View Full Version : You guys are gonna laugh but......

12-21-2001, 10:06 AM
One of the best country sounding songs I've heard recently is by......

Kid Rock. *lol* I know you guys think I'm crazy but I found this song on Morpheus called "Pictures" by Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow. It's a very cool song and very countryish. Give it a listen!

Lowell Miller
12-21-2001, 11:58 AM
Kid Rocks first CD was very good...now his second...Hmmmmm? :rolleyes: But that sounds like a cool song. :D

12-22-2001, 12:10 AM
I haven't heard Kid Rock yet, but he sure seems to be getting extra attention in country music, thanks in part to his country roots and friendship with Hank Williams Jr. Could it be the Kid might be going back to them roots and become one of the best things that ever happened in ROCK music too! Something to watch.

12-31-2001, 07:42 PM
i'll have to find it so i can listen to it :)