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01-06-1999, 06:10 PM
<br>Last year (1998) there was a Garth Brooks "Star Profile" CD released & now I read there is another CD like it coming out on 26 Jan! It is supposed to be an interview & the package folds out into a poster.N

Conor McLaughlin
01-13-1999, 09:14 AM
I was wondering if you know when the CD you're talking about will be released in Ireland. Because I always see adverts for Garth merchandise and the dates for their release. But they don't come out in Ireland for a few months afterwards!N

01-16-1999, 12:44 PM
Conor--<br> i don't know when it will be released in <br> Ireland BUT when it comes out you can get <br> it at MUSICBOULEVARD,AMAZON.COM,ect. N

01-22-1999, 09:53 AM
I got the Star Profile. But I don't think is the new one, the one I got is the one which is kind of orange with lots of pictures of Garth and a interview of about 45 minutes on a CD. I still haven't listened to the entire thing yet, I wish they did it in separate tracks.N