View Full Version : My Scarecrow Review

11-13-2001, 11:55 PM
Okay after ripping the CD from my husbands hands as he brought in the mail and tearing open the box like a hungry animal I have listened to this CD and can come to only one conclusion IT IS AWESOME!!! This CD is definitely one of the best he has done in years and I have liked them all.

Now for my opinion on the songs

Well Wrapped Up In You and Beer Run are already singles and of course I love them.
The Storm- Definitely the best song on this CD. It is my favorite!
Why Aint I Running?- Another winner and probably a contender for a single release, although I also hope The Storm is released as a single.

Thicker Than Blood- Love it! This song sounds very James Taylorish.
Kind of reminds me of Shes Every Woman. Has that same feel to it.

Honey Can You Squeeze Me In?- What can you say about his duets with Trisha Yearwood? This song rocks and Im glad they put a fast one on instead of another balad.

Big Money- I love this song. Definitely very country sounding and I think this will probably be a single as well. Kind of reminds me of Two of a Kind Working On a Full House. Has that kind of feel to it.

Rodeo or Mexico- I like this song, but Im still thinking about this one. Definitely country though.

Pushing Up Daisies- This is a great song. I think it is very sad though when Garth talks about his mom.

Mr. Midnight- I love this song. Very Billy Joelish.

Dont Cross The River- I absolutely love this song. Definitely one of the standout tracks. Very bluegrass and I just want to dance to those fiddles.

And of course last but not least When You Come Back To Me Again- Nuff said. I sure wish this could be re released as a single.

Well Garth you have done it again. This album is my most precious because it is probably his last. Also I love the pictures inside.