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05-17-1999, 09:26 AM
<BR>Sorry I hit the wrong key earlier. Anyway...<BR>You know with all the hype about Star Wars There were tons of people waiting in line for the tickets to go on sale. They sold millions of tickets before the movie even started... I can see this happening with The Lamb too. If the word gets out about this being a Garth project I would bet we will all treat this the same as a concert. And we all know too well about camping out to get tickets to his concerts. In fact we camp out to get wrist bands just for the possibility of getting tickets to his concerts... Sounds like yet another oppurtunity for Garth to break a record. This time in the movie ticket selling business!!! Woo whoo!!! What do you think?<BR>Peace and God Bless, DeniseN

05-17-1999, 10:48 AM
This could be fun! Garth breaking record in the moviebusiness :D<BR>But I dont believe this will happen :(, history tells that selling music and tickets to the cinema isn't to compare. Just look at Elvis. He was actually a good actor (but often his script was sooo poor), but he never became a superstar in the movies. I know Garth is even bigger then Elvis, but still I can only see "The Lamb" going for the records if the album makes a whole bunch of the non-believers to Garth-nutts. But I am looking forward to this movie, more than any other movie in production (suddenly I understand how all the Star Wars-freaks are feeling).N

05-17-1999, 11:21 AM
<b>Denise4Garth</b>,<P>WOW, there are millions of tickets sold before Star Wars even started?.. HOLY!! <P>Ok, I might be the only person here, but I am not into Star Wars movies. But I will certainly line up for THE LAMB!! <P>TommyN

05-17-1999, 11:50 AM
I'm not into 'Star Wars' neither, but I do understand why it is so popular. I really can't say right now whether 'The Lamb' will be a big hit for Garth movie wise. I will be lined up to see it, will it be in the movies, or is it going to be made for television, I heard two things on that. I think it will be popular if Garth is in it and a big hit too, I hope he is in it, he just has to be! :)N

05-17-1999, 01:13 PM
<b>Honky</b><P>I am not into all this Star Wars neither, I don't understand what people want to see in this movie, there have already been 3, what new can 3 more bring?<BR>But I will do <b>EVERYTHING</b> to make sure The Lamb reaches Denmark. If I have to buy a cinema, well then I just have to go having a talk with my bank. lol.N

05-17-1999, 09:12 PM
I was looking at all the StarWars merchandise in Wal*Mart (my home away from home LOL) I said, " OH! Look a little Liam Neeson Doll!" ;)and thought wouldn't it be great to have little Chris Gaines...<i>Hey Garth, you're and action figure!</i> Of course Taco Bell would have to have them too! :D<P>But seriously folks. Elvis did pack them in to the theaters, that's why they kept him tied up in Hollywierd making those stinkin' movies. And when the Beatles did "A Hard Days Night" & "Help" there were lines around the block...And we've got a love bigger than the Beatles! :) So, I am going to get my camping gear out of mothballs ...I will be there in line for "The Lamb" <P>Kathy77<BR>N

05-17-1999, 10:44 PM
Okay, first of all I'll apologize if this post runs long, I'm not sure how winded I'll be...<P>Now, I personally can't speak of the Beatles (wasn't alive) or Elvis (about 3 months old when he died) in the movies, but I will say that I am both a VERY devouted GARTH & STAR WARS fan. I see both in the same light. They are the best in their respective field. Tons of people love what they do, me being one; and, some people don't. Those who don't like it are very entitled to their opinion and as long as they respect those who are fans I keep respect in their opinion. Although, I'll say once again the same thing for both GB & SW...Give either an honest and open try and take a look at what they have to offer and I'll almost guarantee that you'll come out a fan. It's kind of funny but I've converted every non-Star Wars or Garth believer I've met so far. Personally, I don't think "The Lamb" will do anywhere close to Star Wars or any of the other top movies of all times...I WILL see "The Lamb" and I can't wait until it comes out, but the story doesn't sound like something that will hit that many people's fancy...Star Wars is the simplest story of good versus evil and has so many great twists to its story. "The Lamb" on the other hand, although not released...hell not even being filmed yet, sounds to me like a great film, but not something that's going to draw like a "Titanic" or a "Star Wars." Remember, "Star Wars" hasn't even put "Titanic" down yet. I just see "The Lamb" being like "Pure Country" (another film I love and own). Garth will be successful with this movie, like most things he's involved with, but records being broken I doubt it. Would I mind if he broke them not at all, I'll be the first to break open the champaign (Spelling?) bottle at the PG "Lamb record breaking party!" Hope I haven't confused anyone like I've confused myself or offended, just my opinion.<P>WesN

05-21-1999, 07:34 PM
Yeah....what Wes said.N

05-21-1999, 09:54 PM
well my vote is for Garth!(gee....you think..lol) :)<P>Ari&lt;---meN

