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06-28-1999, 09:07 AM
Anyone know what song is being released first? Has anyone heard any of, yet? He's doing a cover of Todd Snider's Alright Guy. Great song. I can't wait to hear it. <BR>N

06-28-1999, 04:50 PM

06-28-1999, 05:18 PM
where did you hear that? ....i've never heard<BR>the song :o...is it good?<P>aRiN

06-28-1999, 05:51 PM
and who is this artist :o.....and if he is a country singer that would not make sence since this is a rock album.....maybe Garth will just make it "rock-ier"........<P>aRiN

06-28-1999, 07:34 PM
the song to first released to AC and Top40 radio will be entitled "Lost In You".<P>And for those of you awaiting "7" releases from "Chris Gaines"... don't count on it. From what I've been told... It will just be this release "Greatest Hits" ... and that's that.<P>if ya smell with the Alright Guy is cookin :)N

06-29-1999, 06:34 AM
Todd Snider is a country/rock/folk singer who wrote "Trouble" which Marc Chesnut recorded. He's a talented guy and good performer when he's not stoned out of his mind which he tends to be a lot. "Alright Guy" is a good song that will need to be cleaned up to get any radio play but I think Chris Gaines can do a fine job on this song.N

06-29-1999, 10:42 AM
I submit that if Chris Gaines is supposed<BR>to be some sort of rock incarnation of the<BR>Garth then he *shouldn't* clean up Alright<BR>Guy. Rock singers and songwriters are <BR>generally able to sing and write what they<BR>feel. But if the purpose of this record<BR>is to sell a rock record to fans of<BR>Nashville Country then I would be inclined<BR>to agree...a few of the lyrics will have<BR>to be re-written.N

06-29-1999, 11:09 AM
todd isnt a country artist.N

06-29-1999, 11:10 AM
and whats his drug use any business of yours?N

06-29-1999, 11:43 AM
Drugs are cool, maybe if Garth used them he would be as cool and popular as Todd.N

06-29-1999, 01:23 PM
to the last post: i'm not going to touch the "drugs are cool thing"....BUT,let me get this straight....you think Garth is not cool cuz' he don't take drugs(sorry,but i think thats a stupid thing to say...)and you also said if Garth used them(drugs)he would be as popular as Todd....now,that is a really dumb statement....ummmm....i'm pretty sure Garth is 100 times more popular then this Todd guy<BR>....atleast i've never heard of him...sorry if i offended you but i just had to respond to your post......<P>aRi<P>N

06-29-1999, 01:57 PM
I'm not touching the drugs thing, either...just wanted to say that I've never heard of Todd Snider either Ari, so you're not alone.N

06-29-1999, 01:57 PM
I agree with you <b>hugeGBnutt</b>, Garth don't need drugs to be cool because he is already the coolest. :) I hope I don't offend any of you neither, but we like Garth just the way he is. :) I never heard of that Todd Snider guy or anything about Garth doing one of his songs, right now information is coming and going about Garth's next album, I think everyone is a little confused, we are not really sure of the release date. All I know his next album is going to be a hits album for Chris Gaines, then when the movie comes out in 2000 Garth will release the soundtrack, Garth said he might do 5 more chris gaines albums, but he is not sure though if they will be released, but we are most likely getting two. :) Does Todd Snider have a website or anything? :)N

