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11-02-2001, 05:25 PM
I didn't know if you guys saw that a very short Scarecrow promo directed by Garth is now on http://www.capitol-nashville.com/ and can be accessed by clicking on see it under Scarecrow in the new release section.

Here is a link to the 56k version. I am linking to that version because those that have Broadband can zip over there fast enough to click the link themselves. I am really invious of those cable and DSL users. Ok sorry... heres the link


11-02-2001, 05:35 PM
Thanks Charmed. Very :cool: :)


11-02-2001, 06:05 PM
The commercial is boring, but they have some of the music videos up there. :) I didn't know that.

Very cool.:)


11-02-2001, 09:42 PM
Thanks for sharing this information and I really like the Scarecrow promo with the crows and the creepy voice. :cool:

11-03-2001, 11:32 AM
He comes up with the neatest promos and commercials for his albums. I wonder if this one will be shown on TV?

11-05-2001, 01:25 PM
This was in the news article that went along with the Scarecrow promo! How :cool: is that? Wonder what kind of "in-store" displays they will have? I want some!!!!

So do ya think that was GB jumping in the corn field and then running off? Looked like to me! :) Awesome....thanks for sharing the link. :D

<quote>In addition, Dr Pepper and Kmart are collaborating on a nationwide effort to promote Scarecrow. In-store displays will provide consumers an instantly redeemable rebate for the CD, when they purchase two Dr Pepper 12-packs. The promotion will be in Kmart stores November 11-21.<endquote>


11-06-2001, 12:18 AM
That's an awfully strange view of a 'corn field' if I ever saw one. Unless of course you are a crow. And where's the corn?

11-06-2001, 12:39 AM
Originally posted by Teach
..... and the creepy voice. :cool:

LMAO Teach! That "creepy voice" is Garth!

Mary Liz

11-09-2001, 12:24 PM
I'm not scared. (I think!)

11-10-2001, 01:13 AM
I saw it on tv the night of the CMA's during the 11:00 news.:)


11-10-2001, 01:12 PM
Originally posted by garthfamily
I saw it on tv the night of the CMA's during the 11:00 news.:)

Sharon Ooh, maybe I need to look at my tape of the awards show since I haven't seen either of the commercials yet. I added 15 extra minutes when I programmed it, just in case the show ran over.