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01-19-1999, 03:13 PM
Howdy,<p>I just found out this artlce in www.countrynow.com Garth did make further comment on his will of singing George's non-hit songs.<p>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br><b>GARTH BROOKS</b> states that he’d like to record an album of George Strait songs, but don’t look for the hits. <i>“I would like to cut things that were never singles for him, because some of my favorite songs never got to be singles.”</i> He mentions album cuts like “Blame It On Mexico,” “Overnight Male” and “She’s a Barmaid in a Honky Tonk Downstairs.” And one of his favorites, he adds, is “I Can’t See Texas &gt;From Here,” one Strait wrote on one of his early albums. <br>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<p>Tommy<br>PS: well, I am hoping more of his 8th studio, duet album, and soundtrack..N

01-19-1999, 03:29 PM
Tommy, I'd rather have an 8th studio album and/or duet album too. I'm not sure about that Soundtrack. <p>I'm glad he's not just doing a different version of already Strait hits...that would be stupid. I think this will be a pretty good album! :)N

01-19-1999, 05:00 PM
jaredev - <p>I'm with you, I would much rather see Garth write and record some of his own stuff.<p>My local country radio station picked up on this story today and posed it as an opinion poll for the listeners to call in with their thoughts. And let me tell ya, the opinion from this poll was that no one wants it/would buy it, etc. The DJ said that she had only received one caller who would like to see Garth do this project, the rest of the callers were really not favorable of the project at all!<p>And I agree, I don't think that this would be a good undertaking for Garth at all !! I just feel that there are bigger and better projects for him to tackle, ones that we've already talked about ( the duet album w/Trisha, his own new stuff, new Christmas album, DOUBLE LIVE TWO with the cover songs, etc.).<p>So, this is my 7 cents worth !! :DN

01-19-1999, 05:04 PM
If I could pick one project to be Garth's next project, this would be it, just as described above. "Overnight Male" is possibly my favorite George Strait song. My favorite Strait songs are from the early days, so it looks like I will be more than pleased with this, if it happens. :)<p>WOO-HOO!!!N

01-19-1999, 09:22 PM
<b>theking</b>,<br>Yeah, you have told us about how great George used to be. Well, actually I don't really mind what songs he is gonna to sing as long as they are not repeated from his previous ablums. As far as the Strait project, I haven't heard any of Geroge's old songs; therefore, I am not sure if he is the style I'm hoping for.. sorry, theking, I am still looking for more of Garth's original stuff... Honestly, I love <b>Mr. Right and Not Counting you</b> because those two brought me the true Garth style!! WOO-HOO<p>TommyN

01-20-1999, 08:27 AM
I can see why you are going to love this album theking...from what I've read of your preferences.<p>Like I've stated, I like the "new country," but a Garth song like "Not Counting You" kinda of reminded me of a Strait song. Now I'm beginning to want this album too. <p>If he's playing unreleased songs, it's kinda going to be like an old Garth or Strait album...with some good <b>COUNTRY</b> songs!N

01-20-1999, 09:43 AM
I think Garth's <b>Not Counting You</b> is a great song that has traditional style in it. Correct me if I am wrong, <b>theking</b> I heard you saying that your favorite song from The Chase is <b>Mr. Right</b> right? I am not very positive about this, but I can see why you're sooo desparte towards this George project.. :D Anyway, as long as Garth is singing, I'm fine with everything. I can't, however, stand any rap or heavymetals.. those two are outside my music limits..<p>TommyN

01-20-1999, 02:59 PM
MY first choice of a George Strait song would be <b> OVERNITE MALE </b>or <b>HAVEN'T YOU HEARD </b>. Like I said before I've been a Strait fan a lot longer than I've been a Garth fan. <b> He's been out longer :D</b><p>I also know I'm the odd one out,but I want him to do the Lamb sound track. It will be an all Garth all pop album.I want it sell thru the roof and show country music he don't need them. THEY NEED HIM!!!N

01-20-1999, 04:28 PM
I would of said what ObsessedwithGarth said but I couldn't phrase it quite that well.<p>GlennN

01-21-1999, 07:55 PM
<b>ObsessedwithGarth</b>,<p>You aren't alone; I want the soundtrack for <i>The Lamb</i>, too.<p><br><b>Tommy</b>,<p>Yeah, my favorite song from <i>The Chase</i> is probably "Mr. Right," probably because I also love Jazz and Swing music. That song has a great Swing feel to it. ;)N

01-23-1999, 06:59 PM
I guess you guys who do not want this album havne't heard him do Strait. I for years said man he could do Strait great, but I don't think I want this comparison. Then one night he says were going to do something different and he did Blame it on Mexico, and then the next night he says we started this last night and he did 80 proof bottle of tear stopper. He did them acoustically and as much as I love George. Garth blew him away. Trust me you want this album and you want as many tracks as you can get.N