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11-09-2001, 03:50 PM
Also on Monday night's show is Kiefer Sutherland.

11-09-2001, 07:23 PM
Oh my goodness. I'm glad Garth will be there to protect me, I'm a little scared of Keifer Sutherland! I know that's silly, but he always plays these maniac killer guys! And he does it so well! Maybe seeing him in person will get me over my little fear. lol...

Garth Always,

11-09-2001, 09:39 PM
Well, I really hate to post ANYTHING negative, in regard to all the stuff going on next week, and I probably should just bite my lip and keep this to myself, but this is NOT good news, in my very humble opinion. Kiefer Sutherland has been known to make some very public, very NASTY statements about what he thinks of Christians, much like Ted Turner and Alec Baldwin (who is absolutely GORGEOUS and plays some very cool roles, but I get a bit sick inside when I think about him and some of the things I have heard him say, too bad.) Anyway, don't mean to start something here, but just felt the need to express...

Sorry. :(