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12-03-1998, 04:07 AM
Has anyone noticed that on the first cd is has 14 songs listed on the back of the case but if you look at the numbers they are missing number 13. It goes from 12 to 14. It is like that on the cd it's self also.<br>When you play the cd it only goes up to 13 songs.<p>Anyone know why? Or notice it also? Let me know.N

Neal Doerner
12-03-1998, 04:32 AM
The reason that DL has 14 tracks but only 13 songs is that Garth is superstitious. He has said so time and again.N

12-03-1998, 04:52 AM
Attn: Neal Doerner,<br>I got your opinion about the #13, but why then does he have 13 listed on his Sevens<br>CD?N

12-03-1998, 05:26 AM
Because SEVENS didn't end with 13 songs on the album. The first disc of Double Live would have without the 13th track of nothing but noise. Think about it. SEVENS already had a 14th song...Therefore no need for the superstition.<p>WesN

12-03-1998, 05:28 AM
barb,<p><i>Sevens</i> and <i>The Hits</i> both have a 13th track, but they don't <b>end</b> on #13. To avoid having a CD <b>end</b> on #13, Garth made Track 13 just crowd noise, and "Tearin' It Up (And Burnin' It Down)" became Track 14.<p>This is not known to be a fact, it is just a summary of the opinions expressed on this Forum (we discussed this when <i>Double Live</i> first came out). :) Seems like valid reasoning to me.N