View Full Version : I have a discription of the new DP com with Garth!!

11-04-2001, 03:24 PM
I have only seen it once but here is what I noted.

Garth plays Wrapped Up in you with new words. Basically the music is Wrapped up in you. The song is about moving on and thew tagline is "Do what you do."
Garth can be seen holding 20 oz bottles of DP and Jimmy can be seen with Garth throughout the entire promo. They kinda sit in a circle and jam. I think the music was taken from the "jam" session at the end of WUIY! For you ladies who care about this Garth was wearing a navy blue sweater and Black jeans and the black hat of course. Jimmy smiling through the entire promo was wearing a dark blue buton up shirt with white jeans. Great promo. Can someone tape it so we can save it to our computers?