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11-15-2001, 05:18 PM
you guys wouldn't believe what happened here in Kansas City. I was driving to school that morning (listining to Garth of course), and Randy Miller, our morning radio host said that the Garth concert was not going to be shown until 11:40 after Dave Letterman, because some news reporter guy wanted to do a special..."Is Kansas City ready for Terrorism" I was so mad. I was so looking foward to a Garthfix! Randy Miller had all of us call and complain, they ended up getting over 3000 calls in less than an hour and you can bet that 1 of them was from me. And their general manager called the station and was really mad for all of the voicemails .....All I have to say to them is, OH WELL!

I'm really sorry for all the families that were affected by the tragedy. I've been watching it EVERYDAY on t.v. and I was just looking foward to getting away for a little GARTH!

I can't complain...I did get to see (and tape) it.