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05-11-1999, 05:18 PM
There are two short video clips from the press conference Garth held on Monday about Chris Gains. They show Garth speaking about Chris Gains and the movie. Very cool! They are short, but it is nice to hear him commenting on some things instead of just reading about it. After you get to the site, click on "Streaming video: Garth Brooks....." <A HREF="http://www.entertainmentwire.com/" TARGET=_blank>www.entertainmentwire.com/</A> N

05-11-1999, 06:52 PM
Very Cool Cheryl. Thanks for the link! <P>The quality of the video wasn't that great but it was neat hearing Garth's comments.<P> :) N

05-11-1999, 06:58 PM
It won't let me listen :( it says it cannot find the file path :( what did he say? you give me a little :)N

05-11-1999, 08:21 PM
Ok Kristen (and anyone else who cant get it to play), here ya go: :)<P>first video:<BR> <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Arial">quote:</font><HR>It's trying to come through the front door, trying not to fool anybody. This is Garth Brooks playing a character, and Chris Gains is his name. Hopefully, eventually, if this thing does take off, if it does, we're hoping that the Garth Brooks name then does kinda fall to the side and Chris Gains does stand on his own feet, and hopefully, like Pat said, people will hopefully come to this movie as Chris Gains fan and know a lot of stuff about him. To see what happens to him and see what he fights for.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE><P>and the second video:<P> <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Arial">quote:</font><HR>This guy is going to be the sacrificial lamb of music. He's going to do it for the pure reasons, he's gonna do it for the right reasons, and it's also gonna cost him his life for it. But like the Braveheart character, he's gonna die for something that he believes in, and for something that then makes him a 1000 times bigger than if he ever could have been if he stayed alive.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE><P>Whew! It's hard to write and keep up with what Garth is saying when he is talking! :)N

05-12-1999, 06:48 AM
They have changed the location....here is a new link to the video: <A HREF="http://www.newstream.com/99-194.shtml" TARGET=_blank>www.newstream.com/99-194.shtml</A> N

05-12-1999, 07:39 AM
I can't watch the clips because I don't think I have RealAudio...but I have a question for those of you who do have it! Does it cost anything to download RealAudio? I went to their website and saw something about a $29.99 charge! Can someone enlighten me on this subject? Thanks!!! :)N

05-12-1999, 07:42 AM
I guess it's RealPlayer that I meant to say....anyway, as you can see, I really don't know what I am talking about, that may be the problem!! ;)N

05-12-1999, 11:27 AM
Thanks for the link!!! :D Yes, it is nice to see some footage, even thru the computer..I hate it when something is going on w/Garth and we hear about it and cannot see it! I saved both videos to my "country" folder in RealPlayer. BTW, it doesn't cost anything to download RealPlayer :)N

05-12-1999, 11:41 AM
Thanks for the link! :DN

05-12-1999, 12:18 PM
<b>Thank You Cheryl</b> :)... for the link (and for the transcrition...It filled in the blanks where my RealPlayer blanked out.)<P>Kathy77 N

05-12-1999, 12:50 PM
Thanx <b>Cheryl</b> :D<BR>I guess it is going to a long time waiting for this movie, as it sounds really good! Does anybody know why countrysingers always makes good actors :)? I think that people like George Strait and all the others are far more believeable then rappers appearing in movies ;)N

05-12-1999, 02:18 PM
thanks for the link to the press conference clips. It was great to see Garth talking about his newest project. i am very excited for him and all of us fans. I also though would like some Garth Brooks music soon and a tour. Garth we want YOU! :)N

05-12-1999, 05:24 PM
very cool....the movie sounds awesome,very Garth like...."this guy is going to be the sacrificial lamb of music,hes going to do it for the pure and right reasons....its going to cost him his life....but hes going to die for something he believes in."&lt;---sounds just<BR>like a movie the G-man would make :D...don't you think?.......can't wait!!!!!! ;)<P>Ari&lt;---meN

05-12-1999, 07:00 PM
Hello, just got back from visiting the<BR>site that Cheryl set the link up for and I found somthing, don't know if any one noticed or not so here goes.<BR>If on looks down a bit and toward the center of the screen it says somthing about more Real Audio or more about the press conf., somthing like that. Any way if you go into that (what ever it says) you can subscribe for Garth Brooks AND/OR Chris Gaines . All they need is an e-mail addy, I think it is set up by Capital. You know kinda like<BR>when you subscribe to the garth-digest,<BR>I guess.<P>Anyway, Gaines is on the Artist list<BR>right along with Garth and all the<BR>other Artists, STRANGE BUT TRUE.....<BR>and maybe just a little COOL :D<P>Lonesome.<BR> <P> N

05-12-1999, 07:16 PM
Me again, SO VERY SORRY, IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH CAPITAL. It's somthing called<BR>Hollywood and Vine. My guess is when news comes out or what ever, they will <BR>send an e-mail in regards to the person you want to know about, you<BR>know like Chris or Garth. <BR>I put my name down so if ever I hear anything from them that PGer's havent posted about, I will put it up.<BR>N

05-12-1999, 07:51 PM
Thanks for the links.<P>Our radio station played a clip of the interview yesterday morning. Then tonight on Crook & Chase, they showed the clip of Garth talking about Chris Gaines being able to stand on his own in time. <P>Catch y'all around the next bend...N

05-13-1999, 03:25 AM
OHMYGOSH!!!!!!!!!! boy do I ever wish<BR>there was a way to DE-POST somthing.<BR>Last night I must have been truly to<BR>wasted to post anything that would make<BR>sence. It is morning now and I have<BR>re-checked the info.<BR>Firstly I must infrom that IT IS CAPITAL, one scrolls to the bottom of the page and goes into the Capital logo. Next you find a Realy sweet pic.<BR>of our Mr. Brooks. <BR>from this point you clck on the pic.<P>there you have it. For good reason I will no longer be posting on this subject. :D<P>Lonesome.<BR>N

05-13-1999, 05:38 AM
Hey Lonesome......that was very cool! LOL, I'm glad you didn't get to de-post, cuz I missed that when I first visited that site. I signed up for both Garth' and Chris' mailing list.....maybe we will get some interesting stuff from them. Anyway, the write up they give about the album is pretty cool! Thanks for the info! And, to everyone who told me thanks for the link to the video, youre welcome! :)N

05-13-1999, 03:47 PM
<b>Cheryl</b>,<P>Thanks for the link. It was nice to see and hear a part of the press conference.<P><b>Lonesome</b>,<P>Thanks for the information on the mailing list. I also signed up for both - can never get too much information on Garth. If anyone else wants to sign up, the direct link to the subscription page is <A HREF="http://www.hollywoodandvine.com/signmeup/" TARGET=_blank>http://www.hollywoodandvine.com/signmeup/</A> <P>PaulaN