View Full Version : What is the fate of Chris Gaines??

06-24-1999, 07:14 AM
I heard that the character ends up committing suicide, but in the George Magazine interview, JFK Jr. said to Garth that Chris Gaines ends up being murdered? Does anyone know which one it will be??N

06-24-1999, 07:46 AM
BigGfan4life -<BR>I read in an article (don't remember which one - I was in the library doing an electronic search of all Garth related articles and read many that day) that Chris Gaines is killed by an obsessed fan - don't know if it's true or not.<BR>KerryN

06-24-1999, 10:52 AM
I had also heard that Chris was going to be killed by an obsessed fan. I also heard that the movie is about the effect this fan had on Chris' life and the effect Chris had on the fans life. I would expect this to be something of a dark movie.N

06-24-1999, 11:24 AM
I'v heard that it is also a obsessed fan that kills him. :) N

06-24-1999, 11:59 AM
SSssssssshhhhhh everybody, don't splash out the ending of the movie before I have seen it :o(LOL)<P>BrianN