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02-20-2002, 03:03 PM
This is cool! Looks like Davy is getting his racing horses more established in nearby Indiantown, FL. Remember him? He's the cute little British guy that sang "Daydream Believer". But before he was an actor on broadway(starring in Oliver as the Artful Dodger), and later as a Monkee, he was and still is a jockey. And he is still performing and riding. Him and Micky even have a coming concert date in Dublin, Ireland as the Monkees, as well as in England and here in the states. I just wish he'd come through my line next time he comes into Wal-mart. The poor guy don't know what he's missing!;)
Davy recently returned from LA, where he just finished a Time-Life
commercial, which advertises a new collection of Rock and Roll Classics.
And, the big news is that there will be a Davy Jones Collection of Greatest
Hits that will be made available to anyone calling in to order the
Time-Life Classics. Davy says his Greatest Hits will include such Davy
Jones' favorites as Girl, Valleri, Daydream Believer, and more!! The
commercial is scheduled to start during this month, February 2002, at a TV
set near you. So keep those eyes and ears open!!!

Davy also took part in a TV Trivia PC game called "Blast From the Past".
You may have recently seen the advertisement, which has begun running on
the TV Land Network. "Blast From the Past" combines live video clips of
stars from some of America's favorite classic TV shows with fast-paced game
play and exciting graphics resulting in the ultimate TV trivia game. Some
of the other stars appearing with Davy are Barbara Eden of I Dream of
Jeannie, Florence Henderson of The Brady Bunch, Jerry Mathers of Leave It
To Beaver, and more.

Davy has also been contacted by the television news program "48 Hours"
which will dedicate a segment to Davy, catching up with Davy on the concert
stage and off. The interview will also include Davy's love of horses and
details his most recent training and racing activities of the last few
months. Davy owns nine horses now and the show is scheduled to include
clips of Davy working and riding his horses at his Florida stables. A
second camera crew is scheduled to visit Davy at the end of
February/beginning of March 2002.

And, if all this hasn't been keeping Davy busy enough, Davy has also been
preparing for his upcoming concert tour with Micky scheduled for England in
March. As a matter of fact, Davy mentioned he will be leaving for England
in mid-February so he can attend a school play in which his daughter
Annabel will be participating. Then upon his return from England, Davy's
sister Lynda will be arriving in the US for a visit.

While in England Davy hopes to do some promotion for the British Tour.
Even with the British Tour looming Davy wanted everyone to be aware of
upcoming events in which he take part involving his racing circle...

May 2 - Davy has been invited to perform at a black-tie affair as part of
the 2002 Kentucky Derby festivities.

May 19 - Davy will be the celebrity rider at a charity racing event in
Lexington, Kentucky. Full details to follow...

May 20-21 - Davy will be Co-host of the 2002 Celebrity Golf Tourament
benefitting the McDowell Cancer Foundation in Lexington, Kentucky. See
DavyJones.Net for more information.

May 25 - Davy and Micky are scheduled to perform at the Louisville Zoo.

With this rigorous schedule on tap, Davy says he has been working hard
riding every day and working with the horses to keep fit for his upcoming
race and other events.

Davy hopes to see everyone on the road or
on the track this summer.

Davy in the news: Check out the St. Petersburg Times for several articles
and interviews. Search the archive for "Davy Jones" and there you will have it.

August 17, 2001 - Horse News

Davy has two new horses named Matador and Maternity Leave. Maternity Leave
won a race just last weekend in Virginia.

02-20-2002, 03:32 PM
I don't know much about horses but I sure LOVED Micky Dolenz when I was a teeny-bopper. The first concert I ever went to was The Monkees. My sister loved Davy.

Lowell Miller
02-20-2002, 08:03 PM
Cool Dale...my Grandpa was from Indiantown. :)

02-21-2002, 04:10 PM
Elaine, Micky was my favorite too. Must have been his 'keen' sense of humor mixed with that serious-side displayed in that silky voice of his on "I'm a Believer" and "The Last Train to Clarksville". When I was 16 I had drawn in charcoal a beautiful portrait of Micky in a rare somber pose only to have it lost by the framer. I have never gotten over that loss. I poured alot of love and sweat into it mixed with those hormones of my youth! But I was able to get Davy to autograph the one I also drew of him in a similar pose(I'm talking facial here as well), through a friend I used to work with who cares for Davy's horses. She has invited me out to meet him at the stables a few times but I just don't feel comfortable enough to do that. But Peter has grown on me from what I saw of him by his stage performance when 3 of the Monkees reunited several years ago(sans Mike as usual). This 'band' has always had a love/hate relationship that just seems to keep going and going and going...but the one I'd really like to hear more from now is Mike Nesmith. I have grown to really love and appreciate his involvement in the music, now that I know how firmly established he was and is in his country music roots, and taking it into the video realm to the point that he is known as the father of music video(MTV). If it hadn't have been about the money with the music business itself he could have done so much more with his ideas. But I guess he felt defeated and sold his ideas to MTV. He also gave Jay Leno, Whoopi Goldberg, and Dwight Yoakam, among others, their start in acting on his experimental television/video shows. I hear he is recording a new album. This guy's talent needs to really be known by the masses but Michael has no desire for more fame having already tasted of it through being a Monkee. He has moved on while the others seem almost trapped by their past. But in my mind, he is the one who was truly in it for the music and he fought for it very much on his own terms. It is my wish he resurfaces in the big time. I think their best album will alway's be the third one, Headquarter's, because it is the one he fought so hard for them to make all by themselves, with the only help coming from Chip Douglas of The Turtles. But it sadly received little attention. By then maybe the Monkee's manufactured image was already set in stone and no one was still paying attention to just an 'image.' But I gotta tell you like I did Davy in my note I put with that drawing, that The Monkee's music will always be a part of my life, not just a memory.
Could you tell me what a Monkee's concert was like way back when? If it was anything like Bobby Sherman's all I remember is the girls screaming and throwing flowers and teddy bears on the stage. I could barely see or hear Bobby.

Cool Lowell! Do you have any other family in Florida?