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01-29-2002, 02:53 PM
Hey everybody: This thread is both for performers and non-performers. There is something that Garth does onstage that attracts you, the fan, to him and to his music. As a performer myself, I'm interested in knowing what that is, if you can put your finger on what it is, and whether other performers can emulate it.

Now we all know that Garth is an attractive man. But he's not movie-star attractive, if you know what I mean. And his physical appearance changes frequently and dramatically. But his is an attractive man. Why?

We all know that Garth has a nice voice. Is it as good as, or better than, other singers around? Can you pinpoint what it is about his voice that you like?

When Garth steps on a stage, we all recognize that he has "presence." What is that, and how does he do it? Has he always had it, or has it developed over the years?

What does he physically do on stage that you love to see, besides just singing? Does he do something(s) that other performers do not do?

I of course have opinions on these subjects, but I would really like to hear yours. Discuss any or all of these points, or any other that you want to raise. Maybe each deserves its own thread?



01-30-2002, 01:00 AM
Very interesting questions Stephanie! :)

I'd be willing to share my thoughts about what Garth does on stage that attracts me, a fan...and what his music does for me long after the stage show is finished.
I guess the best way to describe all the various 'methods' that Garth utilized during his great performances would be to take you there thru my memories...this will be a trip! :D
Fasten on your seatbelt and let's get the truck a rockin'!

"Pulling out personal card files"...Here we go!

"1991" > I'm driving to work...have the radio station on that use to play 50's/60's music...recently converted to 'Country' music...a song comes on the radio... "A New Way To Fly"... the music feels like it's stimulating my brain and the voice calling to my heart...I listen and think, I'm going to get that song and wait to hear what the DJ says for the artists name...then he comes on the radio and states the name "Garth Brooks" explaining that he was doing one last show out in Pennsylvania before retiring. And I think, darn...I liked the music in his song...

"1991-92"> Walking thru my livingroom... a voice on the TV makes me stop dead in my tracks as I turn to see who it is and listen to what he's saying. It's Garth Brooks talking to someone about 'giving up' the show to be a father instead because his wife Sandy was pregnant and he was going to be a dad...and if he couldn't be dad and play music then being dad was more important. I felt sad, had no idea why.

"1995"> Recorded a TV special titled "Garth Brooks Tryin' To Rope The World"

"1995"> On a personal 'low' in my life...very withdrawn/ depressed...rarely listen to music if ever anymore...spend a lot of time reading the Bible...and writing when I'm not sitting on my bed staring at the walls. Extremely sad...look forward to death as a release from it all...have children that need me though, so I hang on for them...put on a front...false happiness...
Then one day riding as a passenger in my car...Walt's driving turns on radio to check for time, kids are in back seat...I'm staring out the side window thinking about life being over...when suddenly through the glass things looked brighter and I heard that "voice" again and I turned to look at the speakers as if I could see it! or him! and I wanted to know who it was that just touched my heart so much...'have a little faith, hold out, we shall be free'...
I listened so closely to that song, it's embedded on the walls of my heart...and I listened to hear the name of the man singing with that voice that moved me to smile...and the DJ said it was "Garth Brooks" and "We Shall Be Free".
That started a chain of events in my life...and I would never be the same again.

I didn't usually by albums or music at all...what little money we had was spent on the childrens needs first...but this time I dug up enough money to buy the cassette 'The Chase' because I only had a cassette player back then...a portable with headphones.
I was so happy...I ran to my bed and sat listening to the song "We Shall Be Free"...then I listened to all of the songs...and not only did I listen to them once...but over and over and over again!
I read the album sleeve...and all the fine print...I want to know everything about this man.
I started falling asleep with the headphones on my head. Every day I was feeling so much better...I walked around happy and singing...with the music playing in my ears...almost 24 hours a day.
My oldest sons girlfriend tells Walt about a song by Garth called "The Dance" that is a nice song...so, I need to hear it! And it started to be a habit in like a week to find all Garth's albums.
I needed every word...every song...counting pennies...and finding each album became my goal. Eventually I owned them all...and I had that TV special 'Garth Brooks Tryin' to rope the world' that I recorded without knowing how important that special would be to me one day!
In our local paper there was a pullout section dedicated to 'Garth Brooks' that I had at one time overlooked...but it seemed he was showing up on TV everytime I got a chance to watch it!
I was waking with the music on my mind...spending everyday with the music filling my mind and going to sleep with the music in my ears.
I was becoming happy again...my life was worth living...and I'd dare to chance those rapids and dance those tides for the Good Lord is my Captain...and who am I to complain? I got past depression and the depths of hell that the devil thought he'd hold me to and a hand (Garth Brooks) "The Change" reached out and pulled this lost soul from harm and I was bound to be the person I knew I could be!
I listened and listened to the music...had everyone in the house listening to the music...when we went for rides in the car we only listened to 'Garth Brooks' and my kids called my vehicle the "Garthmobile"...this is 1995...and with the album 'Fresh Horses' my life is complete...I can't be without the music...I need it like air to breath or food to eat.

1996>Started off the year with a personal religious experience...
Contacted "The Believer" magazine in Nashville to start receiving Garth's magazine 'The Believer'...found the address and info on the small print on the cover of one of my cassettes.
Soon, I waited for the magazines to arrive every three months.
Then I sent in my name and addy to be put in the magazine pen-pal section...the next edition it was there.
Started receiving letters from fans around the world...and I spent hours everyday writing letters by pen and paper...(snail mail) :)
I found others like me that thought Garth was just it! We needed each other to share our addiction of the man and his music with.
Later that year, I got a computer...wasn't online most of that year though. One of the first places I visited for Garth info was a place called "PlanetGarth"...printed out everything I could and shared news with fans around the world that didn't have a computer...telling them about Garth.

Garth starts his three year world tour...
I cry and dream of the day that I'd get to see him...If he spoke to me I'd pass out...If I could just see him I'd die happy....but it didn't seem to be a reality that would come to pass until:

1997> A friend (Linda) I made thru 'the believer' magazine got tickets to see Garth in State College Pa. and had two extra tickets and wanted to know if I wanted them!? well, I didn't have to think twice!
My brother had used his credit card also to get tickets for me thru ticketmaster to the show in Albany New York a week after the concert in State College, PA.
It felt like a dream ... a dream come true and I thanked the Good Lord for blessing me so!

>April 4, 1997
Surrounded by 40,000 screaming fans...and my friends family...Walt and I watched as Garth made his grand entrance.
The lights dimmed...the stage became the main attraction momentarily as it squealed and sparked to an incredible light accending upwards like a spacecraft about to take flight...then the piano...a white piano pierced the stage floor with a man playing the keys to "The Old Stuff"...dressed in a white tuxs... I thought it was Garth but then I heard him singing "I said a little prayer tonight before I came onstage" ...watching with eyes as big and wide as saucers...my mouth must have been hitting the floor, wide open in awe of the moment.
Garth was rising on a pedestool from the 'G' logo on top of that white piano...and he took my breath away...We screamed and everyone seemed to be giving it all they had and scream after scream shattered the next persons scream...this was the moment I waited for ... there never has been a moment so rewarding to me...other than looking upon my babies faces after giving birth. ...this moment would be with me forever...and it can't be erased... I died and went to heaven in a moment of passions uncaged for a song "Which One Of Them" pierced my body with lighting like from foot to head and I was happy.
I prayed during "The River" and afterwards...Garth rejoiced...screaming "you keep doing what your doing and I'll keep doing what I'm doing" and I swear he was talking to me.
Although I was a distance from the stage... Garth made it feel like I was right there with him on that stage...capturing me with each note and word as he talked to us in between songs...he held my attention so closely that time seemed unimportant and I didn't want it to end...he introduced a new song he was considering for his next album...titled "A Friend To Me" ....but before he sang it, he asked the audience..."How many people here ever feel like killing their spouses?" and thousands screamed..."Yeah" but then it became almost so quiet you could hear a pin drop as he sang "sometimes i'd rather kill you than listen to your honesty, oh but you've always been a friend to me"...and it seemed those that screamed were holding onto their loved one even tighter now...as if Garth let them see that they truly loved each other...and I saw how the sword he claimed to be swinging in "Garth Brooks tryin' to rope the world" worked...as that song was sent around that room I was in among thousands...it was double-edged...and yah or nay would decide the next moments...
I didn't want to leave this place...Garth was there and it seemed like it just began but it was over too soon...but I had the next great concert in Albany New York to look forward to in a week...so, I would live on the memories of each song and word Garth spoke until I saw him again...after getting to my car...the white limo pulled out from under the building and I felt Garth was in it while it went by.
Never had I been so content...people in the parking lot started playing Garth's songs...and we drove home to the music playing reliving each song...I felt like I was on a natural 'high' and walking on clouds instead of rattling chains on a wall...