06-29-1999, 06:08 PM
I wasn't going to reply to this, but after thinking on it, I couldn't just let it go.<P>I appreciate the fact that we're all learning where Garth is getting material, songs, inspiration etc. for his Chris Gaines role. I also appreciate that there are a lot of Todd Snider fans who've come here to PG Forums to inform us on who Todd is. For the posts that have lived up to this, I say thank you.<P>We all agree that Garth, through his role as Chris, is going to open doors from Country to Rock, and vice versa. Of course, only for those who choose to go through these doors.<P>I think we can all also agree that Garth fans love and respect Garth, and the same with Todd's fans. So, bearing that in mind, here goes.<P><b>kittycastaTS:</b> <BR>Loose the attitude! By posting what you did, you have done a lot of damage for yours and your friends' reasons for being here. <BR>First and foremost, you have shown total and complete disrespect to Garth with your comments. <BR>Secondly, you have shown total disrespect towards us Garthnutts here. In case you've forgotten, you've come to a <b>Garth</b> forum. <BR>Yes, we take the good and the bad when it comes to Garth, and we completely respect each other's rights to their own opinions. We welcome all new people with open arms. <P>There was no reason what so ever for you posting that "Garth would be as popular and cool as Todd if he used drugs." Petty, snarky, and uncalled for is what that comment is all about! For what purpose, may I ask? Did it make you feel better? Once again, may I remind you that you've come here to a <b>Garth</b> forum! To tell you the truth, I'm still flabber-gasted that you had the audacity to say that!<P>There was another post from a Todd fan, that said something to the effect, don't paint all with the same brush. Well, after reading comments like these, it's not easy to get past. <P>Let's try and get back to the simple sharing our devotion and love for our favorite artists. Hopefully, all you Todd fans will learn something <b>constructive</b> about Garth while you're here, and we'll learn the same about Todd. <P>Catch y'all around the next bend...N

06-29-1999, 06:38 PM
Capt Morgan -<BR>WELL SAID! I couldn't say it better myself, so I'm not going to elaborate too much, except to say that loving one artist does not require bashing another. I went to Todd Snyder's websight to check out the lyrics to the song - and there's some stuff in there that I just don't picture on pop radio - but that's me - Garth has always had a great ear for lyrics and if he's chosen this one then I'm sure he'll do it justice - and then some. This doesn't take away from Todd Snyder, his song, his rendition of it, or his fans - just like the other songs Garth has done from other artists (Billy Joel, for example)- there's room in a song for more than one artist to make it great in thier own way. We try to be tolerant of others here at PG, and if someone can't be, then they don't belong here. Sigh...N

06-29-1999, 10:07 PM
Thanks to <b>kittycastaTS</b>'s comments I will never read another Tom Snider Fan's comments again...<P>..skipping posts.. :oN

06-30-1999, 01:04 AM
I DON'T like this drug thing <b>AT ALL</b>, so I'm finished with the socalled Todd Snider fans.<BR>I just can't tolerate someone promoting drugs like this.<P>BrianN

06-30-1999, 07:28 AM
Hey ya'll ...<P>I've been mulling this over in my head now fer awhile...<BR>From what I see, and this is just my outlook on things.. don't freak out, nobody came here to disrupt your love of Garth or his music. The friends and fans of Todd that did come here, came here to make you aware of one of the new cuts that will be on the new CD. Garth did indeed record Todd Snider's "Alright Guy". He loves the song, and Todd's songwriting abilities. So, just as a gesture, we thought we'd let you in on the exciting news. No harm, right? Unless, of course, if you're so close minded to anything you're not familiar with. Please keep in mind, we wouldn't post to a Tim McGraw forum about Todd .. nor, normally would we post to this forum. BUT .. Garth recorded one of Todd's songs for the new soundtrack. Sounds to me like it's Garth related, 'eh?<P>As for the whole "drug" thing....<BR>There has been problems with the password / screename / profile deal since us Todd folk started here. I guess the server is confused with all the similar names. So...therefore.... nobody has been able to post with the name they were given, because it now says wrong password. SO, somebody has been messing around with other peoples names and passwords... I've seen posts from folks I know personally here, AND ... they didn't write what was posted... NOR WERE THEY EVEN ONLINE WHEN IT WAS POSTED.<BR>I don't believe KittyCasta posted what is there. I honestly think someone is messin' around.. thinking they're funny. Well, listen up JokerPerson..(politically correct?)...YOU DON'T JOKE ABOUT DRUGS..SEX..REDNECKS... NONE OF THAT. Leave it up to the television, PLEASE. we're here for the music.<P>Please, ya'll, think about it. Nobody is here to Flame Garth ... nor to put down his music... we're here to celebrate the coming together of both our favorite artists. It's like we married into the family now :).. and some in-laws ya just hate to have over at Christmas, BUT you do it cuz it's family.<P>I Think I'm Alright...N

06-30-1999, 07:57 AM
I'll be honest, I don't know who Tom Snider is. I'll plead ingnorance there, but I'll trust the judgement of Garth about the types of songs and the types of people who he uses for song writers based on past history.<P>Secondly, as for all the newbies(aka Tom Snider fans), Welcome to PlanetGarth. I think once the confusion and the dust settles, you'll all feel right at home. And if any of you could maybe post the lyrics to this song(either Garth or Tom's version) I think most of us here would really appreciate it. Later.<P>EdN

06-30-1999, 08:27 AM
who's Todd Snider????N

06-30-1999, 01:45 PM
First, this is actually AlrightGuyTS. For some reason the server is making me sign on as MANGO... don't ask me why. If you would like to confirm, my email is okiewreck@earthlink.net.<P>Secondly, following are the lyrics to Todd Snider's Alright Guy. This is the song that Garth recorded as Chris Gaines. Please note that in all probability, Garth changed some of the lyrics. DISCLAIMER: This song has references to marijuana, drinking, and other sorted activites. Dont read it if you can't handle it!<P>Alright Guy by Todd Snider<P>Just the other morning I was hanging around in my house,<BR>I had that new book with pictures of Madonna naked, I was checking it out.<P>Just then a friend of mine came through the door,<BR>said she never pegged me for a scumbag before,<BR>said she didn't ever want to see me anymore,<BR>and I still don't know why...<P>Chorus:<BR>I think I'm an alright guy.<BR>I think I'm an alright guy.<BR>I just wanna live until I gotta die,<BR>I know I ain't perfect but God knows I try,<BR>I think I'm an alright guy, I think I'm alright.<BR>End Chorus<P>Now maybe I'm dirty, and maybe I smoke a little dope.<BR>But it ain't like I'm going on TV and tearing up pictures of the Pope.<BR>I know I get wild and I know I get drunk,<BR>but it ain't like I got a bunch of bodies in my trunk,<BR>my old man used to call me a no good punk,<BR>and I still don't know why...<P>Chorus<P>Ya know just the other night, I was hanging out at the bar,<BR>Some cops turned on their lights, and ordered me out of my car.<BR>Man, I was only kiddin' when I called 'em a couple of dicks,<BR>but still they made me do the stupid human tricks,<BR>now I'm stuck in this jail with a bunch of dumb hicks,<BR>and I still don't know why...<P>Chorus<BR>EndN

06-30-1999, 02:22 PM
Ok this is Lynda....my real user name is RockonTodd and you can see that I posted to the general forum under that name, however now like Eric, I am MANGO and do not know how that happened. I did write to your list administrator, Brandon for help here. The lyrics to Alright Guy are pretty much accurate, but if you want the real thing...go to http://www.todd-snider.com for video and audio clips of Alright Guy. I think Garth will have fun with this song. Sorta in the Friends in Low Places vein, which is one of my favorite Garth songs...along with The Dance, Shameless, That Summer and What She's Doing Now...I have to many to pick just one!N

06-30-1999, 02:36 PM
Ehhh.... This Snider-thing has been a bit out of hand the last couple of days. A lot of things has been said, too many hard words and we have not even been close to a friendship between the Snider-fans and the rest of us.<P>I actually gave up this topic, as I couldn't figure out all these diffrent Snider-people looking all the same. I read what you said about the server, and maybe your right (I don't know that much about computers/internet/servers :o). What pissed all these people off was that you kept posting the same message like.. ehh.. many times, and we have all figured out that CG is making a new version of <i>Alright Guy</i>, thank you very much for the information.<BR>Then this drug-thing came up, and I don't know who did it (and why!?!). I heard Snider had problems a couple of years ago, but in Denmark he is nearly unknown (and he even played here twice, Garth only once :(). I hope he is out of the troubles, as he is very talented. I got all 3 of his albums, and I like the 2 first ones a lot, but I must admit I was dissapointed by the third. Too regular, not as personly as the first ones, but I like his music and he is a very talented songwriter (fellow Garthnutts don't look at Alright Guy, he do write some "nice" stories too ;)).<BR>In my opinion CG should cut <i>You Think You Know Somebody</i> instead of Alright Guy, as this is my alltime favorite Snider-song.<P>Upps, I am talking too much :o<P>I just wanted to say welcome to the Snider-fans, feel free to take part in all of the topics in this forum, but please... we now know about Alright Guy, let us kill this topic right here ;)N

