View Full Version : I also have a question...how will Garth...

05-17-1999, 12:52 PM
alter his voice when he is "Chris" in concert? He said that "Chris" doesn't even sound like Garth...how is this possible? He can't just change his voice...I guess we will have to wait till Sept. to find out ;)N

05-17-1999, 01:43 PM
I think Garth is able to adapt his voice to whatever he sings and that is his greatest asset. Listen to "To Make You Feel My Love", "Kickin and Screamin" and "Hard Luck Woman" If you didn't know any better would you say they were all the same voive?N

05-17-1999, 02:19 PM
I think it is not that he dosn't sound like Garth, he is just singing these songs in a diffrent key (I hope you know what I mean, cause it is difficult to explain).<BR>But again I don't think we will hear that many Chris Gaines song in concert, and that is maybe the right thing to keep it. If he is going to bring gaines into his shows, he has to makes longer shows, cause people still want to hear both old and new country stuff, and all the "only live" songs.<BR>So don't expect a lot of Chris Gaines when Garth goes back on the road.N

05-17-1999, 09:48 PM
As redstrokes77 said it so well...I expect that Chris Gaines will sound like Garth when he sings "Hard Luck Woman" I had to listen very hard to that song to "hear" Garth. He is a very talented and versatile singer. <P>I can't wait to hear Chris Gaines!!! I would love to see him do it in concert too. I don't think he will have any problem :D!!!N

05-18-1999, 08:06 AM
When I bought my Kick A** CD,I bought it at a pawn shop.I made them let me play Hard Luck Woman so I would know that it played.The woman at the Pawn Shop argued with me that it was not Garth singing.I said yes it is,that is the only reason I want the CD.I had to show her the CD cover before she would believe me.<P>He has a voice that has such a large range that he can sing anything.I wish that the album would hurry up and come out.Patience is not my strong point.LOLN