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01-24-2002, 10:42 PM
Also, some nice things about Tim's girls. What's R&R show?
Tim is taping the R&R countdown show this Thursday. It will air the weekend of January 26 & 27. He will be doing at least one TV show based in NY at he end of the month, possibly some entertainment TV.

Asked to comment on Garth Brooks’ AMA Merit award Tim McGraw says, “I think that without Garth Brooks I wouldn’t be here at least at the level that it’s at. I think that he opened the door for a lot of country artists. He put us in the main stream along with a lot of people like George Strait who was doing it before. But Garth really knocked down a lot of doors for a lot of people and I respect him for that.”

This week, in 2001, Tim’s Greatest Hits was certified double platinum. In 1998, “Just To See You Smile” began a six week run at number one in Billboard—it went on to become the year’s top single. In 1995, Tim held the #1 spot on the country charts with “Not A Moment Too Soon.”

“Gracie’s favorite movie is Moulin Rouge right now. She came down the hall with some lace boots and lace T-back and a water-bra the other night so…I think I’m in for a lot of heartache!” Tim McGraw (From a recent interview with MJI Programming.)

“Thanks again, hi, to Gracie, Maggie and Audrey. I love you baby, I’ll be home soon.” (Tim was headed to an airport and said he’d be back in Nashville by 1 AM) Tim says, his new baby Audrey is fine, “She’s beautiful we brought her home before Christmas. Her sisters love the baby, they don’t understand why they can’t dress her.”

01-24-2002, 10:48 PM
Is this the same interview mentioned above? How can I see it? All info I got from Tim's label site, Curb Records.

Lon Helton's in studio co-host this week is CMA Entertainer of the Year Tim McGraw. This is a very special conversation, Tim's first full-length interview since the birth of his third daughter, Audrey. We especially concentrate on Tim's three Grammy nominations. Tim also gives details on his 2002 tour plans and his studio projects. Plus, what happens when Tim & Faith go to the movies with Martina McBride and her husband? You'll find out this week on Country Countdown USA.

Audrey Caroline McGraw was born on December 6th, 2001. She arrived a few weeks early, but Tim says all is well. "Audrey was a little early, but we knew from the history from our babies, that they were strong and she was going to be fine. Sure enough, she came out screaming and yelling, and everything was fine, so that took a lot of the worry away. We were out of the house at the time because it was being remodeled, but we got back in right before Christmas, just before Audrey got home. " So with three daughters, will Tim & Faith have more children? "We want big a big family, but who knows? God kind of decides that for us."

Tim has three Grammy nominations: Album, Vocal Performance, and Collaboration. Tim says that the Album nomination meant a lot "I'm real proud of the records we make, and for us to get recognized for the work we do is exciting. I don't know how I'd react if I won, because last year, Faith won this category, and I went insane. I was crying and couldn't believe it. So I'm scared of what would happen."

Tim's Vocal Performance nomination is for "Grown Men Don't Cry," and the other artists in the category are Ryan Adams, Johnny Cash, Lyle Lovett, Willie Nelson and Ralph Stanley. Tim says the competition is pretty stiff: "Which one of these doesn't fit? It's a tough category, but it's an honor to be in there with those guys. There's a lot of history there."

Speaking of new music, Tim's conversation with Lon took place as he was in rehearsal for his next album. He says it'll be a little different. "We've got something really cool in store. Some of the guys in my band are going to play on it. I just want to make a record that's really me. I'm really excited about it. I think it's going to be the coolest project we've ever done. There are some older songs that people will recognize that we want to put our twist on." Tim says he's shooting to have this next album ready for release by Thanksgiving.

Last year, Tim's tour with Kenny Chesney was the highest-grossing country tour of 2001. So what's in store for this year? "I'm going to be out there playing. Just probably a mixture of things, no real tour with an opening act, I'll probably throw in a few 'Bread & Water' shows [small clubs] in there too. But we'll be out there playing. I'm sure people will be able to find me when they want to see us play."

