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diem nash
11-20-2001, 09:02 PM
I felt in love today. So cute, so charming, so powerful, so touching… Makes me laugh, brings me to tears, let me dance real wild… We have so much fun together!!! I go through a lot of emotions. I love it to sit there and just listen to. I start dreaming, singing, screaming, dancing… Whatever I like to do! Tells a lot of stories. I like them all. Just close my eyes and dream. Wanna stay here forever and listen to these stories again and again!!!

Well, confused?! Gooood!!! ;)

The friends name (who is with) is Peat – Repeat! And the name of … Well, what’s the name?! I think, it’s…


Well, now it’s out!!!

I know, that it’s nothing new for you, but I got it just today. And since I have it, I wear my head phones, listen to it, read the lyrics - For a better understanding! Well, Garth has a wonderful and clear voice, but for a non-english-speaking person, it’s a little different.
So I ask, if the song “Rodeo or Mexico” is written for me?!
Wow, wow, wow! Relax! ;) He’s always yours! But this part is mine: “…with long black hair and English bad and broken…” Okay! I cut my hair! :)

What a wonderful album!!! My heart decided, that it’s my favourite!!! Garth couldn’t make a better “Final Album”!!! I felt in love with it the first time I listen to it!!!

“Why ain´t I running”! What a sweet song!!! I love it! Hopefully Garth will sing this song soon autobiograghed! ;)

“Beer Run”. Well, no words needed! It’s a real funny song. I am happy for him, that he could live his dream to sing with George Jones. He did a great job at the CMA´s. I’m sure!

“Wrapped up in you”. What a sweet way to say somebody “I love you!”!!! I love this song very much! Garth as an amorous one. Real sweet!!!

“The Storm” is one of my favourites. It’s so strong, powerful and touching! Can’t listen to it enough!!! Can’t tell you my emotions and feelings while listening!!! It’s awesome!!! Get a shower everytime!!!

“Thicker than blood” is another real toughing song! It’s autobiograghed, ain´t it? Great story! I like the message of it very much! A lot of people should think about it!!! Great song, Garth!

“Big Money”. Well, I’d like to have it. ;) Sounds funny! Need to listen to it more concentrate next.

“Squeeze me in”. Wow, wow, wow!!! Garth and Trisha, how great to listen to this so cool, powerful song!!! I’m sure, they both had a damn good time, when they recorded it!

diem nash
11-20-2001, 09:03 PM
“Mr. Midnight”. Somebody, who helps people to come over a lost love, but suffers himself. The end is real cute! Poor boy!!! My lions heart wants to be there for that guy! :(

“Pushing up daisies”. Real good Ireland-Style. I like it! A thoughtful song!

“Rodeo or Mexico”. What should I say? It rocks and is so sweet!!! I´m sure, the girls (fans) will love it and dream their dreams! ;)

“Don’t cross the river” is such a funny and happy sounding song! I can’t stand still, when I listen to it! IMPOSSIBLE!!! I love this song!!!

And at last one of my all-time favourites: “When you come back to me again”. I listened to it just one time and felt in love with it!!! Garth is singing soooo touching!!! What a powerful voice he has!!! Show me someone else, who can do this better! IMPOSSIBLE!!! Believe me!!! :D

Thank you for reading it till the end! :) I know, it’s very long!
I´ll re-read Teresas Thread about it again.


11-20-2001, 09:24 PM
Congrats on the arrival of 'Scarecrow'!
He'll keep you company for awhile! ;)
You aren't excited now are you? LOL
I pictured you jumping up and down in your
chair typing...:p
thanks for the smile again! :D


11-21-2001, 04:36 AM
I'm glad you got your CD and you're getting so much enjoyment out of it :)

It really is a good one!!!

Just don't loose your concentration and crash your bike whilst singing and riding :)

Take care

11-21-2001, 07:05 AM
I agree, it is one of his best! I am happy you love it!
I keep listening and finding cool lyrics that I missed the first hundred times. Just like love. The more your in it, the more you find to love.


diem nash
11-21-2001, 10:32 AM
Diane, it´s always a favour for me to make you laugh! :D
But you C A N ´ T imagine, how it looks, if I dance and jump like loosing my mind! Well, one of my nicknames is not without a reason MADDY!!! Believe me!!! ;)

Kiwi, from now on I´ll never again ride my bike. No! We both fly yet! ;) And at work with the patients I will sing some of these powerful songs. Best medicine they can get!
Well, better I let Garth do that! ;)

"The more your in it, the more you find to love."
Yeah, Kristi!!! I am in as much as I can! Forget time and place!!!

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11-21-2001, 09:06 PM
:D ROFL diem nash! What an excellent post - it sure put a smile on my face!!

Your excitement really shines through - and I recognize the feeling, as I too think it is an amazing album!!

Betina :)

diem nash
11-22-2001, 06:09 AM
Thank you, Betina!!!

You know what?! Our love grows everyday! It gets bigger and bigger! Endless!!! :)

He´s my "Mr. Midnight", my "Mr. Morning", my "Mr... Always"! Sometimes I ask myself: "Why ain´t I running?!" It´s too good to be true! Well, "Love is thicker than blood"!

Okay, I´ll leave yet. My love is "Pushing up daisies". How cute he is!!! ;)

See you!


11-24-2001, 11:28 AM
Madeleine, all I can say is WOW. Your post rocked girl. I could just feel your excitement through reading your post, and it put the biggest smile on my face.
Boy can I understand your excitement, the album is fantastic, I agree with everything you said about it. I can't stop listening to it, and the more I listen to it the more I want to listen to it.

Glad you finally got it and that you love it.:)
Happy listening


diem nash
11-24-2001, 01:08 PM
Thank you Hannah!

But I think, my part here is so easy. The one, who really rocks is one of the greatest gifts


I love him for all the gifts he gave and still gives to me!!!

Big hugs to him!


11-25-2001, 12:48 PM
Hi Madeline,

Loved your post. I love every single track. Certainly are other influences there like Springsteen, Taylor and Billy Joel. I'm glad you finally got it! Certainly is worth waiting for.


diem nash
11-25-2001, 02:18 PM
Hi Jude!

Thank you for loving my post! ;)
Well, I love the album! Always and forever!
Quess, what I´m doing while beeing online and write my posts here?!

Exactly! I wear my head phones and listen to the album! And my friend "Repeat" is with us! :)

I can´t find something I don´t like. I love them all - EVERY SONG!!!
I still get a shower and my heart beats wild while listening to "The Storm". This song is killing me!!! WOW!!! It will be one of my all-time favourites!!! I feel it!
And "Don´t cross the river" is so... I still have problems to concentrate and sit still.
"Mr. Midnight"! Where is that man? I need to heal his wounds and hug and hold him forever! ;)

I better stop now, because if not, I couldn´t stop to tell, what a GREAT ALBUM this is!!!

"Squeeze me in" is on! UNBELIEVABLE!!!



It´s funny, how many here call me Madeline! But I´ll survive this! ;)It´s real funny!!!