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02-03-2002, 09:20 PM
What do you guys think about other artistsw who sing Garth songs? I think it is cool only if the artist is talented and does the song or songs justice. I absolutely cringe when I hear Garth's music being butchered. One night I walked into a local Irish Pub that I frequent here in East Durham in the summer time and the band was performing "the Dance" and it was so horrible I wanted to scream at the band but I kept quiet and endured the torture.

On the other hand, my friend Andy Cooney is an Irish-American artist who has a band and he performes Garth's music beautifully. I am not just saying that either because he is a friend. He does because he is a huge Garth fan and truly respects him and his music so he pays a tribute to Garth in a way every time he performs songs like "the Dance" and "Friend in Low Places".

What kinds of experiences have you guys had with other artists singing Garth's music?


02-03-2002, 09:45 PM
Usually, I can't stand it! I've heard some people really kill Garth's songs. It's pretty hard to endure!!! But one of the local dj's has a band that opens some local shows now and then. One of the band members is a huge fan, and he always gets to do a couple Garth songs in the show. He doesn't try to change the songs, but also doesn't try to sing like Garth (since no one can!). I got to meet him the last time I saw him, and I came right out and told him he's the only one that I've heard sing Garth's songs that doesn't make me cringe. He seemed pretty flattered to hear that.

Of course, as a writter on "Longneck Bottle", Steve Wariner does do a great job on that song in his show. Kinda different since he was part of it originally.


02-03-2002, 10:23 PM
As long as they do it justice, I think it's great when other artists sing his songs:)
Last fall Wayne and I went to see a standup comedian from Newfoundland by the name of Jimmy Flynn. Along with his act he does alot of singing and some guitar playing also. Well he had us in stiches all night and then at the end of the evening he got really serious as he started to talk about parenting and that the worst thing a parent can endure is to have one of their children die before them. He goes on to say that he lost his son some years ago and he promised that in memory of his son, he would be included in every performance. He then proceeded to play "The Dance." Well, I can tell you, he certainly did that song justice and this house of laughter was suddenly brought to silence and to tears as well.
A sad end to a humourous evening but very therapeutic all in all:)

diem nash
02-08-2002, 06:49 AM
Well, I havnīt heard so many people singing Garthīs songs. Lately I got "A tribute to Garth Brooks". Well, the name sounds ... I thought you get a "Tribute", if youīre dead. ;)

Itīs a strange experience. I hear Garthīs songs, but not him. Itīs a new experience.
On that album sing people like Guns `N Roses, The Beach Boys, Chicago, Toto, Red Speedwagon and some others.
I think, everybody has his/her own opinion about it. I like it at all! As long as people respect Garth as person, his feelings and what this music means to him everything is okay with it for me. But Iīd like it most to hear Garthīs songs sang by people, who know him, know, what it means - people like I met here at the Planet. Iīd love it to see them perform and Iīd love it, how they do it!

And another thing is: As more people sing Garthīs songs, as more people get in touch with it and will love it. I canīt imagine my life without his music. What would I miss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



diem nash
02-08-2002, 06:54 AM

There you can feel the love for this music!!!


02-08-2002, 11:05 AM
I've only heard a few artists sing a Garth song...like Trisha Yearwood on the "Hope Floats" cd sings "To Make You Feel My Love"...or Victoria Shaw with "Where Your Road Leads", but I heard her version first, and Garth loved it so much he performed it with Trisha on her album "Where Your Road Leads".
I think Trisha, Victoria and Garth all sound great!

I was always thrilled when Garth sang other artists songs, because he did such a great job giving tribute to them and it seemed like it was his song all along. Like:

Turn The Page
American Pie
Everything That Glitters Isn't Gold
Jim Croce songs
Mrs. Robinson

I felt like they belonged to him!
But to hear other people sing Garth songs, you still think of Garth's version...at least I do.

I remember watching the commercials in between the airing of "This Is Garth Brooks Too" from Texas Stadium...
There were different clips of various people performing Garth's song "Friends In Low Places"...Garth sat in a chair watching them, making facial movements to his pleasure or not.
Then when the one guy, I think was dressed up as a girl singing, Garth got really close to the TV screen he was watching and his eyes were bugged out of his head, mouth wide open, sorta in disbelief, or horror...It was so funny! There were several types of funny commercials with Garth during that show...oh, you probably already know that!
I'm just mentioning it because that's one of the few times I got a chance to see other performers sing Garth's songs.


diem nash
02-08-2002, 12:48 PM
Nice to see you!

Well, I didnīt know that and made the same like Garth - "...got really close to the TV screen ... was watching and ... eyes were bugged out of ... head, mouth wide open, sorta in disbelief, or horror..."



02-08-2002, 02:21 PM
hell no I think that is bull **** :mad

diem nash
02-08-2002, 03:05 PM
Originally posted by mistydawn42450
hell no I think that is bull **** :mad

Well, I think you mean, that you donīt like other people sing Garthīs songs. Right?

Not very lady-like! ;)


02-08-2002, 10:10 PM

Only Garth can sing a garth song like it should be sung! [lol] ;)

Others can sing those songs.....but there is something lacking. Of course, Trisha did a good job on "We Shall Be Free" on that recent Tribute program.

Has anyone else heard "Shameless" done by someone else???


02-09-2002, 02:58 PM
Everything That Glitters Isn't Gold
Jim Croce songs :( I haven't heard those.:(:(

Where did he sing those? Anyone have them as mp3?