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whats that say?


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Great picture of him!

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FINALLY a Danish review of Scarecrow:)


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Wow... well how about that :) A positive review from a Danish newspaper!! Very cool!!

What day was it in the paper Brian? Long time ago??

Thanks for posting it :cool:


It starts out telling the reader who Garth is and how he basically threw (sp?) his career out the window with the Chris Gaines album - - so this critic is not all that cool... But then goes on to say how GB mostly have been in the news because of personal circumstances lately - such as his mothers' death and his divorce - but now he is back with new music and it is the best he has done since Ropin' The Wind in 1991. Then it talks about how some of the songs are great - arranged very good - etc.
And as you can see - at the bottom it gets 5 out of 6 stars :)
Below the picture it says something about how he should "stay in the game"....

Hope that helps - I really don't feel like translating the whole thing - maybe Brian will do it himself - or Jakob or Palle...

Betina :)

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Jyllandsposten has given him great reviews many times.:)


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Nice Brian,


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betina that was from B.T. yesterday:)
The only review I have found so far:( I am hoping that palle can find something as he has access to a bigger data base *LOL*

Okay here goes with a quick translation since professor Betina don't want to:p

I think it is a brilliant review:D

Bye, bye Brooks

As one of the few representatives for the new countrywave in USA, Brooks in the early and mid 90's pounded his own audience up in Scandinavia. But a row of half hearted albums in the years up until the millenium and the deeply far-fetched idea about changing to the rock star Chris gaines (inclusive computergenerated hair) scared, with every good reason many on the run.

At the top
Brooks has in USA gotten more publicity in the later years because of his personal life (death of his mother, divorce etc.) than the music.
But with this, his 9th album, "Scarecrow", the flute should hopefully get a totally different sound.
At his top, not seen since "Ropin' The Wind" from 1991, Brooks fires up under a perfect work of songs like "The Storm", "Pushing Up Daisies" and "Big Money".
the big pop arrangements, that almost took the life off the previous albums has totally vanished. And instead the man from Oklahoma kick in the party with fiddles, tough drums steel and acoustic guitar.
Unfortunately Brooks swear that this will be his last album - but lets see.

B.T. €€€€€* <---5 out of 6

under the picture it say....

Garth Brooks is back at the top, not seen since 1991 så it is unbelievable if he decides to stop now.

Sorry it was rushed.


11-25-2001, 12:54 PM
Great picture.

Thanks Brian and Jules.


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What a great picture of Garth.:) Thanks Betina, Jules and of course, Brian.. for translating that article. It's appreciated.

Ellie :)