
07-02-1999, 04:01 AM
Frankly, LVGB4EVER, your posts are the only ones I find offensive anymore!! The TS fan(s) who posted some rude things no longer seem to be posting but you still can't seem to let it go. The reason you are getting hate mail is because from your very first post on this subject you were critical and abusive. Just because you have been on this board a long time doesn't give you the right to flame new posters whatever their reasons for being here. I would think if you love GB so much you might learn from his behavior that the best way to treat negativity is with civility. I personally can't believe that people have so much energy as to prolong this silly topic.<P>This has been my first and final post on anything to do with Todd Snyder. Let it go!<P>DebbieN

07-02-1999, 09:17 AM
Ok, let me give my 7 cents here...I apologize to all of the Todd fans except the few who have been rude...I can think of maybe 2 of them who ticked me off but that's it. Whoever it was who sent LVGB4EVER and GarthFanCanada those e-mails is someone I am NOT apologizing to, but for those Todd fans who simply come here for the love of the music, I welcome them to Planet Garth with open arms :)N

07-02-1999, 05:29 PM
<b>Debbie</b><P>Sorry you feel that way but I have not been rude since the begining and I don't care how long I have been here I have the right to my opinion as much as anyone else!!! I didn't deserve that E-MAIL and wether you see it that way is your opinion...you are the one being rude now not me!!<P>I am a VERY loyal FAN of GARTH'S and I am upset at the thought of you or anyone else telling me that I have to be like him or not,that has nothing to do with this!! ARE you a loyal fan?? if so then I don't think you should be thanking the (SOME) Todd fans for coming here and putting him down (Drug mention) or did you not read that post??<P>I have had enough of this also but I WILL stick up for myself when I feel it needs it!! and I don't feel that I deserved what you or anyother person said about me!!<P>SueN

07-02-1999, 06:57 PM
To all PGers and Todd fans,<BR>I too feel I owe an apology to all those who may have been angered or offended by the dissention created by my email to GarthFanCanada and LVGB4EVER. To you the folks trying to build a rapport and maybe a friendship please do not let what I said put a barrier between you. I am not a mouthpiece for the Todd Snider folks, I imagine I probably disappointed a few of them too. My comments and my opinion were directed only to the folks mentioned above. For reasons I feel they deserved. But to you I apologize. I am a Garth fan, and a Todd fan, and regret any set back in the building of the bridge between the two....<P>Signed Not SETexas<BR>Lynda, aka RockonTodd, ToddSniderRocksN

07-04-1999, 07:55 PM
I don't know what is going on in this place anymore!!!! I went back and read LVGB4EVER's post and at no point did I find any of them offensive or rude. She is to the point and some of you may find it rude, but I sure don't. And if those who have a problem with Sue saw the email she received, you would realize she has every right to be mad or even rude. If that email was sent to me, there is no way I would respond as nicely as she did. Ans since most of you haven't seen how nasty that email really was, then I suggest you don't judge Sue for what you consider being rude, because it was tame in comparision to the email she was sent.N

07-09-1999, 01:00 AM
THIS IS GETTING OUT OF HAND!!! I came here and read all Todd related nicknames and I was very confused. I think the person who brought up the <B>drub</B> thing should apologize for what he/she has said.<P>As far as for <B>LVGB4EVER</B>, I think we need <B>PEACE</B>. Maybe there is a misunderstanding here, but I really hope that we're not ganging up to attack someone. There has been a couple huge battles here in PG, so let's not forget the past and move on. <P>As for the Todd fans, honestly, I am appreciated that you guys came here and told us about Garth sining one of Todd's songs. However, I just can't figure out why there are so many similar/strange user names. Besides, those of you who sent hate mails, should come here and apologize for what they have said. <P>TommyN

07-09-1999, 05:05 AM
OK, I wasn't going to post anything related to the Todd Snider "confrontation" because I try to channel my energy to more productive and positive things, not childish misuderstandings. But I was hoping that by posting something that I was taught at a very young age by my mom might help us all in future "discussions" :<P>-- It's not always what you say, it's how you say it --<P><BR>So maybe it would help us all to remember that what one person feels is "their right to voice an opinion" may in fact be viewed as rude or offensive by the tone and language used within the message. Opinions stated tactfully are more valued and appreciated anyway.<P>Stepping down..... N