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04-13-1999, 05:12 PM
I got a question, Garth said something like this is more like a preqel to the movie rather then a soundtrack, so this mean there is going to be another album for the movie besides this one or this is just to get us ready for the music in the movie? :)<P>77 MORE DAYS TILL THE ALBUM IS RELEASED! :) CAN'T WAIT :)N

04-13-1999, 05:28 PM
Kristen,<P>I guess we'll have to wait and see! WOOHOO! Only 77 Days left! I can't wait either!<P>JulieN

04-13-1999, 06:44 PM
kristen166-<BR> i'm prety sure that is what it means..<P>Ari&lt;---meN

04-13-1999, 06:46 PM
<b>77 more days</b>... ARrhhahhhaaaaaaaa... can't wait :(<P>TommyN

04-13-1999, 08:36 PM
<b>kristen</b> I guess I'm not the only one counting the days to the release of The Lamb!<BR> :D77*CG*77*CG*77*CG*77*CG*77*CG*77*CG*77*CG*77*CG* 77 :DThanks for pointing out the info that you picked up from the interview. We have so much to look forward to! :)<P>Kathy77N

04-13-1999, 09:56 PM
Only 77 more days and counting down!<BR>I can hardly wait! WooHoo.<P>country@Heart :)N