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11-25-2001, 10:33 PM

From today's St.Pete Times Billboard Charts. Top Albums...No. 1.....Scarecrow, Garth Brooks. Country Singles....No. 9....Wrapped Up In You, Garth Brooks.

"Garth Is Number 1 Again!

Garth is Number 1 again,
But we knew it from the start.
Because he listened,
And thought from within his Heart.

His fans all knew the answer,
When there was doubt in Garth’s mind.
Steppin’ upon that stage again,
All his doubts were left behind.

Garth is Number 1 again,
But it didn’t take a Wizard to see.
That Garth and Music,
Is what it ‘s meant to be.

From LA came a message,
So loud that Garth should hear.
The fans sent cheers ot Thanks,
That Garth was singing once more.

The Memories, the Laughter,
The Tears, the Fans were there.
Aboard the USS Enterprise,
In a Special kind of way.
Remembering all those treasured songs,
And for Garth a Special kind of Day.

Garth is Number 1 again,
Let the Good Times roll.
We’ll all enjoy more music,
And Garth will be standing Tall.

Standing Tall for what he Feels,
Is within his Heart.
Turning thoughts to Heartfelt Music
for Everyone to hear.
Reaching for that Note that turns
into a Heartbeat for Everyone to Feel."

Wizard2C :D



11-25-2001, 10:41 PM
that was a wonderful poem!!! :) :) great job :)

vanessa :)

11-25-2001, 10:54 PM

Thanks. Just expressing it like I feel it. :D




11-26-2001, 04:45 AM