>1997 April 11,
Albany NY...Pepsi Arena... """coming soon""" if you want to hear more that is...
maybe I've rattled on too much here Stephanie...but I'm trying to show you how Garth got my attention, held it and still holds it onstage or off...and the things I eventually learned about the others around me as well.
more? or shut-up? LOL


01-30-2002, 01:42 AM
I love reading about other peoples Garth moments :) I'm going to add to this thread tomorrow, I need some sleep right now!!! Great topic!!

allison. :)

01-30-2002, 02:08 AM
Please finish...........I feel like I'm right there with you!

01-30-2002, 02:49 AM
Diane: Of course we all want to hear more, because you express yourself so eloquently! Again, as a performer, I'm trying to extract from your account exactly what the "magic" is. Your experience of first encounter was much like mine. I saw the Central Park concert on TV (the first time I saw him perform) and I was mesmerized! The next day and the days to follow, I too bought all his music. So first of all, I hear that it was the music first, and that the music has a universal-ness to it, so that it applies to every person, but each in his/her own way. Since he did not write all the music, he seems to have the ability to (1) attract the music to him; (2) to recognize the universal impact of the song; and (3) to make it his own. So far, I've been able to do #2 and #3 to a small degree. I know this because when I started singing again (and was given a voice I never had as a young person), at first the reaction I got was "You have a beautiful voice." Once I understood better about this gift I was given, and applied what I had learned, the greatest compliment I get now is: "What a beautiful song!" Then I know I'm doing right by the music. And it also explains why so many people fail to recognize what a really great voice Garth has . . . because he transcends that, and what you remember is: "What a beautiful/soulful/meaningful/wonderful song." Thanks so much for your response. I must hear ..."the rest of the story."


01-30-2002, 03:15 AM
Well thank-you for the stage then and the wonderful comments~ I would love to hear your 'beautiful' voice one day...and in top forum I dug up an old pic of me as you requested with my 'beautiful' shirt I wore to 7 Garth concerts...and no, it wasn't a T-shirt! ;)

Well... Hang onto your hats!

>Albany New York... beautiful day...took forever to get here...but it arrived none the less with blue sky and white puffy clouds...the trip was about a 4 hour drive...had 6 tickets...5 in the upper rafters and 1 next to the stage... 7 rows up and #7 seat...so, it made me about even with the stage and about 15 feet from him if that...
I had Walt with me, my oldest son Walter, my youngest son Christopher, my nephew Ronnie and my daughters husband Philip.

First I have to go back to the outside of Pepsi Arena...which is located right in the middle of the city Albany.
Garth's buses were parked in various locations around the building...two were on the side street and others were in a secluded location in the back of the building...one unique feature around that area is a walkway that goes around the building but your up about 2 stories high...and you could hear Garth inside rehearsing to various songs...
We had several hours to wait for the concert to start so, we walked around the entire building. My oldest son Walter was on the side and could see Garth thru a window on the door and he said he waved to him.
On the other side of the building my youngest son Christopher who was almost 11 at the time went with Phil and Ronnie to explore the other side of the building... they didn't come back for a long time...so, I got worried and went to look for them. I remember walking thru that walkway and in a hurry to find Christopher when an elderly man and lady were coming towards me...I was going to ask if they saw a little boy up ahead with two older boys but I rushed on by...then I stopped as they walked past and stop still watching Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Brooks walk by...well, I didn't know they had been up ahead where Christopher was. Now...my son is not afraid of heights...and he was walking on a ledge two stories high with one of Garth's Rigs below it and a smokestack sharp enough to be a spear! If he had fallen...I don't want to think about it...but Mr. and Mrs. Brooks were there and it was all under control. :)
The two older boys certainly got an earfull from me for being so brain dead when in charge of a child!
After we got inside the building...I went to my seat and everyone else went to theirs...This time the stage was so close ...it was scarey...LOL
I remember when Garth walked towards me how it felt like a great wind and I trembled....I stood through every concert I attended...never could sit...I don't know why.
This one time, the lights went up on the back part of the stage and I was to the right of the stage so I could read the signs really good...and I was looking towards the sign Garth was commenting on that the people held up so proudly to have recognized by Garth...and I couldn't make out what it said that well...but I remember smiling and looking at them with a feeling of 'love' for fellow mankind...
and as I turned back to the stage...there was Garth looking at me and right in front of me smiling...everyone seemed to be sitting then but me and he stood there for a long time...just smiling and I got scared at first...but then I started smiling and staring eye to eye...my smile started to fade and I started smiling again even bigger than the first time! and he laughed walking away...he went into a song he said he hadn't performed live for 5 years... "Learning To Live Again" and I'll share more about this concert tomorrow...:)

more coming soon...


01-30-2002, 04:34 AM

Well..by reading your story about this Albany Concert...

I feel like beeing in the Cinema....you have to bring it on Paper so I think you're a great TALENT with telling stories, because it comes directly over what you've ment (I'm sorry if there's something wrong with my English, but only learned english at school in Germany (Cologne) and thats 18 years ago) :cool:


Well, I have seen a TV-Report about Garth at 1993, and was ....
I don't know, it was simply GREAT (no other words can describe it).

I play Guitar since 18 years now and sing a bit (more worse than good) and I've listen too Music over the years mostly songs from
LED ZEPPELIN (the old songs) etc.,
but I've never heard such a perfect harmony between Music, arrangements of instruments and singing...

So I've tried to get some tickets for his concert in FRANKFURT
but without success!

Now a friend of mine (neighbour) is also loving his great Music,
and I'm sure if Garth is ever get a concert in the States, we would doing everything to join it (PLEASE LET ME IF THERES A CONCERT, so it is more difficult for me to get the tickets here in Germany so I have to ask a "colleague" of mine who works at my business in New York to buy it for me (business= fine art transportations).

Stephanie, I think it's the show that he does, the mixture of songs he plays, the way he sing and the most important thing is that he is not arrogant than the most "superstars".

He simply is a human like you and me, and he does show it on his concerts when he climbes down off the stage and goes directly on to shake hands or when he react on each fan's sign.....so he is always in communication with the fans through the complete Concert!

So, ....Diane, do you have some more stories about Garth concerts..

Please tell us!

Take care!


01-30-2002, 06:14 AM
I'm glad you are enjoying what feels to be my "Garth-life" story!
I've never shared so much here at PG about it before...I guess timing is right for most occasions...and this is to help Stephanie some how...maybe she can learn something from my Garth/fan relationship to help her with her Stephanie/fan relationships when she performs.
If others are enjoying some of my darkest and brightest moments of my life that were altered by the music of Garth Brooks, than it is good. :) I'm not the only person affected by the music in such a profound way I've learned.
Your right about Garth being in complete communication with his audience all throughout the performance...from beginning to end...with the next night going right back at it again or taking on the next town he was in...but for now...the touring has ended for Garth...He is retired from touring...yes he is very human and down to earth and has a family to raise...he deserves that happiness and experience as well as anyone else...:)

I want to comment about your feeling that the greatest compliment you receive is:
"What a beautiful song"
instead of "What a beautiful voice"...

As with Garth...and my reaction to him...I think it was more:

"What a beautiful voice and message"
then "What a beautiful song" came along after I became familiar with him....
after listening over and over to his "voice/ lyrics/message"

I was drawn to his "music" even so much
as to listen with headphones far past his voice to hear every little background sound..
then it became :
"voice/lyrics/message/music/background/song order"

when i mention the "song order" I'm referring to which song is played prior to or after the next one...
since it is important enough for Garth to mention it on an interview I saw one time ...
he even suggested listening to the last song from each album in order.
"The Dance", "Wolves", "The River", "Face To Face", "The Cowboy Song",
"Ireland", "Belleau Wood".
now adding "When You Come Back To Me Again"...
I know I already told you about this in another topic...so, I don't mean to repeat myself
without stating the fact... I believe he meant it was 'important'...

I don't know if he meant to include "Beyond The Season" in that order or not.

Garth also mentioned 'listening with headphones' to the music of Chris Gaines because there was a lot of stuff on there you couldn't hear unless you did.

I'm sure your learning about what works best with your audience though...
through experience... and you just keep inspiring them and sharing that piece of heaven
you got within your throat! :) your a brave girl and an entertainer offering a listening
ear to those that need to tell you their problems like the younger generation that are in awe by your powerful voice...
Your gift is a 'gift' when you 'give' it away because
you get back more than what you gave...thus reaping what you sow.

