View Full Version : similarity in a song with garth's "Ain't Going Down ('Til the Sun Comes Up)"

01-25-2002, 12:24 AM
Anyone realised the similarity between this song by someone (sorry don't know who is the artist)...

The song has a chorus goes like this "Welcome to Earth, the third rock from the sun".

and the whole song sounded very similar to Garth Brooks' "Ain't Going Down ('Til the Sun Comes Up)".....

anyone noticed? :o

Kel. ;)

01-25-2002, 01:52 AM
Joe Diffie sings that song... and now that you mention it... yes it does. LOL

01-25-2002, 02:08 AM

i know i wasn't having a hearing problem.... so it is pretty noticable that the two songs are quite very similar. hehehe

thanks for confirming, DriftinAway. It is pretty funny with Joe Diffie's song... :) Reminded me of the tv show "Third Rock From The Sun..." aah.. i miss that show...

Kel. :)

01-25-2002, 02:16 PM
Tony Martin was one of the songwriters on 3rd Rock, and I saw him at the Bluebird a couple of weeks back.

Tony has a real dry sense of humor and hysterical delivery... his doing that song was incredibly funny! I've never thought of it as sounding like Ain't Going Down... I'll have to listen closer next time!

On that subject though, I do know Garth did some re-writing on the melody to Beer Run - he told the songwriters he thought the original was too much like AGD. (And he told them he didn't want a songwriter's credit, that he'd make his money on the album)

I'd love to hear the original!

02-02-2002, 02:09 PM
no no no, If you really want to hear comparisons, and where I believe Garth got the feel for some of his writing, look no further than Bob Seger....Garth used to do a cover of segers "Get Out Of Denver" if you listen to that back to back with Ain't Goin Down, you'll swear they are the same song.......

also, there is some connection between Night Moves and That Summer...

or The Night Will Only Know, Face to Face, and Paul Simons 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover.

just my 8cents