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11-12-2001, 02:37 PM
Garth Brooks, “Scarecrow”, Capitol Records.
Released November 12th 2001

As Garth Brooks are riding into the sunset, he is holding what looks to be his last album; ”Scarecrow”. This is the ending of what could be a true Hollywood-movie. While the credits are running down the big screen, we could rewrite some of the most famous words ever being said, so they know sounds like this: ”Ask not what country-music has done to Garth Brooks, but what Garth Brooks has done to country-music!”. No doubt that ”Scarecrow” are the perfect answer.
Some might say that there is nothing new on this last album from Garth Brooks, and they will be right. ”Scarecrow” sounds just like the music he put out on the first three albums. Every artist has a peak in his career, and ”Ropin’ The Wind” was the peak for Garth Brooks. His albums didn’t get weaker, but the magic from the first albums disappeared. But with “Scarecrow” he shows the world, that Garth Brooks still knows how to make a wonderful, thrilling country-album.
The lyrics are about the life and the love that comes and goes. “The Storm” and “When You Come Back To Me Again” are two of the must touching songs on the album. The strings fills the songs with a beautiful background, and combined with Garth Brooks special voice they make a powerful mix that hits right down in the heart. “Big Money” are a funny little thing, it could be compared to the older “Papa Loved Mama”, and it leaves you with a big smile on your face. Not bad for a song about death.
In “Don’t Cross The River” Garth Brooks introduces the audience to bluegrass. Maybe Garth Brooks changed country-music when he dominated it through the 90’es, but here he shows that he still masters one of the very old styles of the music. Trisha Yearwood, who have sung a lot of harmony vocals on Garth Brooks previously albums, also backs him up on “Don’t Cross The River”, and a few other of the songs on “Scarecrow”. On the powerful country-rocking “Squeeze Me In”, the two close friends sings a duet so strong Mike Tyson wouldn’t dare to challenge them to a fight. “Wrapped Up In You” are the only song that are not looking comfortable on the album, and not because it is a bad song, I love this song very much, but it ain’t country-music. The song is more like a roots-rock song, that could easily have been recorded by Todd Snider.
That the life of a cowboy is a hard life, is the story about the rodeo-cowboy and the Mexican girl a good example of. The song is called “Rodeo or Mexico” and it is the song you will remember when the album is done. The song is in family with “Big Money”, but faster and more rocking. The chorus are superb, and you will be singing this song all day. This is by far the best of the songs on the new album, and what could be a true classic.
There are no weak songs on “Scarecrow”, only 12 good cuts greatly produced by Allen Reynolds, so if there are problems with the album they must be found at the musicians. They are all doing what they are supposed to, but nothing more than that, and from time to time you could wish that Milton Sledge on drums, would try something unexpected. But it is minor problems on an album that has been more than worth the wait. If this end up as the last Garth Brooks album, he has rode into the sunset in great manners, but after listening to the album you can’t help but feeling a little cheated if he never returns. Garth, my man, we will be looking for your horse in the horizon. God Speed and good luck with your new life.

* * * * * - (5 out of 6)

11-12-2001, 03:19 PM
Thanks for that review, Palle! It just makes me wait more impatiently :).

I like the way you write!


11-12-2001, 05:49 PM
Thanks Marjolijn,

as you can see I wrote this as I would write it to a newspaper, I just had to write without thinking of the language. Normally I will use a lot of "pictures", but they arfe hard to make in a foreign language:(

But as I wrote you can look forward to the album, it is amazing:cool:

11-12-2001, 06:11 PM
Thank you for that Palle.

I had the feeling that you'd make a review.:)

You are a good writer!


11-12-2001, 06:43 PM
Thanks Jakob:)

Of course I had to make a review, but it is a little disapointing I had to write in English, it would be so much better in Danish;)

Where did you get your cd???? I asked in Fredgaard, but they said it wouldn't be there until tomorrow - did you buy their only copy??

11-13-2001, 04:25 AM
Nope - I started out in Stereo Studio, continued to Fredgaard, continued to a department store and then ended up in Fona where they had it.:)

Normally I avoid buying music in Fona - but not this time.;)

Where did you get yours.


11-13-2001, 10:32 AM
I took the same tour;) Started out in Stereo Studio, continued to Fredgaard, but found it in the small M&M on the street tha leads down to Busgaden, or whatever the name is:rolleyes:

I didn't belive that they would have it in FONA, esp. as they got the same owner as Fredgaard, so I didn't go there. As I know it only Merlin has a more laughable collection in country than FONA. The only good one is FONA2000 in Copenhagen. They at least know what countrymusic is;) *lol*