Tell me some of the songs you perform? Describe to me what happens before you go
onstage...how you feel...what happens on stage and after you leave...
also...I'm still going to look forward to your theory on each of the questions you asked
within this topic! I didn't forget you have an opinion to share that I want to read also! :)


Southern Bell
01-30-2002, 10:44 AM
Wow! All I can say is what a thread and Diane you have got to tell us more. You just have a way with dragging someone into your story and it is intoxicating.

01-30-2002, 02:05 PM
After reading Diane's posts, I'm compelled to write about the first time I heard Garth :)

I remember it like it was yesterday (cliche I know, but it's true), it was towards the end of August, just before school was starting, and I was 13 (1995). My family and I had been to an amusement park near our house and we were on the drive home. We had taken a company car that my dad had at the time and my mom had found this tape in the glove box. The tape turned out to be "No Fences"...my mom put it in the tape player, but I wasn't paying any attention to it, I didn't know much about country music, and I had never heard of Garth Brooks....the only thing I knew about country music was Dolly Parton (y'all know why) and I had heard the song Chattahochee once at my friends house. Anyways, back to my point.....the tape was playing and I was in the back seat, all of the sudden a new song starts and I heard, "Just the other nite, at a hometown football game..", that's all it took I was hooked. I remember hearing that song for the first time and being blown away by it, I listened to music, mostly rap and oldies, and NOTHING I had ever heard had affected me like that one song did. I couldn't get enough...I listened to the whole tape over and over, that nite I snuck outside and stole the tape out of the car (shhh...don't tell!) I remember laying in bed nite after nite listening to it. After about a week I needed more Garth...I was 13 and didn't have any money...so I counted pennies and rolled them for my dad, he said whatever I rolled I could keep. I finally had enough to buy a CD and we went to Sun Music where I purchased "The Hits". That next week we drove to Florida, which is about 13 hours from Ohio, where I live....I laid in the back seat and listened to that CD over and over, I had to analyze every note, every verse. By the time my birthday came at the end of October, I had purchased all the Garth CD's that had been released, let me tell you, I still remember sitting in front of the tv and rolling pennies for hours to buy those half dozen CD's....Anyways for my birthday I got "This is Garth Brooks" and "The Garth Brooks Scrapbook".

It's been seven years, and I still can't get enough Garth....kindof funny how that one line can change a person's life.

If you read that whole post I'm impressed, my friends get bored with that story everytime I tell it, but you guys are Garth fans, you understand :)


Southern Bell
01-30-2002, 02:46 PM
Allison, I am sooo like you. I absorb everything that I can about Garth so of course I'm going to read your whole post probably just like everyone else will. Anywho, the first time I heard Garth was on the radio and the song was Much Too Young. Yep way back in the beginning is when I got hooked. And whenever I got a new Garth tape (way back in the day when they didn't have cd's) and still today I practically wear them out listening to them over and over and over and over and well you get the point. At one time Garth came to Greenville, SC when I was there and if I remember correctly a local radio station played the whole concert of course which I taped but can't find it now. I remember seeing Garth on Hee Haw and Empty Nest and everything. Unfortunitly I have never been to a concert because of not being lucky enough to get a ticket or money issues. I don't know what it is about Garth but he excudes energy and passion. It's his voice, his eyes, his personality, his legs, his being.

01-30-2002, 09:55 PM
I enjoyed reading your first moments 'with Garth'...isn't it funny how you can recall
that moment so easily?
Usually I skip the beginning of my first moments 'with Garth' and jump ahead to the
moment where I first heard "The Dance"... but then I miss all the other stuff I remember
and the truth that it was actually "We Shall Be free" that grabbed ahold of my heart and
said "Listen!" even though I heard "New Way To Fly" years prior to that moment...
much like the song "Unanswered Prayers" did to you in the backseat of that car.
Your story isn't boring! I'd love to hear more? I know your most likely holding back
stuff...:) I am too! LOL
You seemed to go through much of the same stuff I did... like digging deep into the songs...
watching everything "Garthy" that you can get your hands on! Saving every penny for a song!
Feeling like a cassette or cd is a 'treasure' in your hands after you finally purchase it!
Who needs clothes or a new car when you can buy 'Garth' music...right? LOL
Yes Allison...we understand...I hope you share more of what you went thru! please?

Southern Bell...
Hello again...how are you feeling? I hope your doing well.
Thanks for the wonderful comments! "Intoxicating"? I'm humbled that you think so.
Thanks for sharing your moments of the 'beginning' with the song "Much Too Young To
Feel This Damn Old"... isn't that also around the time 'Soundscan' was created to
keep the figures of 'Actual' album sales? Oh, I too know what it's like to wear out
those 'casettes'! LOL been there...done that! Only for Garth though! ;)
A friend of mine sent me a tape with Garth on "Empty Nest" and "Hee Haw" also!
My favorite part is where the young girl (I forget her name) came up to Garth when he
was sitting on the couch and he talked to her about her life and being truthful to
herself...and she wasn't sure about what she wanted and Garth told her that remember
all liars go to hell and she had to face the truth...then she climbed into his lap
for a hug. ***sigh*** I felt like I was there...:) I haven't watched it in years...
Maybe I'll have to dig it out just to watch it again!
Anyway...I know you said you've never attended a Garth concert...but you were there.
Right in his heart and in his music...you were there from the start.
Your right about his energy and passion...his eyes, voice, etc...
He's got a way about him...that moves us!

I'll finish more with the story later... It's like 'reliving' every moment all over again.
Except this time, I'm bringing all of you with me~ going back in time to the beginning...to the concerts and more!


01-31-2002, 12:01 AM
Cont. from the Albany Concert:

Garth walked to the other side of the stage as the lights dimmed on the lighting rig,
I was really "feeling" the music at this point...because those musical notes in the
beginning of 'Learning To Live Again' played my heart like it was a violin and my mind
like a fiddle let loose within. "I burned my hand, and I cut my face, Heaven knows how
long it's been, since I've felt so out of place, I'm wondering if I'll fit in"
Slowly he walked across the front of the stage...I felt like I could see his sweat, his
mouth as it spoke each word...I joined in and started singing along...
I watched people reaching up for him, to touch his foot or leg, as if to verify his
reality. He proceeded back over towards my side of the stage...and I noticed again I was
the only one standing. He walks by in front of me and I stopped singing, just watching
him move slowly past...then just prior to the instrumental part of the song, Garth Jumps
up in the air and turns towards me head-on...I'm startled! He has his arms wide open
as he sang "Look into her eyes and pray that she don't see, this learning to live again
is killing me"... I'm not looking into his eyes but at his hand...he's looking at me...
the lights were bright at the moment...and I just felt like I could reach out and touch
him, like time slowed down and there we were frozen in time as the instruments played
the distance, Garth stayed there like that...I felt awkward...turned to my right and saw
the people sitting watching...unmoving...turned to my left and saw the same thing...
then I bowed my head and stayed that way until Garth moved in front of my view again...
and time picked up speed...returning to normal and I could actually feel it happen and
hear it happening by listening to the background sounds of the room and the music.
Wow...I thought, how'd he do that...what just occured? It was a cool moment and place
to be in though. :)
Garth sang "Turn The Page", "The Fever", "What She's Doing Now", and one time during the
song "Ain't Going down" he ran up the drumpod and hit his leg...I hoped he was alright...
but felt it too! The drumpod swirled on what looks exactly like a 'giant' corkscrew! as
it's rising up about 7 or 8 feet above the stage with Garth on top of it....then he laid
down and it looked like he was going to sleep for awhile...only to jump up again in a few
to start his raising hell again. At one point I was obsorbed with the lighting rig as it
was so close above me that I watched the flickering little blue lightning lines that ran
occasionally within the middle oblong black glass thing...wondering to myself, what the
heck that was for. I had my son purchase the big black "Tour Book" with Garth's pictures
and the members of the band in it...when I turned around I had knocked it a little down
between my seat which was folded up and I didn't want it to fall on the floor...so, I
grabbed it and when I did, it sliced my finger open and I started bleeding all over the
place...and I swore "sh*t" but felt embarressed afterwards...:o accidently knocked my
camara down on the floor in front of me and under the other fans seats...then I couldn't
find it! Only after the concert ended the girl next to me found it. Garth ended the
concert with a special song...he came out on the stage in front with his guitar and
played around with the strings...I wasn't sure what song he would sing, but he started
performing "That Ol' Wind" just him and his guitar...I think it was Debbie Nims that
brought out a chair for him to sit on in front of the stage...then the band eventually
came out to join him in that song one by one coming up from under the stage.
Garth was dressed in all black for this concert...and I never felt the music so much in
my heart as I did that night.

