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madam divine1
10-26-2001, 04:35 PM

One of the D.J.'s of our local radio station is out in Las Vegas NV for the Radio Music Awards and he's interviewing the Artist who will be appearing and/or performing on the show. Well they were allowing people to send in questions via e-mail to the station and he would chose one question for each artist. Well the question for Trisha Yearwood was "was she singing on Garth's new album" (apparently this person didn't realize they're singing a duet), but i digress:D

anyway... when the D.J. asked her the question, her response was "oh i'm all over this album, i'm like the "chick-singer" on this album doing harmonies and back-up, and of course she spoke of the duet and how it was a catchy up-beat tune and that it was fun to do!! :D

just thought i'd share that bit of info with you guys!!

have a really "GARTH-LICIOUS" day!!:) :) :)


10-26-2001, 04:53 PM
Very :cool: !

LOL - "The Chick singer!" She is so funny!

Knowing this makes it even harder to wait for Nov. 13th! :eek: