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02-10-2002, 01:34 AM
What? We are not good enough? Lol!

Here's another cool article from Modern Screen Country Music. Remember the thread I had going about Garth's Double Live limited edition cover and we figured out he is clutching the Russian flag in that? Also, there is alot of stuff mentioned here in this one article that either went down or is still in the works. Just goes to show how dedicated Garth is to his stated goals. And I'll bet anything, he still has his sites set on Russia.(Besides curing cancer and balancing the nation's budget like this article jokingly hints at.):)

This year there will be no touring for Garth Brooks - his three-year world tour was enough for awhile, he says. That tour drew more than 5 million fans and sold out 350 dates - each on the first day of sale. And he was the best selling concert act thus far in the 90's, according to promotors.

There are many projects lined up for this year, including a soundtrack album from his film The Lamb, a possible made-for-tv film, plus a duet album with Trisha Yearwood. In fact, there are plans for several albums, one of which, a reissue of his 1989, Garth Brooks, was released by Capitol-Nashville on April 15, it's 10th anniversary. If sales go well, the label intends other rereleases as well.

The album with Yearwood will be a special deal between Garth's label and Trisha's MCA company. Garth has promised for a couple of years now that he'd do an album with Trisha, but points out she has two of her own albums slated for this year, thus their duet may not take place until 2000.

He's also been busy recording the soundtrack from The Lamb, a Paramount Pictures release for 2000. Garth, at presstime, was still uncertain as to whether he'd appear in it. The soundtrack was produced by Don Was and soul star Babyface Edmonds.

The past year saw Garth headlining 347 concerts, playing 99 cities in 32 months, selling out each show - whether in the states or overseas. The shows grossed over $100 million despite low ticket prices.

Also, in 1998, he was named Entertainer of the Year for a record breaking fourth time, at the 32nd annual Country Music Association Awards.

Incidentally, when the 5 millionth fan attended his concert in Minneapolis, Garth gave that Minnesota couple the keys to two Chevrolet trucks plus a '98 Volkswagon Beetle, and a family trip to Cancun, $5,000 in spending money - and 10 dozen roses. The Garthman never does anything on a small scale, obviously.

As far as his possibly acting in films, the superstar said that Oscar winning writer William Goldman(Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid) advised him to take acting lessons "as seriously as you take music. You just can't cross over from music to acting without the background." And Garth reveals that he is definitely interested in dramatic classes.

Having spent the holidays with his wife Sandy, and three little girls Taylor Mayne Pearl, August Anna and Allie Colleen, Garth wants time to write music, but still insists he'd rather be behind the cameras than in front as an actor. He has already directed his first video, "I Don't Have To Wonder," from his studio album Sevens. And for later this year he's set to do a CBS-TV special called "Colors of Christmas." and he'll have an album from the soundtrack, his first Christmas album in eight years.

In the future, Garth says, he'd like to do a concert in Russia. "I think it might make a difference."

Meanwhile, his album sales continue to soar. While the Beatles hold the record of 107 million albums sold over a 34-year period, Garth, while not yet at 100 million(give the guy a break, he only started in 1989 and already is the second biggest-selling individual artist next to Elvis Presley), has his sights set on The Fab Four's mark. "That's who we want to catch," says The God Man, er, I mean, The Garth Man. To catch The Beatles and Elvis, Garth admitted to Country Weekly recently that every sale of his box set will count as six units sold and every sale of his double-live cheese-log CD (as Waylon Wahl calls it) will count as two. Creative bookkeeping, obviously, is in the Garth gameplan, just like his count of heads at his New York City Central Park concert wherein he must've counted all the rats and insects in the park that night to come up with the figures he did (spiders with eight legs count as four people)...just so he could say he beat Simon & Garfunkel's attendance record. Having millions of fans isn't enough. He has to have THE MOST fans of anybody who ever sang a song or I guess he considers himself a failure. What does that say to the fans who DO support him? That they're not enough?

Probably the biggest compliment to the man comes from Trisha Yearwood's manager, Ken Kragen, who stated "The upsurge in country music over the years is directly attributable to one man - Garth Brooks."

Most folks don't know that Garth is also responsible for this country's balanced budget. And before he discovers a cure for cancer, in his spare time, you can expect The Great Garth out in the field building free housing for the homeless and figuring out a way to save Social Security. ~Frank Barron/Mike Greenblatt

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I'll take lack of feedback as a warning that I'm wasting everyone's time but my own when I type these 'old' articles up.

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I just read it and really enjoyed it :) Thank You....I think it's fun to read the old articles and see how many of his ideas he's actually followed through with, because we all know what a big dreamer Garth is :)


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Thanks for typing it up, Dale. It is appreciated! :)

Most folks don't know that Garth is also responsible for this country's balanced budget. And before he discovers a cure for cancer, in his spare time, you can expect The Great Garth out in the field building free housing for the homeless and figuring out a way to save Social Security

Well - I wouldn't doubt that he could do these things if he were given the chance too! LOL ;)


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Now, how about Garth for world 'dictator'!!! Huh? Huh? (Shakes head up and down.):)