Returning home the 6 of us packed in a small car...we chatted away about all the moments
we could remember about Garth or the people around us. My son Walter had actually started
his own cheering section coaching people to see "We Want Garth!" at various times
throughout the show... It was a great day.

I went home to tell all my fellow friends (believers) of Garth about the night...and
continued to write poetry that seemed to flow from my mind like water in a brook.
Garth didn't just give me the music to get past my problems in life, but he gave me friends, and a strong desire to write again.
Here is a poem I wrote around that time that I'll
share with you.

Garth Brooks Has Chambers Within

Dwelling in the chambers within

the hearts, of all who hear...

Are the resounding echo's of

the music so clear...

The mind wanders upon a path

never before explored...

To learn about the message

within the words..."To Endure"

The melodies lift you up to

a higher place, so it seems...

With the words, a weapon of choice,

and a voice like a sword that gleams...

From lower case to Capital letters,

His name has grown immense...

Reality and honesty he shares

while dwelling within his tent...

When people ask..."Who is that man

in the cowboy hat...

with a voice that touches my soul?"

I just smile and tell them...

"He's a friend you should get to know."

For the paths He wanders upon

in this world and the trail he

leaves behind...are the very same

paths I shall follow thru these troubled times.

His words have saved many from suicide...

His music has fed people around the world.

He has gathered an Association of people...

like a mountain...more then a hill.

To God each night I pray for him...

and this I always will do...

For he has chambers within my heart...

Even after his journey is thru.

The loyalty and love for his family

cuts deep enough ...to forever last...

His name is Garth Brooks...

Just like a diamond... That cuts glass.

copyright(C)1997 Diane Guest

I'm hoping others will share here in this topic also...so, I'll rest my case with what I've presented to you...
I look forward to reading others opinions!

-Diane :)

01-31-2002, 04:20 AM
Diane, oh Diane: I have twice attempted to reply to your last comments, only to create a lengthy and detailed response which was disabled; once by PlanetGarth, and once by my server. So I'm going to be brief this time. I have about twenty Garth songs I can sing and play along on my guitar (I strum, I don't pick). I have another 20 Garth songs I sing to karaoke (orchestrated) music, depending on the venue. My favorites in the first category are "Wolves" and "This Ain't Tennessee", and my special favorite, "It's Your Song". Then I have about 20 more non-Garth songs with guitar (like "Amazing Grace"; Green Green Grass of Home"; and Vaya Con Dios.") I also have about 15 yodelling songs. Then I do another 30 or so non-Garth Karaoke songs like "Over the Rainbow; You Are So Beautiful; and Desperado".

As a youngster, I use to get sick to my stomach before I sang, but now I just get excited, and eager to look into all those faces. Afterward, when appropriate, I go into the audience (who are getting up to leave), thank them for coming, hope they enjoyed the show, and I listen to what they have to say. I do enjoy meeting people.

The order of songs is very important. I usually do a familiar song first, then a Garth song (which always garners comments afterward, and new Garth fans, too), then a yodelling song. That way, each song sounds different from the others, both in content and beat.

Allison: You first heard Garth when you were 13. It's amazing that his audiences cover the entire spectrum, like no other entertainer ever.

SouthernBell: you mention his energy, passion, and personality. Part of the "energy", musically anyway, is the way he sings his lyrics just slightly before the beat, which gives his music a sense of urgency. Listen for that next time (tho his Chris Gaines music is mostly just he opposite; he sings just after the beat, giving the music a jazz feeling.) His passion comes from thinking about the words as he sings them, rather than just singing sounds, like so many other singers do. His personality, of course, cannot be copied, because it is his. I try to show mine, and I'm old enough to know who I am.

thanks everybody for your imput. keep it coming.

My nephew is in town this week, as musical director for "Kiss Me Kate" and tomorrow night, I get to sit with him in the orchestra pit. Can't wait. He told me all I had to do was wear all black, and no jewelry. I'll let you know how that was.

Love, Stephanie

Southern Bell
01-31-2002, 07:33 AM
Totally Awesome Guys!!!

Just a bit off the subject but when you are reading a post do you hear the voice of the poster? Or Am I just wierd. When I'm reading your posts it is almost as if I can hear you actually speaking to me.

diem nash
01-31-2002, 05:33 PM
...by all your stories & comments, by Garthīs music & the man behind!!!

I found that thread earlier (Thanks for the link, Diane! And nice to have you back, my friend! :) ), but had no time to read it carefully.
And yet I donīt know, where I should start!

First! Diane, thank you sooo much for sharing all those wonderful memories with us and the courage to tell us your sooo private feelings!
But what better place could there be than the Planet, where we all understand, what you are talking about and what you feel! :)
Wonīt comment your memories. All I want to say to you is, that Iīm sooo very happy, that you found Garth and he & his music safed your life in that special way. I hope, you understand, what I mean. And Iīm sooo very happy for you, that you could see him several times and could make those special, unique experiences you will keep in your heart (A huge & beautiful one btw.!) forever!

Iīve never seen Garth live! The first live-video I saw was the concert at Central Park... and it blow me away!!! It was like being there. I said earlier, that I fear, that I would die, when Iīd see him live. So "Unanswered Prayers"... Good sometimes! They can safe a life! But at all I was there! Iīve never been sooo much interested in someone like into Garth. Heīs magic! "You canīt run & you canīt hide". He catches you and you are a prisoner of his music & that wonderful person FOR EVER!!! It seems like that!

My Garth-Adventure started about 1993-1994, maybe 1992. They played this and that song and I listened. My first album was "The Hits" and the first songs that touched me and Iīll never ever forget orīll get out of my mind and my heart are "If tomorrow never comes", "The River" or "The Dance". Once addicted, always addicted! Itīs like the first love!
I lived my life and Garth was always there - out-there somewhere. I didnīt think on him everytime, but came back always. He was there, whenever I needed him. It was like coming home. When I listened to his music I felt safed and peace.
The years went by and I had the "Double-Life"-Album and "The Life of Chris Gaines".
My interest grew last year. I donīt know, why! I surfed online at work and read this and that. I wanted to know more. I got a computer at summer & got internet. So I found you & PG. And here I found Garth, too. I can see him in all your wonderful memories & in your hearts. And I finally realised, that he was in mine for years!!!

It started unspectacular. Garth came into my life. I realised him, but didnīt realise HIM! He was a friend, but I didnīt care like I should. But he stood strong and fought for our friendship. Last year I finally found him and now I AM his friend!!! Yet I show, how proud I am to have such a friend out-there. I hope, you understand, how I mean it.

Stephanie, you asked, whatīs so special on him onstage. Well, Iīve never seen him real live. But I always feel him, when I see videos or listen to his music. A lot of things are said here before. I just can agree! Itīs magic, where he is! I think, thatīs it! When he sings I feel his feelings, I see his heart. I feel his sadness or happiness in his songs. We both become one. I cry, when he cries and laugh, when he does. Heīs a great entertainer & comedian. I love his little madness. Heīs like no one else!!! Iīve never felt or seen that before! And I will never ever!!!
Iīm not good at words, but hopefully you understand, what I wanna say.

Heīs my friend and Iīm his (yet!).
Sometimes I ask, why I didnīt realise it all earlier and think, that I lost so many years. But finally I think, God knows best, whatīs good at all. It wasnīt my time. Yet it is!!! And I feel good, I feel real good!!!

Itīs quite late here. Iīll think about it and will come back.

Thanks for listening! And hopefully my comment "helps" you a little! Maybe I didnīt answer your question! My brain needs a Time-out! ;)

Whatever life brings and wherever my train of life will lead me, I will never forget Garth, his music & what he means to me!



