View Full Version : Garth is on the way!!!!

11-11-2001, 12:43 AM
Well not the real Garth but Scarecrow is on it's way to my door right now!!!!! I just got an e-mail from Amazon and it was shipped Thursday. I'm so excited i'm gonna camp by the mailbox. I just had to share the excitment with someone. :)

11-11-2001, 09:51 PM
Great! Im waiting for the stores in my town to open tuesday morning.
Ill be right there!!!!

11-12-2001, 01:02 AM
I'm very excited myself!!
Donna :) "Happy Camping By The Mailbox"

Garth Healing
11-12-2001, 01:58 AM
Country Spirit,

I just got notified by Amazon also!! No mail on Monday:(

I will be camping with you:D


11-12-2001, 02:10 AM
Happy camping!
wonder what the mailman will think when he finds you sleeping by the mailbox? LOL :D

I'll be picking mine up at Walmart on Tuesday morning!
Time is dragging lately...and I use to think it was flying by!


Garth Healing
11-12-2001, 03:47 AM

Many of my parts will be hanging out of the mailbox, so I am sure that it will scare the mailman!:eek:


diem nash
11-12-2001, 01:15 PM
I pre-ordered "Scarescrow" at amazon, too. But the german page. Didnīt get any note. I hope, it doesnīt take so long, till I get it. But Iīm sure, itīs not as soon, as youīll get it. Well, like always I need to be a brave "girl" and wait. :-( It seems, that I need to move to Garth-Land to get the chance to see his videos... and listen to his songs at the radio. :-)

Hold on, girls! Itīs on its way to you!!!