View Full Version : I love all the songs and Trisha

12-26-2001, 08:33 PM
Sounds and has a beautiful voice.no wonder she is a singe,lol.
and she blends in well with Garth.

(All the songs are wonderful Garth.I adore it and keep it close in my heart now forever)if your reading this,lol,just in case,lol.

Real country songs.I like George Strait to,and I heard of George Jones but sorry to haven't heard his music but I am sure it sounds great.I like Dwight Yokam,if you like him could you mention it in an interview?LOL,sorry to bother you,lol.just in case,you know what I mean?

So when I see you live like you said maybe sometime you said,I'll sing all the words to with you.:)