01-31-2002, 07:02 PM
More time to post another Garth memory :) :)

In 1997 Garth was coming to Columbus, OH, which is just up the road from me (I'm from Dayton).....I found out he was coming from one of my teachers and I absolutely flipped out, I was 15 at the time. Anyways, both of my parents had to work the day wristbands were to be given out, and the closest place to get wristbands was an hour away from me...I thought I was doomed, I was hysterical thinking I wasn't going to be able to see Garth, I was calling everyone I knew trying to get a ride to the wristband location. Finally my grandpa said he'd drive me (God bless the man) and I was so excited...I couldn't sleep I was so excited that I had the chance to possibly see Garth. I made my grandpa pick me up at 5 am so we would be in front of the line that Wednesday, so we had to wait about 4 hours to actually get our wristbands, but it was all good cause we were 2nd in line :) Anyways, we got the wristbands, I was number 2015. NOONE was allowed to get near my wrist for the next 3 days for fear that something would happen to my band, I was being pretty anal about it, I even wore a sweatband over it so I wouldn't snag it on anything. The big day finally comes:: Saturday. Again, we got up at about 4am and drove, even though I knew they'd mess around with the line order I just had to be there. I was so nervous, I was shaking and sweating and I couldn't talk because I was so scared I wouldn't get tickets. My Grandpa even asked me if I needed to go to the hospital. We wait and wait and they finally call a number, I don't remember exactly what it was, just that it was somewhere around 2200, my world almost ended right there, I thought I'd lost my chance in that one minute, everything stopped, I was terrified. So we trudged to the back of the line. First show sells out about 20 people in front of me. I couldn't move, that was it, my dream had been shattered, then a man camed back out and said Garth had added another show, I can semi-breathe again. I'll never forget that walk to the ticketmaster counter...I felt like I was miles away. I lose my breathe just remembering that day. Anyways, I got tix, we were on the side in the last row of the portable bleachers about 20 rows up.

Needless to say I didn't sleep in the month before the concert, good thing it was summer or I would've had to repeat 9th grade :) I have a special story about the concert :) I need to come down from my Garth high though, so I'll post it a little later tonite!!


02-01-2002, 12:08 AM
What is it about Garth? For me, everything Chris Gaines. There's ALOT behind that character in a movie we haven't even seen yet. Or have we? I mean, if it wasn't for Chris Gaines I would have never took a second look at the guy in the hat. The rock music I loved ALL my life fell suddenly at his feet, giving way to the old becoming new, through Chris Gaines. I may have missed out on the first decade of Garth's country career, but through Chris, I have his presence through ALL my music now. Each song. Each note. Each sound. Each emotion. Even in the Beatles, which came first for me. You see, when Chris sings "come to me" in Unsigned Letter, it became like a powerful magnet inside me, attraction if you will, as if the song was saying to all of the places inside me the music had ever touched, "that's right, come to pappa, baby", like when Chris motions "let's talk" with his index finger in Right Now, only it's like Diane said, there is a power like lightning going right through you by his gestures AND words. All the music I love seems electrically charged now, not just Garth's. But I felt it first with Chris Gaines. Later, with Garth's stuff too. I suddenly couldn't get enough or get over that I was totally into Garth and country music and it was ALL Chris Gaines fault!! It's a 'Beatlemania' that's for real, is the only way I know how to describe it. And I told Capitol Records just what they had in their hands from almost day one. I doubt they took me seriously, same as most of the music world, many fans included. And I'll repeat myself here: the world still does not know what it has in Chris Gaines. (Or Garth Brooks.) There is ALOT behind Chris as Garth has suggested, because ultimately, there is also ALOT behind Garth that Chris Gaines helps to magnify. Maybe someday, when The Lamb comes, we will see more in a character in a movie, AND the music, than we once thought possible. I know I do, without even having seen it. As I have said, the prequel seems as good as the sequel! When Garth says he hopes the movie will help show why he did it, it becomes clear, there's no way we have seen all the potential the entertainment business has to offer. Whether good or bad. Isn't it the business side of it that does Chris in, but the love of the music that wins? As Garth has said, "he's(Chris) gotta go." Somebody has got to get out of the music's way so it can really breathe. Garth is already leading the way there, no?
I'll stop there, as I could go on and on about the music since Planet Gaines arrived! But nobody seems to listen, as if I'm crazy or something. Well, I may be crazy, but I am not stupid. No matter what anybody thinks!!;) But I am madly in love with the music, same as Garth.

Diane and others, thanks for opening up to us. It sure helps us take another look what's inside ourselves as well. And I sure needed that tonight. Thanks y'all!

02-01-2002, 01:57 AM
But nobody seems to listen, as if I'm crazy or something. Well, I may be crazy, but I am not stupid. No matter what anybody thinks!!

Dale...some people do listen...don't worry about those that can't understand, they're not meant to. I haven't met one Garth/Chris fan that isn't crazy to some point...shear nutts or mutts...
But even Garth acts like a 'mutt' with his kids at the dinner table on a certain night of the week...even joins in with them to 'eat' like little mutts... so, don't feel too crazy... your intelligence surpasses most people I know...other than Garth... :)

On "This is Garth Brooks" you know that lunatic on the stage *Garth* well, he sings "It just might be a lunatic i'm looking for"...
and look at "She's Every Woman"..."She's sun and rain, she's fire and ice, a little crazy but it's nice"...
So, don't worry so much about those that can't see or think your 'crazy'! I'll be 'crazy' too! Even the apostles and Jesus were called "Crazy" or "Fools"...LOL...so, it's an honor to be so...tell me about it...ok?

just keep doing what your doing...and keep following your heart because you do it so well.

Allison ...
that was wonderful...thanks so much for sharing! I knew you had more to tell!

Southern Bell...
We're talking to you! your alright! :)
I'll be back later with more if you'd like to hear more.

Thanks for sharing and joining in the conversation!

Thanks for the encouragement to share way back in the beginning of this thread! I didn't forget you!

I can't wait to hear about your night!
Too bad we couldn't all show up at one of your performances!
I'd love to hear "Amazing Grace" and "Somewhere over the rainbow"!

love Diane

02-02-2002, 12:04 AM
Diane, you are something else! Keep writing of your experiences with Garthmania, because I always learn a thing or two from them.

Fuzzwuzz: When you said "all the music I love is electrically charged now", I know exactly what you mean. I had that experience with Art. I was always very intellecutual with art appreciation. Then I had the experience of seeing the King Tut mask. I was frozen to the spot, couldn't breathe, and couldn't stop shaking! Ever since that time, I've had a visceral, gut reaction to all art. If it doesn't move me, physically, it doesn't to anything for me. I can see that Garth's music is the same. People react to it on a physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual plane. It "opens" people up to a higher level or deeper appreciation of life. I know that the music is a big part of it, but if Garth had never sung a note, and someone else, or other someones, had recorded his music, would it have had the same impact? Garth says he hopes to continue to write music, but not perform it. Will it have the same impact? Will his message still get through if he isn't the messenger? Diane has told stories of how, and in what specific ways, the music has changed the course of her life. Do you have any similar stories? If so, I'd love to hear them. And no, you are neither stupid nor crazy, just really living.

His music forced me...yes, FORCED me, to sing again, which in turn has so enriched my life as I enter (well, maybe not quite yet, but soon enough) old age, that I can't comprehend how boring my life would be now if I had never heard his music.

Southern Bell: You say that it seems like we're talking to you and you can almost hear our voices. Could it be that you need to hear what everyone is saying, now, about Garth and his music? Perhaps Garth has had such an impact because so many of us were, and are, open and ready to hear what he has to say. Does this mean that people in general are opening up to ideas such as his, as they have not been before - - even though his ideas can be easily found in all the religions of the world?

I hate myself when I start to wax philisophical, but I know some of you do, too, so go with it! I'm so glad you are all out there!


02-02-2002, 12:26 AM
Oops! I forgot to tell you of my experiences in the orchestra pit of Kiss Me Kate! I sat with my back to the audience, and my head was low enough from the top of the pit curtain that when I stood up, the audience still could not see me. And I dressed all in black, as I was instructed to do.

There were about 15 musicians. I was sitting to the conductor's right, facing the stage. Seated, I could see only about a third of the stage, mainly the characters toward the front of the stage, which was o.k. when there was singing going on. When I stood up, I could see performers from about the knees up, so I stood to see the dance numbers, and the action at the rear of the stage (referred to as "upstage".) The scenery and the costumes were delightful. I was the only guest in the pit, and at one point in the show, the performers all had to look into the pit and smile and wave at the orchestra. Since I had met most of them just before the show, they thought it would be funny to smile and wave especially at ME, so of course I laughed and waved back, even though the audience could not see me. What fun. I suspect my nephew put them up to it, but he just smiled when I asked him.

My nephew plays keyboard, and has since age 3. He's travelled with "CATS", with "PETER PAN", with "CAROUSEL", and now with "KISS ME KATE." He has also directed on Broadway, his biggest thrill of all. Anyway, he was seated in front of me, turned toward the director, and I got to read his music (sort of) and watch him play. It was like watching a ballet. Immediately to my right (a foot away) were two trumpet players, and behind them, a trombone and a french horn. The strings and reeds were on the other side of the conductor. The drummer was glassed in about ten feet from me. I had an earplug in my right ear the whole time, which worked perfectly. Except for one trumpet solo, LOUD! I asked him politely to please keep it down (it's been my experience that musicians have a wonderful sense of humor.) He promised to do better. At the end of the performance, as the musicians got ready to leave, I thanked them all for the wonderful music, and they reacted as though no one had ever told them that before; with smiles and appreciative comments. I love musicians!

