View Full Version : Did anyone else think Vince Gill was talking about Garth???

11-08-2001, 08:01 PM
During the CMA's, Vince Gill was doing an introduction that went something like this...

"He has sold millions of albums, and his live performances sell out in minutes. Plus, he wears really tight pants...."

I was SURE that it was the beginning of the intro for Garth & George, but he was talking about Tim McGraw!

No offense to any Tim fans, but..... Sorry. No comparison. :)


11-08-2001, 08:31 PM

I did....in fact....it certainly was better than the intro he DID give to Garth and George. (LOL). Maybe next year they'll ask Garth to host? Oh but then who would give him his award??:confused:



The Children lead the way to World Peace......"Dance!Sing!Fun!2002!":D

11-08-2001, 08:34 PM
Hey, just my two cents but... I bet Garth was laughing at the "Garth Brooks exploded...." comment ;).

11-08-2001, 09:30 PM
Well in my opinion Tim wears tight pants, sells millions of albums, and sells out shows so if Vince wanted to introduce by saying the truth as what Tim does then I see nothing wrong it. It is not like Garth is the only artist to sell albums and shows and wear tight pants.:) Tim is pretty popular.:)

How else would he have introduced him? I don't see where he was comparing him to Garth when Tim actually does them things. He was simply saying what Tim does. So it happens to be slight similar to the way Garth is announced usually.:)

Now I could see if Tim sold only one album, wears them ghetto looking baggy ginko pants, and never sold out a show. But thats not the case.:)

While I don't think Tim has achieved much as Garth has in music at the moment, he has done some things that can be compared to what Garth has done.:)

11-08-2001, 09:49 PM
All I was saying is that I thought it was an intro for Garth.

I didn't mean any disrespect to either Vince Gill or Tim McGraw but come on. This is, after all, Planet Garth, not Planet Tim, so I thought that a little joke there might have been funny. Apparently not.

Lighten up on me. It was meant to be funny.


JoAnn L.
11-08-2001, 09:52 PM
Nici....YES I DID TOO!! I was in the kitchen & as soon as I heard that, I flew into the living room & stood in front of the TV. My hubby thoaugh I was NUTTS...DUHHHHHHHH!! Then when I realized it was TIM McGraw....I said, "Oh darn.....they fooled me, it's only Tim....never mind I can go back to cooking chicken now." LOL

Vince's intro wasn't the classiest or most respectful (but hey it's Vince & he has a dry sence of humor at times besides he doesn't write the stuff the producers of the CMA's do I beleive".....anyway, I loved all the big screen shots & photos they showed of Garth...no one else got that much footage.

11-08-2001, 10:17 PM
Lighten up on me. It was meant to be funny. Who ya talking to? We're all light as a feather here! ;)

11-08-2001, 10:21 PM
Yes, I admit that I thought they were talking about Garth too! I especially like the part about the tight pants-that put a smile on face-whooohoooo!

Oh well, I got my Garth fix any way-Garth looks so good last night and I swear my glasses were starting to fog up big time when Garth was singing or they were showing his concert or Dr. Pepper commercials!


11-08-2001, 10:28 PM
I have smilies through my whole post I wasn't yelling. I was simply stating how maybe people could of thought Vince was talking about Garth when he was really talking about Tim.:)

11-08-2001, 10:38 PM
I thought he was talking about Garth too...I was rushing to put my tape in cause I was only going to tape Garth and I started flipping out!!

I bet if it would have actually been Vince introducing Garth the Tim boards would be full of posts saying how they thought he was talking about Tim....just as our board was assuming it was Garth. Garth devoted folks are always going to assume its Garth, while Tim fans are always going to assume it's Tim.