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02-12-2002, 05:47 PM
Hello everyone-this is the form that I'm asking all of last year attendants and anyone who thinks they would like to go this year to fill out as it says please forward the survey to CC. If you are not already a member of the convention group please email me and I will add you to the email list. If you have any ?'s also email me. I hope to see some new faces this year as well as old ones. We all had a blast last year and I think this year will be just as fun if not more. Just copy this form and paste into an email .. thanks.....

The 2nd Annual Garthnutts Convention Survey

Please Forward this survey to CC at Majmera@aol.com

For all new attendees and last year attendants, here is a little survey I would like you all to fill out. This will help me make decisions on what you guys would like to do this year. Either put your choice in bold or another color.

1. Date - Last year the convention was the 1st weekend in August when would the best time for you guys to come?

A. Same time 1st weekend in August 2nd-4th
B. Last weekend in June 28th-30th
C. During Fan Fair- June 13-16th
D. 2nd weekend in July 12-14th
E. Other _____________

2. Place to stay-We all stayed at a hotel called Holiday Inn Express last year. Did you guys like this place or should we move?

A. YES, lets stay there again
B. NO, Please find a cheaper place
C. NO, Price was fine but would like…. __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______________________________________

3. Activities-here are the things we did last year and somethings we didn't. Check what you would like to do.
A. Grand Ole Opry
B. Grand Ole Opry backstage tour
C. Most Wanted Live
D. Country Music Hall of Fame
E. Bluebird Cafe
F. Tour of Stars homes
G. Wild horse Saloon/nite downtown
H. Tour the Ryman backstage
I. Pancake Pantry breakfast

Have something else in mind let me know what it is __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______________________________________

I hope all of you are excited about getting together again this year. If anyone has a question just ask you can email me at Jenlvsgarth@aol.com

But for this survey CC has been kind enough to take on the job of going through all the surveys so please email them to her at Majmera@aol.com and I will be posting the results very soon.

Hope to see you all in Nashville. We are looking into holding the convention in OK next year. Let me know what you guys thing of that.