The nugget of the evening was sitting in the midst of a professional orchestra, listening to the musical talents and nuances in stero. Exhilarating!


02-02-2002, 01:20 AM
I guess Garth connects to us the same way, through his 'character' on stage and off. And to ours too! Here's an example I read just today from an interview with Billy Cruddup who played Russell, the lead guitarist in Stillwater, and who is the one in the band wanting to find out what's real and really connect through his music. Billy talks about going ahead and pretending to approximate being a real rock star.
In Almost Famous, for example, when we did our mock rock shows, despite the fact that I knew that the audience were extras who were being paid to be there and they knew that Stillwater was playing to playback at a certain tempo so that it all could be edited together, if I went to the front of the stage and made some guitar face at a person while I was playing a solo, they went ape****. At that moment I got a sense of what it was like to be that powerful. In that way there is true exchange of feelings between the actor and the person they are representing.I have never felt this to be true more so in my life than through Chris Gaines. It's as I have said, a fantasy come true between the fan AND the artist. He connects to that place in my heart that goes beyond religion as we know it. Isn't that what true religion is about? Being touched by God Himself, not just some 'nice teachings'?

Southern Bell
02-02-2002, 01:57 PM
No offense guys but I think that you are kindof "reading" into my question a little too deep. Just in general like when you're reading a book or someones post or what have you do you "see" the pictures that an author is writing about or "hear" the voices of the people speaking. When I first asked that question I think that it had just dawned on me that I was hearing (inside my head) different voice speaking as I read the words.

02-02-2002, 02:49 PM
I think it is they whay he where those tight blue jeens and the way he looks at you he is soooooooooooooo cute

02-02-2002, 03:59 PM
Mistydawn: I don't think that tight blue jeans would help my performance, though. And I don't have those piercing blue eyes, either. But I DO hve gray hair!


02-02-2002, 08:50 PM

Thank-you for taking us with you into that orchestra pit, with your words! Your evening must have been delightful! Your nephew sounds like a musical genius, I'm sure your very proud of him! I think he's equally proud of you! :)

You must tell me sometime about your creative ability and how did you get the chance to gaze upon King Tuts Mask?
I had the opportunity to visit an ancient exhibit at the Museum of Natural History in New York City one time. It wasn't King Tut but another king they had unearthed. The walls were pure gold, engraved with various pictures to help the mummified king progress into his afterlife....so, they said. I stood in 'horror' looking at that mummy in the glass class with part of his shroud cracked and flaking off his face. After all these years, I wish I could get that memory out of my mind. I had a a strong feeling he shouldn't have been disturbed. :(

I've always held great interest for the pyramids of Egypt...and was thrilled that Garth mentioned them in his song "How You Ever Gonna Know" from 'Sevens'.

Oh, and about your gray hair...it looks great! You remind me of Garth and his head of gray hair! I think you both earned it!
The Bible says a head of gray hair is a thing of beauty...:)
Something to be proud to own!

I'll share more if your still interested in hearing my tale?
Next time I won't rush in ignorant haste without correcting spelling errors for those that read finding that their main focus.
Sometimes there's a reason for everything...LOL
Can't tell you about that one though. :D

I'm going to post a link to some pictures from the State College Pa. concert I told you about earlier in this topic. In case your interested.


Keep knocking 'em dead Stephanie!

Love and huggs,

02-03-2002, 12:26 AM
Diane! Those pics are awesome! Especially the one of Garth rising out of the piano. It looks like he's turning into a liquid piano. I mean, where's the hole? I don't see one. Just him and the 'g' circle. Did Amber go too to central park? Boy, I sure missed a helluva ride the first time around the tracks.!! Thank God for Chris Gaines starting it up all over again for a late bloomer like me. And I agree, Stephanie can take us to all her shows with her words, whether as a performer or a part of the audience.

Southern Bell? What was your question? I can't remember. I share what I see is all, without reading much into it like anybody else, so I guess I don't get what you see, (or don't see?). If it seems deep, look at the source. I mean, when it comes to Garth, what's too deep? If I could see bottom and touch it for you, I would.

You know what I was remembering today about the movie Almost Famous? (Yeah, I know. You are all probably sick of hearing me bring up that movie.) Well, in the closing music credits. Some of Stillwater's songs are credited as being written by Russell Hammond(lead guitarist) and Jeff Bebe(lead singer), the two main music characters of Stillwater in the movie! (The actor's playing the other two were already musicians before the movie.) Anybody ever hear of a ficticious character in a movie before getting credit as a real songwriter? Even Chris Gaines Greatest Hits didn't give Chris writing credits on the cd. In fact, in Almost Famous Wayne Kirkpatrick and Gordon Kennedy are given credit on the two songs they wrote for it with Peter Frampton. So who wrote the others that don't have Nancy Wilson's(Heart) name on it, and are only heard in little snippets in the movie? Again, it has been hinted there is more available, as something on vinyl was made and signed by those who worked on the movie. I had read in billboard more music was to come after the director's cut of the movie which I now have. I wouldn't keep harping on this but it's the intrinsic intrique that is Garth AND Chris Gaines that I see woven throughout the film which got my attention. I am again, only sharing what I see. I don't stay up nights hearing voices or anything!! Lol! Except the music! Love it! Love it!!

02-13-2002, 01:57 AM
O.K. You've all had a chance to answer my original four questions as to what there is about Garth onstage that so endears him to us. Since for some reason I get knocked off the site in mid-answer, I'm going to offer my view of the first question, which was:

"Now we all know that Garth is an attractive man. But he's not movie-star attractive, if you know what I mean. And his physical appearance changes frequently and dramatically. But he is an attractive man. Why?"

Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some women swoon (old-fashioned word?) at the sight of him, and other women wonder what the big deal is. I believe his attraction lies in his air of vulnerability. He gives off strong masculine vibes just by the way he moves, but there is about him a feeling that he would respond to, and need, female nurturing. His public grieving was painful to see, and I'll bet there were many women out there who wanted to just give him a big hug and say "there, there." He has one of those faces that remind you of others you've known in your life and liked, and a smile that absolutely transforms his features. The blue eyes, icy on some people, seem warm and fun-loving on him. His size is not at all daunting, because he doesn't seem to use it to intimidate, as big men often do. I think his beauty comes from within, and just shines like a beacon. Of course, once you become aware of his personal history, everything is magnified. Oh, did I mention he has the cutest butt?

What do you think?


02-13-2002, 08:32 AM
Originally posted by YODELGAL
I think his beauty comes from within, and just shines like a beacon.That sentence says it all...he's a lighthouse!

As for getting bumped, were you using smileys? If you were and there are more than 5, I believe the server bumps you out.:(


02-13-2002, 03:34 PM

Nope, I never use smilies. Must be my deodorant!


02-13-2002, 11:56 PM
I love Garth because he's so real. And I saw it in Chris Gaines first.

02-14-2002, 12:51 PM
Hey, Fuzzwuzz: I agree with what you say about Garth being "real." Can you be more specific? Can you compare him to another country "star" who you think is not "real" and explain the difference? It's hard to pinpoint, isn't it? what was it about Chris Gaines that you found "real"?


02-14-2002, 04:54 PM
Stephanie, I think you described Garth very well. Vulnerable is a perfect word. I think he makes those of us who are older than he is feel extremely motherly towards him. At least, that's the way I often feel......motherly and protective. Also, I think he has a youngest-child-in-a-large-family personality. Everyone takes care of and protects him and he just does his thing and entertains the family. I would love to know what he's really like.....you know, all of us are different away from other people.

diem nash
02-14-2002, 05:43 PM
Originally posted by Crackers
Stephanie, I think you described Garth very well. Vulnerable is a perfect word. I think he makes those of us who are older than he is feel extremely motherly towards him. At least, that's the way I often feel......motherly and protective. Also, I think he has a youngest-child-in-a-large-family personality. Everyone takes care of and protects him and he just does his thing and entertains the family. I would love to know what he's really like.....you know, all of us are different away from other people.

Well, Iīm younger than Garth, but I feel the same like you. I mean Iīd like to protect him and care for him very much and I do as much as I can.
About the youngest kid in a family. I think, it would be the same if Garth would have just some few siblings. I have one brother - younger than me. Itīs the same here.