Another friend of Tim & Faith is Martina McBride. Tim says he and Faith have gone to the movies with Martina and her husband John: "We just went to see A Beautiful Mind. It was a great movie." So what's it like when celebrities go to the movies? "It's pretty funny. One night, a lady came over to us, and said, 'I can't believe it. I couldn't even watch the movie, because I saw all these stars, and couldn't believe they were all here at the same time! But people in Nashville are really nice to us."

01-24-2002, 10:53 PM
Very cool for Tim to mention Garth's spearhead markmanship...... ;)

Kel. :)

01-24-2002, 11:54 PM
Dale --

the R&R show is Country Countdown USA hosted by Lon Helton, Nashville bureau chief for Radio & Records. It's a weekly radio program, syndicated across the country that airs each weekend, and Lon has a guest co-host each week.

Curb put up about the whole interview on their site, didn't they? LOL

01-25-2002, 09:53 PM
Joyce, all the above info was all I saw at Curb Records. Was there more? I don't 'do' radio! :) Guess i'm really missing out unless you know of some good online sites with more info on country music? Thanks for any help!

01-28-2002, 01:39 AM
Wow, that's a nice thing for Tim to say, but Garth would probably say the one who knocked down the doors before him was Clint Black, and Randy Travis before him.

(actually, I've heard Garth say this in more than one interview)

01-28-2002, 09:48 AM
Originally posted by fuzzwuzz
Guess i'm really missing out unless you know of some good online sites with more info on country music? Thanks for any help!
Hmmm.... there is a shortage, IMHO, of a good all around website for Country music info. Most websites are merely there to promote their respective products (TV Networks and magazines.)

Here are some I check out regularly:

www.CountryStars.com - Neil Haislop, much as I criticize him for recycling news and quotes, is LA based, so he covers a lot of the West Coast scene. Volume wise, CS has a bunch of country news and info. Just be aware that the quotes are not always timely.

www.CountryNation.com - I don't even know who does this site or why, but I love the personality that is in that home page column!

www.CountryNow.com - they're really sort of a clearinghouse for other country news on the web. real quick and easy to scan through. they also provide country news for the MJI affiliates.

www.AllAboutCountry.com - these guys mostly post segments of press releases, so they aren't as helpful to me, but it's a good barometer of what info has been released that day. They update twice a day.

For more of the industry sort of info, rronline.com and billboard.com are there, although country info is limited on both of them.

Country.com has really cut back on the amount of country news they do, but their longer articles are usually pretty good.

Curb is one of the better record label sites to update their info on, unfortunately, most labels don't put that much current news on their site.

Hope that is helpful. Are there others out there that you like?

01-28-2002, 10:49 PM
thanks Joyce! I've heard all of those except countrynation maybe. Between that one and countrystars I just found out the following! First off, Tim McGraw is gonna be on The View tomorrow, 29th, singing the England Dan and John Ford Coley tune "I'd Really Love to See you Tonight", and on Rosie thur. 31 singing "Set This Circus Down". These dates make up for his missing out on his earlier plans in NY when the court thing finally got resolved. Also, a DVD of his greatest hits comes out Feb 12th! Yes!!!!
Brad Paisley is on Hollywood Squares all week.
"Honey Won't You Squeeze Me In" was released to radio as next single.

I suppose what I really like are interviews with the stars. I really tend to favor the ones at cdnow.
Thanks again for these Joyce! I would have missed Tim on those shows! Also Tim says he wants his new album to be more the real him and it's gonna be full of surprises and new spins on old favorites! Guess that explains the above tune!

02-01-2002, 01:24 AM
Tim's live version of "Set This Circus Down" on Rosie today was absolutely flawless! And the other day on The View was impressive too. And I saw Alan's "I'll Go on Loving You" video today. These guys are starting to leave me speechless as a 'former' rock fan come home to the country! I've heard people imply Alan's Gone Country has something to do with everyone suddenly wanting to hop on the country bandwagon once it finally had gotten some respect by Garth and others who followed him. Well, all I can say is, they ain't seen nothing yet! Soon, they'll not only all come runnin', they'll be stayin' home for good like me! Because the whole world needs what this good music has, true heart and soul. It's the REAL DEAL! :)