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Sarah in oz
12-30-2001, 06:46 AM
Picture it....its christmas eve, an early morning flight from Singapore, heading home to sydney for christmas so the family think. Seven and 1/2 hrs seems like a week as the km's slip by....34 thouands feet, my fingers a drumming on the seat, even the meal is rejected, all in anticipation of my arrival

At last we land, the plane comes to a screaming halt and I bounce from my seat...husband left to carry bags one baby and gather two boys....I can only hope he got them all.

TAXIIIIIIII, and were off, no time to stop, home says husband.... Music shop says wife...with a roll of the eyes he slumps into his seating facing the inevitable....

Driving like a formula one rookie, our taxi driver dares not mess with a women on the edge....its 8.15pm and he has 45 minutes to get me to the music shop.....christmas day is fast approaching and I will not wait another moment. I have blasted the powers that be for not releasing it in Singapore and I will not be denied.

We pull into a no standing zone and I race into the store, my heart pounding my hands sweating,....YES WE HAVE IT...the girl says....the clouds break, the angels sing, the choir rejoices and all is well with the world, I could almost kiss her as she hands me the bag.

But wait.....the CD player, NO BATTERIES...how can this be, what horrible twist of fate has befallen me....."Seven eleven my good man....and step on it". My driver did me proud...He should be nominated for a medal of bravery. He speed, he cut in, he blocked, he passed and he got me to that 7/11...the batteries in place, the long awaited moment arrives and then I hear it...the soft crys, the mornfull sigh, OMG the baby needs feeding. BRAT

Mum I'm hungry??, Mum when is santa coming??, mum can we go home now.....????.my husband, god bless him takes charge..pays the cabbie for his service beyong the call of duty, tosses two hungry tired boys to their waiting grandparents, drags the bags from the boot and puts me in a comfy feeding chair. At last the lusty crys of the hungry baby stop and the earphones are slipped over my head.....I swear the heavens parted....at long last the wait is over and I become the last person on earth to hear Scarcrow.

12-30-2001, 08:12 AM
ROFL Sarah!

Enjoy the music! :)


12-30-2001, 05:45 PM

Your experience was a delight to read!
I'm still laughing! :D :D :D
The things we don't go thru to hear Garth's new albums!
I'm glad you finally got the chance!
You should send that story to Garth at GB Management...

I loved the fact you doubted your husband for a second
and hoped he remembered the luggage, baby and boys...LOL

I'm sure you found the album worth the hassle though?

Have a Happy New Year too!


12-30-2001, 05:56 PM

That was hilarious!!!!!!

Don't mess with a woman with Garth on her mind, her single determination will leave devastation in her wake!!!!!!!1

Glad you are home for the holidays, hope the heat wasn't too much for you assuming you have aircon in Singapore. Do you have house help at home?

Cheers Aannette

12-30-2001, 07:06 PM
Very cool and funny story Sarah:cool:


12-30-2001, 07:14 PM
Oh, Sarah, that was so funny (sorry, I'm sure the waiting wasn't any fun).
Originally posted by Sarah in oz
so the family thinkSounds like you have an understanding hubby...how about the rest of the family?

I'm glad you finally got to hear the CD.


12-30-2001, 08:07 PM
that was really descriptive and cute Sarah!!! :) :) Poor hubby..imagine how your kids must feel!! :D

Vanessa :)

12-30-2001, 08:21 PM

And there I was thinking it was tough having to wait all of half a day on the 12th before I could run out of work at lunchtime and race to HMV on Oxford Street in London to pick up my first copies!

ConGarthulations for getting there at last - and I bet the wait was worth it :)

Angela x

12-30-2001, 11:34 PM
Such torture it is. That time trying to get your hands on a Garth album can seem like an eternity! Such a cute story, Sarah. Glad you have it now!


Sarah in oz
12-31-2001, 09:45 AM
Thanks everyone and happy new year.

the wait was hell but so worth it. Isn't this the best one yet....ok so your all over it now and have already commented and played it over and over.... but its so great.

Paula, the rest of my family think I am nuts..do you all have this same problem????

Yes Smitten we have aircon, but still melt whenever we move outside. Perhaps a dome over the island should be on my list to santa next year!!!!!! Home help is wonderful and a big bonus of living in Asia, I get to spend time with my three boys instead of the washing and with a new baby its extra special. The first two kids passed in a daze, this one is being spoilt with our time.

Again happy new year everyone, its already 2002 here, the sydney fireworks were spectacular. To anyone effected by the fires, my love goes out to you.


12-31-2001, 03:52 PM

I do so understand how desperate you become. So what do you think of it? Brilliant or what???

Glad you made it home.

Happy New Year!!


12-31-2001, 06:19 PM
:) Glad ya'll made it home safe. It was a great post to read. i think it's a brillant cd!

Sarah in oz
01-03-2002, 06:49 AM
I'm still listening. its fantasic. Kind of like no fences but with experience.

Great job Garth and well worth the long trip to the shop.