02-14-2002, 05:50 PM
Maddy, I think you're right. I have a younger brother, too, and he has some of the same characteristics that Garth has. He's fun-loving, funny, easy to get along with, happy-go-lucky, etc. I really took good care of him and babied him when he was growing up.

02-14-2002, 06:17 PM
I'm over 20 years younger than Garth and I feel protective of him, but I don't think that it's because he's vulnerable...I think it's more because he can't really defend himself as much as I think he would like to. He's in the public eye, and I think someone in his position has to hold back on their emotions sometimes because of public opinion. Plus, when my friends start ripping on him and local radio says things that bring him down he's not there for a rebut, so someone has to make up for that.


02-14-2002, 10:49 PM
Stephanie, the first thing that came to my mind when you asked what makes Chris real to me, is it's like looking at a multi-faceted diamond(Garth)through a magnifying glass(Chris). And then I remembered, Diane posted her poem about this aspect of him on your thread here. Go back and read it ok? It really says alot, and ends with:

For he has chambers within my heart...

Even after his journey is thru.

The loyalty and love for his family

cuts deep enough ...to forever last...

His name is Garth Brooks...

Just like a diamond... That cuts glass.

The purest, biggest ever discovered to exist for our times. Sorta like "the Heart of the Ocean" in Titanic. Except this is a gem of the heart itself. But rather than making all the other gems seem less in comparison, it brings out a truer beauty in them all!
When I discovered what was really behind Chris Gaines, I felt like I struck gold at last. A real geyser! Now, maybe that sounds like I'm gushing, but all the music in me fell at Garth's feet, THROUGH Chris Gaines. I will always feel blessed that I got all Garth's music first given to me through Chris Gaines as new and never old. In fact, all the music I love went up in value because of Chris. It's hard for me to explain any other way. Like fine wine that has reached it's ultimate prime and ready to be enjoyed for it's created purpose. Music must be a powerful medium God wants to use to shape our world. Maybe even help save it.
Now, aren't you sorry you asked!!!

02-15-2002, 03:07 AM
It looks like we agree on his air of vulnerability; that feeling we have that he needs 'protecting." Perhaps his being the baby of the family does have something to do with it. I know, my husband of 39 years was the baby of four kids in his family, and he has many of the same attributes that Garth has, only without the musical ability (he's a private detective). He also has many friends, both male and female, and I've always found it interesting that a number of his male friends have referred to him as their "best friend", whereas he thinks of me as his "best friend" and doesn't know why they think of him that way. And although he's bald and certainly not "movie star" handsome, he still attracts the ladies, which has always puzzled him.

I do hope that no one thinks that this kind of discussion takes away from Garth's mystique. Rather, I believe it can only enhance it, and perhaps give some of us something to shoot for. At any rate, I'm going to go with the second question I asked at the beginning of this thread:

"We all know that Garth has a nice voice. Is it as good as, or better than, other singers around? Can you pinpoint what it is about his voice that you like?"

Aside from the fact that Garth is a master at interpreting and styling a song (and that has to do with putting one's mind on the lyrics and the music, rather than emphasizing how you think you should sound to yourself), his voice quality is wonderful. As compared to some other singers (who shall remain nameless), he does not sing as though he's holding his nose. His voice quality is clear as a bell. Unlike some other singers (who shall remain nameless) he enunciates his words clearly, without undue emphasis on his "r" sound, and without a lisp. His tenor voice has a range of about 2 1/2 to 3 octaves (for those of you who don't speak "music", an octave is 'do,re,me,fa,so,la,ti,do). For example, Vince Gill has 3 octaves (so he has said). Tim McGraw, I would guess, has 1 to 1 1/2 octaves, if that. The wide voice range allows a wider choice of songs, songs which are more musically interesting to listen to.

The only other singer who sings with the same kind of sincerity I think is Travis Tritt.

Garth has a subtle vibrato in his voice which is really pleasing to the ear. Some male singers don't have any vibrato at all. Garth seems to hit his high notes without any effort, while other singers seem to strain at the high notes, which makes my throat sore just to listen. And his voice sounds as good on the low notes as on the high notes. And I can't think of another singer who goes from high to low notes so confidently (like in "Friends In Low Places" and "Beer Run".)

As for his choice of songs, it's always intriguing that he can do the standard cowboy songs (even with a sweet yodel), and the standard country/western songs, and the pop-rock songs, like a lot of the other singers around (although most tend to stick to just one kind of song), but then he comes up with songs that for the life of me, I can't imagine anyone else recording. Like "Uptown, down home good 'ole boy; Wolves; Kickin' and screamin'; the red strokes' It's midnight cinderella; ireland; belleau woods; and squeeze me in." Then there's all his "message" songs, the ones that change lives (yeah, I know, all his songs do that, but I'm thinking on a planetary scale here.)

I think, in retrospect, that there is no one "Garth sound", which is what drives his detractors crazy. There has been no way to predict what kind of song he would do next, or how he would do it. On a scale of 1 to 10, he's ______ (you fill in the number! "infinity?")

Any thoughts on this, guys?


02-15-2002, 05:35 PM
My thoughts continue with Chris Gaines. You know what he is? The motherlode of music. The main artery. No wonder he is to be the ultimate willing sacrifice for the music in The Lamb! Why he becomes the target by the music industry. This makes total sense to me as a lover of music. And why Chris Gaines seem so real. His mission is very important to Garth. And to me as his fan. I have never seen the script, but I'm willing to bet when we do the music is gonna prosper like never before.

02-15-2002, 07:25 PM
." Then there's all his "message" songs, the ones that change lives (yeah, I know, all his songs do that, but I'm thinking on a planetary scale here.)

When you mentioned the 'message songs', I remembered a show I have recorded titled 'hunks in hats'. Although I haven't watched it in maybe two years or so...I remember a part on that tape where Garth is sharing how he started out playing music in a pizza joint, and he got all the pizza he could eat! He went on to explain that he wanted to put messages out there (in the world)...and he said something like this :

"on a scale from one to ten, 9 times out of 10 there's going to be a message in the songs."

He also told about a woman that wrote to him around Christmas time that had considered taking her own life until she heard "If Tomorrow Never Comes" and she changed her mind....telling him that it may be hard but at least she's around to fight the fight.
Garth seemed really proud of that letter she sent, and they went out got food and toys for her family for Christmas to make it easier for her.

So, the message in Garth's songs of course have altered many lives...but when it comes to his voice, now that is something special.
Did you ever listen with headphones and notice how he sounds 'right there' but with other artists it doesn't really seem that way except with Trisha Yearwood. I think their voice combination is very special and I don't know about the octave range...but I do have ears that hear really well.
I can't really pinpoint what it is exactly but I've observed people over a period of time while I worked in a video store.
I always had Garth music on when people came in...either on cd player or a video with him performing on the TV there.
Believe me, I think that entire community became "Garth fans" after I was through with my work there! LOL
I met a lot of interesting people too... including a man that had worked with Garth in the past. Another person had his own recording studio...Mr. and Mrs. Santana went to Nashville where he won the songwriting award of that year and they took the time to visit the Garthstore to bring me back a beautiful bandana with Garth's picture on it. They always stopped in to rent videos, so I gave them some pics of Garth also.
Anyway...I'm getting off track here... About his voice, I noticed the people would stop in their tracks at the sound of it. They would turn to watch him in awe on the TV...ask me questions about him or comment on the song. While I rang up the purchase they would get lost in the music like I wasn't standing there waiting for the money! LOL :)
People would see my 'believer' magazines and one man wanted one...I wouldn't part with it though! LOL maybe I should've.
Another man had been to a Garth concert back in 1991 that took place only about 25 miles from where I lived but I didn't know it at the time. He had been to that concert and seemed fascinated with Garth's voice...but he couldn't get past the tabloid talk at that time and he'd get on my nerves. People would come in to rent movies and end up leaving borrowing my Garth tapes! LOL I always trusted them...and I always got them back! :)
From watching hundreds of people and the way they responded to Garth's voice, I notice the song that got them to stand still the most was "The Dance"...and they'd watch the video on the TV.
I guess my videos I purchased came in for some great use after all.
What was it about his voice in that song? or exactly what does Garth mean when he tells the story before the video starts about someone he had been working with not understanding what the message was that Garth was trying to make with that song...then one night he got a phone call from him and Garth claimed he sounded like a totally different person on the other end because he finally figured it out.
So, between the voice and the message, the combination together creates a powerful song.
I've never been moved by a 'voice' before until Garth came along!
By the looks of things...most people here have been too! :)


02-16-2002, 12:18 AM
Yup! The voice! That's what's VERY special about Chris too, where I heard that voice first!
I had an incident tonight where Garth's voice grabbed me out of 'nowhere.' It was at Target in the electronic's department(usually I always zero in on the music department in any store I go to. Forget shopping for clothes!). Right before leaving I see a whole wall of tv monitors playing Garth's Wrapped Up in You! I walk over to them singing and playing like the girls do in the video, and just as I'm getting into it hubby and son spy me and say it's time to go. Do you know how hard it is to walk away from Garth in a public place when you are partying with him? It was like leaving my heart behind for a few brief moments! Thank God the music's in me to stay wherever I go! But hopping on that tour bus with the band looks more and more tempting!!