05-22-1999, 02:09 PM
<b>honky</b> & <b>Palle</b><P>You were right about the Star Wars thing, these movies are so boring. maybe Palle and me could split to buy a cinema, but I would'nt talk to my bank, I would rob it ;)(LOL)<P><b>GBinfluence</b><BR>Unfortunately I think that you are right about <i>The Lamb</i>. About Pure Country, MAN! thats a great movie, I love it. :D<P>BrianN

05-22-1999, 10:53 PM
I saw Episode I tonight of Star Wars and my opinion is I loved it! But anyone who would disagree is intitled to that opinion.<P>Brian,<P>I hated to write that about "The Lamb" too, but I don't see it breaking records and making history. It'll be solid film and successful just like "Pure Country" but not huge. Also, I bring up again, that right now the all time best selling movie is "Titanic" which I still think was won of the boringest and over done films ever. Hell, whether you like George Lucus/Star Wars or not at least he got the film out on time and UNDER budget! BTW, anyone know the budget for "The Lamb?"N

05-23-1999, 04:39 AM
Hello, I must say that i am one of <BR>THOSE people that went to see our<BR>beloved STAR WARS Epasode 1 at 12:01 am<BR>wed. morn. <BR>Was it a flawed film? indeed it is.<BR>Did I leave wanting too see it again?<BR>I sure did. In fact I have. All I will<BR>say on this is, it is truly great to<BR>have Star Wars BACK. :D<P>Now on to Garth stuff.<BR>As things go I know Garth will get the<BR>LAMB off too great start. Our Man knows<BR>how to kick start new projects.<P>Rest assured that the film will be of<BR>the higest quality and the true fans<BR>will get there first. Once the reviws<BR>(great ones) come out, the other people<BR>(non fans) will go and thay will like it.<P>How ever I do not think it will break any record, though you NEVER KNOW WITH<BR>GARTH :D<P>Hope I did not ramble too much, forgot what the topic was :D<P>MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU.....ALWAYS!<P>Lonesome.<BR> <BR>N

05-24-1999, 02:17 AM
Hi,here is my two cents.<P>I saw Star Wars night before last.It was awesome.It has the best special effects that I have seen in a long time.I saw the first three and this one blows them away.It has more action and better special effects than the first three.<P>As for the Lamb,I will see it only because it is Garth.If it were someone else.I wouldn't be interested in seeing it.I think that he should do the movie that he really wants to do.That of a serial killer,now that kind of movie might draw the kind of people that Star Wars will.The Lamb probably won't.It does not have the plot appeal to bring in billions of people.<P>I was born the year after the Beatles landed in America.Then music could draw people to the movies.Today it takes special effects or a lot of violence or sex to get them there.I was also alive during the reign of Elvis.It was because that he was the king of Rock and Roll and that he had such sex appeal that drew the crowds to the movies.I have seen almost all of his films.I was thriteen when he died,so naturally I saw his movies on TV not at the theatre.<P>I can wish that The Lamb would sell out every night,but it isn't likely.He does have a lot of fans in the US and in other countries so you never know with Garth what might happen.<P>Rock On and May the Force Be with You.N

05-26-1999, 08:22 PM
hi all!! Since I started this thing I have been reading all the replies...I agree with most. However, The record I am talking about him breaking is the 1st night. If this movie draws Garths fans out like his concerts do... I believe there will be lines for tickets days ahaead of time just like Starwars had. I dont know if the movie will continue to draw a crowd or not but I DO believe the first day sales will skyrocket!!! Thanx for all the replies...The interest in this subject really gets me going! Almost as much as the anticipation of his concerts. What fun we had on PG during his tour. And I'll bet we will have a blast after we see the movie. That is what PG is all about for me. A COMMON BOND!!!<BR>See ya at the movies, DeniseN

05-26-1999, 11:19 PM
I feel so bad in disagreeing b/c I'm so excited about "The Lamb," but I can't help it. I do think Garth will have a great first day if all of his fans go out to see the film, but I don't see any movie theatre putting the movie out at 12:01 the morning of the release. I don't say this b/c I'm a Star Wars fan, I say this b/c it's unfortunate reality I believe. Like I've said before, if anyone can do it Garth can and I'll be the first to celebrate. I don't question Garth or his fans in making it a possiblity, but more questioning the obsticles that will be put in his way. Depeanding on how the movie's marketed it might not even show in some smaller cities or theatres, like it has happened here for me before. Just a few thoughts on my part. But I still say let's try to make it happen whenever the movie comes out!<P>PS-I feel like I've really been down on Garth and high on Star Wars so I'm combining them for one final thought...<P><BR>May Garth be with you.N

05-26-2002, 01:04 AM
He needs much more support than he's been getting, I know that!

As for me and Chris, we've "broken open the bottle" and are already celebrating The Lamb's success. Hope very soon you'll all be joining us! Why not Right Now?