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05-11-1999, 05:53 PM
I found this article at <A HREF="http://www.countrynow.com" TARGET=_blank>www.countrynow.com</A> They only leave the articles up at their site for one day, but there is a picture of Garth sitting in front of a poster of Chris Gains. Also, in this article, Garth says "if you'll go for the ride......" Buckle up everybody! I think it's gonna be one hell of a ride! :)<P> <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Arial">quote:</font><HR>Garth sings fictitious star's 'hits' <P>By Tom Roland / Tennessean Staff Writer <P>LOS ANGELES -- Just weeks after living out millions of people's dreams by participating in baseball's spring training, Garth Brooks<BR>may be creating his ultimate fantasy.<P>Brooks unveiled plans yesterday for his next album, In The Life Of Chris Gaines, a pop-rock greatest hits project for an entirely fictitious artist. Gaines is a<BR>musician in The Lamb, a movie still in development for Brooks' film company,<BR>Red Strokes Entertainment.<P>Brooks, who last week was named the Academy of Country Music's artist of the decade and entertainer of the year, laid out the scenario during a news conference at the Paramount Pictures lot in Hollywood.<P>The album, set for an October release, will present "hits" Gaines has recorded over the past 15 years in his first five albums, demonstrating his musical development through a number of different musical phases, including alternative and R&B. Brooks hopes<BR>the public will buy into the idea and become familiar with Gaines' music, setting them up to understand the character more fully when the picture hits theaters, probably toward the end of next year.<P>At that time, Brooks will release the movie soundtrack, Gaines' sixth -- and most ambitious -- studio release. Brooks could later release what would have been Gaines' first five studio albums, which preceded the<BR>greatest hits package.<P>Gaines' character was once part of a three-piece band called Crush, but he emerged as a solo star when the group's lead singer died.<P>"Chris Gaines exists," Brooks said. "It's weird, (but) if you'll go for the ride, you can actually accept that his voice does sound younger on the older stuff."<P>Music from the album played at yesterday's news conference placed Gaines in several different musical eras, and the songs featured him singing in a range and style most of Brooks' fans would consider foreign. Had it not been a Garth Brooks news conference, it's likely Brooks' voice would not have been recognized.<P>The album art for In The Life Of Chris Gaines also presents Brooks in an almost unrecognizable manner. In the photo, strands of dark, unkempt hair dangle in front of his eyes, his cheeks are thinner, and a tuft of<BR>hair sprouts beneath his lower lip.<P>Don Was, who produced Brooks' To Make You Feel My Love for the movie Hope Floats, produced the Gaines album. Was attended the news conference, as did the movie's executive producer, Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds. Brooks indicated he expects to work out contractual details to allow Babyface and Was to work together in producing some of Gaines' music.<P>How Gaines will fit in with the rest of Brooks' career remains unclear. Brooks seemed uncertain whether he would record any more country albums during the production of The Lamb, although spokesmen allowed he may record his second Christmas album in time for<BR>release this year.<P>And Brooks said Gaines, the character, will not hit the road to support the movie. "I don't think you can tour with this guy, 'cause you know it's gonna turn ugly the first time some guy says, 'Hey, a..hole, play Friends In Low Places.' "<P>The first single from the Gaines album, Lost In You, is slated for release to pop and adult contemporary radio stations in August. Capitol Records will not market Gaines' music aggressively to country stations, though<BR>Brooks has repeatedly stated his intent to remain a country artist. "In no way," Brooks insisted, "is this Garth Brooks going pop."<P>Brooks credited Nashville songwriter Jenny Yates with the idea of creating a fictitious singer.<P>Brooks and Babyface have not written music for the film. Tommy Sims, Gordon Kennedy and Wayne Kirkpatrick -- Nashville songwriters of the Grammy-winning Change The World -- wrote the project's first music, and other songwriters from Nashville, Los Angeles and Europe fell in later.<P>Shooting for the movie, being written by Jeb Stuart (Die Hard, The Fugitive), is expected to begin next summer, said Tracey Edmonds, a co-producer of The Lamb.<P>The picture will incorporate Gaines' character into the actual musical landscape of the past 15 years, as if his songs had charted alongside real-life recordings. As an<BR>example, Brooks indicated he has tape of Billy Joel talking about a 1992 tour with Gaines.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>N

05-11-1999, 07:31 PM
I love what he is doing with the character. But what I don't understand is why he might not record another Country album till after the production of 'The Lamb', that means we will have to go a year or two with no new regular Country album by him. That would mean about 3 or 4 years after sevens was release. :( I hope he gets to record the Christmas album so it can be out this year, specially since he took his first one off the shelf and we can't get it anymore. :( I still love what he is doing a lot, specially if he does the movie that would be great, I just know he will though, he has too, after seeing Garth as Chris Gaines, I don't want any other actor, I want Garth. :) As long as Garth stays in Country and says he is still Country, and keeps making Country albums in the future, I don't care what he does. :) <P>Oh I am wondering now after reading the article, he said no Chris Gaines tour, but I wonder if the albums for the movie and making the movie will kinda make him not tour for awhile, it seems he is busy now and will remain pretty busy till the movie is released.? I am sure he will probally tour when his next Country album is released seeing it will have been a while since his last regular album had been out. :)N

05-11-1999, 08:04 PM
Oh wait,,<BR>I thought Chris Gaines dies too, it said in the article a lead singer in a band he was in dies, or do they bothe die. This is a little confusing sometimes :) I think when the movie comes it won't be as confusing though. I wonder if the movie will have a seqel to it. :)N