02-16-2002, 02:18 PM
Diane: thanks so much for the feedback. There is some quality in his voice that is compelling, and I find it interesting that he is unaware of it, or at least seems to be unaware of it. I can's imagine who, in his own mind, he thinks has a better voice.

Fuzzwuzz: As for happing that tour bus. The March issue of Country Music Magazine has a terrific article on what it's like to be a member of the band on tour, with a detailed description of a tour bus. You'll love it. Absolute fantasyland!


02-16-2002, 10:14 PM
Who's on the cover? I think I bought it and misplaced it somewhere. I forgot to read it!! Or maybe it's the Feb. issue. I'll search tonight. Thanks!

02-16-2002, 10:17 PM
Originally posted by fuzzwuzz
Who's on the cover? I think I bought it and misplaced it somewhere. I forgot to read it!! Or maybe it's the Feb. issue. I'll search tonight. Thanks! Dale, I'm guessing you don't have the March issue yet, because you'd KNOW who was on the cover.;)


02-16-2002, 11:13 PM

Some people have an in-borne "magnetism". Couple that with marketing that has you eating, drinking, sleeping "garth" each day. Through hearing and seeing Garth each and every day....he becomes sorta "family". Some women are attracted to Garth for various reasons....some see a boy, a man, a combination of the two. And some I'm sure are just out there to grasp what they can of him....well just because of who he is....satisfying their egos. Some see him as a son, perhaps. Me.....just think he's cute! ;) And there is a sexual attraction.

Garth, more than any singer I've ever seen, shows his emotion when he sings. "Shameless"


02-16-2002, 11:31 PM
Oh wow! I just remembered something else! I sent a subscription in for that magazine over a month ago! I hope my first issue is March! It has Garth, right?

02-17-2002, 06:31 PM
ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! GIVE THAT MAN A CIGAR! And it's one of the few covers that isn't "posed" but shows Garth in one of his up moods.


02-18-2002, 11:53 PM
Just so you know Stephanie, I'm not a guy and I don't smoke!!;) What kind of mood? What's the article about?

02-28-2002, 02:43 PM
I keep checking back here to see if anyone has added anything to this thread. I was really enjoying everyone's comments. Stephanie, I found your descriptions of Garth's musical abilities, etc., fascinating. Please continue. You have done an excellent job of analyzing Garth, in my opinion.

02-28-2002, 06:20 PM
Sorry Fuzzwuzz. I keep thinking "beard" with that moniker. Of course you're female, cuz you've mentioned your hubby and kids. I'll try to be more attentive in the future. Hang in there with me.

Crackers, I appreciate all your comments and your viewpoint. So I'll continue with the analysis.

My third question was as follows:

"When Garth steps on a stage, we all recognize that he has "presence". What is that, and how does he do it? Has he always had it, or has it developed over the years? (And what I forget to ask is: what can I do to develop it in myself?)"

To be more explicit, when he walks on a stage or into an interview room, there is an electricity and excitement in the air, and when he leaves, the light leaves with him. I've seen the same "presence" in actors, too. But only some actors, not all. I'm frankly fascinated by it. Those of you who have seen him personally may have more insight than I do, since I have only seen him on TV. Let's hear from you!


02-28-2002, 06:25 PM
Diane: thanks so much for the feedback. There is some quality in his voice that is compelling, and I find it interesting that he is unaware of it, or at least seems to be unaware of it. I can's imagine who, in his own mind, he thinks has a better voice.

I haven't heard another voice yet that move's me like Garth's voice does!

I'm curious what it must be like for you when your on that stage singing a song of Garth's... it gives me chills just thinking about it! I wonder how the audience feels his words through your voice also, because you clearly move them when you sing his songs.


03-01-2002, 01:46 PM
DiANE: I think I've once told the story of when I got to sing the "big" song at the end of a variety show at a local dinner theatre and I chose "It's Your Song." But I'll tell it again, briefly.

Having heard Garth say that sometimes he doesn't remember performing a particular show, that something or someone else "took over", I decided that for the last of six performances, I would mentally let Garth sing the song for me. I of course remembered performing it, but I felt at the time that it was somehow "different" but I couldn't exactly say why. After the show, I received overwhelming compliments from audience members (whom I talk to after each show, like I read that Garth has always done, even when he was just starting out), but one woman in particular held back, looking a bit awe-struck. I smiled at her and said something like, "I'm so glad you could come to the show", when she timidly leaned toward me and said, almost in a whisper: "Can I touch you?" Then I knew that Garth had indeed helped me to sing the song! It was awesome!

The next year, when I did the show again (although the 'BIG' song I sang at the end was "I Believe", I did also sing with my guitar, and chose "Wolves"), a young woman told me she had attended that show just to hear me sing and to ask me the name of the song I had ended the show with the prior year, and who had recorded it, since she had since been trying to find it in the record storesever since, but confused the name of it. Such is the power of Garth Brooks and his music. I think that was the first time I had a feel of what it must be like to have "presence" during a performance, and afterward as well.

What do you think "presence" is?


03-02-2002, 10:22 PM
I think you mean a higher power...
when you refer to the presense that takes over.

It must be amazing to watch you perform if you
give out that presense Garth displayed to touch
a person like that woman who wanted to know if
you were real, or the lady that came back a year
later to hear you sing just to find out what the
song was and the artist.

Selling Garth's albums huh? :)

Your amazing Stephanie...thanks for sharing!
Keep up with your performing, you never know how
many hearts you'll touch! :)


03-04-2002, 02:36 AM
Thanks for the encouragement, Diane.

I first became "aware" of the concept of "presence" when I was attending a wedding reception several years ago, as a guest of a family member. As we were talking, a young man entered the room, and EVERY head turned to look at him. He was tall and handsome, but he had something undefinable about him. Naturally, I asked my friend who he was. Now, I don't recall his name, because I don't watch daytime TV, but it seems he was a star on a daytime soap opera. I made it a point to speak to him later, and found him to be attentive, as though he really wanted to talk to me (kinda like Garth does.). So I figured that being tall must help establish "presence" and it would help to be an attractive person as well(and Garth has these two qualities as well). But then I remembered seeing Sammy Davis Jr. perform many years before, and he certainly had presence, and he was neither tall nor physically attractive. So I concluded that it was a special quality had by those who were "stars" (since I have never seen it in a non-famous person). However, I now tend to think that the "presence" came before the stardom, and in fact is very likely to be part of stardom (although there are certainly "stars" who don't have it.)

Anyone else out there have any ideas about it? If so, please join in the discussion.


03-13-2002, 02:56 AM
since there are no more comments on "presence", who has it, and what is it, I'll move on to the last question I posed:

03-13-2002, 03:06 AM
since no one else has wanted to respond to the question about what is "presence", and who besides Garth has it, here's the last question I originally posed:
"What doe he physically do on stage that you love to see, besides just singing? Doe he do something(s) that other performers do not do?"

The first thing I noticed by watching his performance videos (I've never had the pleasure of seeing him in person) was how he dresses for his live performances. His pants are not ripped; he doesn't show off a tattoo; He doesn't wear underwear-tops, but instead takes the time to look "special" for his audience, so we have something nice and colorful to look at.

The next thing I liked was the way he took off his hat, to show respect to the audience, or to a guest. It shows that he has manners, something lacking in so many performers.

The most appealing physical thing about Garth on stage is that he moves in a graceful, athletic way, even when he's just being silly (and I love that, too). Most performers I see, in videos, move their bodies as though they are not familiar with them; awkwardly, like young teenage boys do.

So....what have YOU noticed?


03-13-2002, 03:52 AM
The same as with Springsteen...:)



03-14-2002, 02:01 AM
I'm with Brian. It's energy. And, it's VERY magnetic. And I think it comes from within, from inside that big heart of Garth's where he takes us on the ride with him. That presence you spoke of Stephanie is very real. I think we've all been inside of Garth, though it seems to also be the other way around. ;)