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05-22-1999, 09:49 AM
Does anyone know if Garth is going to be doing music videos for any songs for the album coming in Oct? Will he be in them as Chris Gaines?<P>ThanksN

05-22-1999, 10:28 AM
yeah i heard that he IS going to do videos for the album.......maybe one as early as July or Aug.(since his 1st single is out in Aug. :D).......but yeah i heard that he is going to do some vidoes for the album(most likely as Chris Gains! ;),i heard somewhere sorry forgot where :(,that he will be doing a video for <b>almost/most</b> of the songs on the album! :D<P>Ari&lt;---meN

05-22-1999, 10:58 AM
<b>Yeah</b>, I have heard it somewhere that Garth will do quite a few videos for THE LAMB. I am guessing that he will be as Chris Gaines in his videos because there is a rumour that he is having CRASH DIETS!! :o Poor guy!!!<P>TommyN

05-22-1999, 11:34 AM
Thanks :)Can't wait. :)<P>I don't understand why he needs to do crash diets, because the picture of him as Chris Gaines was took before he did 6-weeks of baseball because it was in George magazine in March, he looked fine in the picture and then he did workouts at spring training so why does he have to do crash diets? I think he looked just fine as Chris Gaines and that was before spring training, maybe he did the crash diet for that photo since it was before baseball. :)N

05-22-1999, 11:43 AM
I heard that the Chris Gaines photo was taken with Garth dressed as Gaines, but there was quite a bit of computer work done to get the look exactly like Garth wanted it. I mean, everytime I've heard people ask Garth if he would be Chris Gaines he's said, "It's possible, but I see Chris Gaines being like the normal "skinny" rock star 112 lbs. like Billy Joel and Jon Bon Jovi." I think we will see Garth as the lead, but knowing him he will try to make himself as thin as possible b/c he seems to always feel that he's fat.<P>WesN