View Full Version : Will Chris be combined with Garth?

05-18-1999, 12:51 PM
Hi everyone! I'm two weeks into summer vacation and I'm loving the freedom-but missing y'all. I'm visiting my mom today (who just happens to work for the public library), so I just had to pop in-call it a compulsion! Anyways, I wanted to know everyone's opinion. Garth has said repeatedly that he is not Chris Gaines, but do you think sales from the Chris Gains albums will be added to Garth's total? I know that he is not Chris Gains, but Garth Brooks is singing on the album-even if in another persona. And if those sales are not counted with Garth's, will he sell 100 million before the end of the 90s? Anyways, just wanted to know what ya thought. <P>Catch y'all soon! N

05-18-1999, 01:04 PM
Yes, I would say that the CG alumbs will be counted as part of Garth's total. The album is called "Garth Brooks in the life of Chris Gains", and Garth is going to a lot of trouble to make sure that people know this is him doing the singing.....he said himself that they are not out to fool anybody. He just wants everybody to know that he is ACTING as a rock/pop singer on the album, not becoming a rock/pop singer. It doesnt matter what genre the music is, RIAA just counts up the numbers by each artist. <P>I am confused about the upcoming duet album though......does anybody know if each artist is given credit for a duet album, as far as sales go, or do they split it, or what? Or will they start a whole new count for a Garth/Trisha duo, even though they aren't a duo (like, say, Brooks & Dunn).N

05-18-1999, 03:25 PM
I am pretty sure the album's sales will go under Garth Brooks and not Chris Gaines since Chris Gaines really doesn' exist he don't have a record contract, Garth does. :)<P>I think the duet album sales will be like all album sales, like if it sales 8 million copies, then Garth and Trisha both get 8 million more sales added into what their sales already are. :)N