06-30-1999, 08:08 PM
OK I wasn't going to touch this topic here cause I personaly am sick and tired of this Todd Snider stuff!!<P><BR>But I just can't seem to pass this by :(<P>One thing is that when you register you get a password here and everyone get's there own!! So how can you all have the same Password?? seems pretty strange to me?? My Password is my Password and I can't see anyone being able to use it!! If they can I will be suprised!!<P>This Drug topic IS just <b>Sickening</b> to me.How dare you come in here and post such a thing about Garth and Drugs in the same breath?? I really don't care how Todd Snider (Who ever he is) spends his time,I am here to enjoy topics and stories on Garth,if this stuff about Todd was nice and fair I wouldn't have a problem with it,but when you guys come here and start to bring drugs into it that's where I draw the line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<P>If you want to continue this BS then you should go back to your own little world and leave us to enjoy what we are here for and that is <b>GARTH</b>.<P>I understand that your first intentions were to come here and talk about Chris Gaines but it has mounted to more than that and personally it is Pissing me OFF!! Sorry but I have really had my fill of this! So please if you can't just be positive here then you should really go back to Todd's site and stay there!!<P>SueN

07-01-1999, 04:11 AM
Problems are happening on the forum, sending people other folk's passwords, etc. Deal with it. I don't know why everyone is so unable to believe that a computer can screw things up. <P>We didn't come here to piss anyone off, we wanted to share our knowledge of this relationship between Todd and Garth, and hoped that Garth fans would share theirs.<P>Apparently, our list is a bit different than yours. We welcome information regarding related artists - especially when our guy is covering another guys' song. When Todd covered "The Joker" on his last CD, many of us spent time discussing the song, the band that originally recorded it, the artist who wrote the song, and the lyrics. When a new band opens for Todd's shows, we often spend time checking them out. And usually many of our members end up becoming fans of that new band. <P>We assumed, (apparently incorrectly) that most music fans would be just as interested in these types of musically related topics. Yes, we're all very devoted to Todd, and want to see the best for him. But, we're not so devoted to him that we're blind to other music. It looks as though it doesn't work that way for all musician's fans.<P>Yes, there have been several posts from our people - but, that's only because we're trying to defend ourselves - and get you to understand that WE COME IN PEACE! <P>We're not trying to push Todd down your throats. We don't really care if you check him out or not - If you're not the type of person who is open-minded and fun loving - please don't check him out - I can guarantee you won't like him. But, if you like good music, great lyrics, and an artist that doesn't take himself too seriously, you'll love Todd.<P>And, yes Palle, You Think You Know Somebody is a great song. But, I don't think it would fit into the Chris Gains rockin' image. It would be more suited for Garth to sing as himself. Wait 'til you hear some of his new ones - if you like You Think You Know Somebody, you'll love Long Year.N

07-01-1999, 10:46 AM
Publicity stunt--ever thought of that.<P>all this that is going on is all related to garth of course but centers around CHRIS GAINES - what other way is ther to get good hype bad hype_=HYPE but to post adn promote<P>i bet that is what some snyder fans are doing--.. or are they even fans and perhaps merely production assistants asked to post on serveral boards to stir up some hearts and souls .. <P>you know keep the mill going while he is out (garth) till the real CHRIS GAINES takes over. so people are eating all this up snyder stuff.<P>read it but do not take much of it in. until the real deal hits town........<P>i am not calling anyone fakes. but sayign HYPE buys records, buys fans and most importantly===BUYS TIME!!!!!!!!N

07-01-1999, 11:30 AM
Okey Doke. Where do you want me to start? Oh I have an Idea, how about talking about the Todd Snider invasion? First thing, BUH BYE!! Why don't all of you go elsewhere and spout your crap. We here at planet Garth don't have time to listen to your bullsh!t.<BR>Secondly: Garth and Drugs? GET A GRIP. I for one would lose all respect for Garth Brooks if he ever did drugs, PERIOD.<BR>Third. You Todd Snider fan(s) claim that the computer screwed up your password. Hmmmm. Thats really quite amusing. I've been coming here for a year now, and I've never EVER heard of that happening EVER! So two words do come to mind. Yeah, RIGHT! So in closing I would like to repeat my first 2 words to the Todd Invasion: BUH BYE... thanks for coming out?!?!?!?!<P>GarthFanCanadaN