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10-21-2001, 12:38 AM
I just today noticed 'GARTH BROOKS VII' in white letters on my Sevens cover. Cool! Just don't fault me if I've been the last one to know. Also caught the 7's in the 'G' on the back.

What is it about that number anyway? Even my other fave bands seem into it at some point. The Moody Blues 7th album is called Seventh Sojourn. Isn't Garth's Sevens his 7th also? The new one by Collective Soul, is 7even Year Itch (cool!), commemorating their recent stretch as a band. And now I find out even Bob Seger has an album called Seven. Wasn't there a reason, related to George Strait, why Garth called his album Sevens instead of Seven? Or was it something else? And even Chris Gaines hops on this sevens kick with 3 of them in his autograph. There must be some kind of obsession surrounding this number with the music business, as I've never quite really noticed before Chris and Garth. Anybody else see lots of sevens in your favorite music this way, or is it just me? I mean, even my favorite alternative Christian BAND is named the 77's! And Whiteheart, who's members helped with the Chris Gaines project, has a song called Seventy Times Seven, and another called Read the Book, Don't Wait for the Movie that now makes me think of The Lamb. Weird!

Ok, so it's late and I'm tired. But dang it the sevens are everywhere for me lately! And this Seven's album of Garth's is what's really getting me fired up right now. That and the new Call Me Claus single. I had lent them out and was almost shaking getting to hear them again. Lol! I do believe I'm gonna wear these out by Christmas, but hey, that's what the magic of it is all about.

If anybody has any thoughts or rememberings about the making and naming of Sevens, please feel free to spill it out here. I do have a rare Wal-mart Sevens pin someone gave me that I proudly wear at work (along with my Chris Gaines button and the G world tour pin Diane gave me), and I'd love to hear more cool stuff about this album which is truly hitting the spot for me of everything that is Garth..."take the keys to my heart and drive it home..FILL HER UP!!"

10-21-2001, 04:19 AM

I'm glad you wear the "World tour pin" I sent you...:)

About "Sevens" ...I think you'll have to check old interviews
and articles to find out why Garth named the album 'Sevens'...

I know there were "777,777" albums of "sevens" marked with a
limited seal.

But the reason he chose that title...I don't remember him
mentioning it...although he probably did.

There's nothing wrong in trying to catch up in learning about
Garth and his previous albums...
I'm just glad your here for the ride...:)

I hope more fans will be gained with the album "Scarecrow" also.


10-21-2001, 11:53 AM
On all the interviews that I saw, Garth decided to name the album "SEVENS" for several different reasons. The album was his SEVENTH studio album and came out in 1997(originally supposed to be released on August 7). His favorite number is SEVEN, he was born on February 7, the SEVENTH letter of the alphabet is "G". I can't think of anymore right now, but if I do I'll let ya know. I just thought that this was pretty cool.


10-22-2001, 01:16 AM
Ok. I read the booklet to The Moody Blues remastered Seventh Sojourn and John Lodge, (Isn't Life Strange/I'm Just a Singer in a Rock n Roll Band)the bassist says this.
The album was very loosely based on the idea of the 'Canterbury Tales' by Chaucer. In 'Canterbury Tales', everyone talks about what happened to them and tells stories. This is how Seventh Sojourn evolved: we told stories, but musically. When they stopped on their pilgrimage to Canterbury, this was called a sojourn - and it was our seventh album. It was only afterwards that we realised we'd pre-empted ourselves..I look on Seventh Sojourn as special, actually - there's often something special about the number seven...I knew we'd get back together again but this Seventh Sojourn was really important in our lives.I guess that makes that album a new beginning rather than a chapter ending the band. But I can't help but think Collective Soul just hit the place where the Moodies were, with their greatest hits 7even Year Itch. They(Moodies) had gotten out of touch with the fans and were traveling in big airplanes by then, like in Almost Famous, when the business side pushes it's way in. Dang I hope Collective Soul survives it. They lost the lead guitarist and are taking a three year break soon. But it was the break that saved the Moodies.

But what's this Canterbury Tales? And what place in his career was Garth when Sevens was finally released? Wasn't that when he had big disagreements with the record label and he held it back because he knew Christmas was coming?

10-22-2001, 01:58 AM
"Seven, that's my number", Garth quote from Leno's show.

Other sevens;

Seven against Thebes
Seven hills of Rome
Seven seas
Seventeen locust (now that brings back some memories)
Seven in music (long explanation - I'll skip)
Seventh Day
Seventh Heaven (seventh sphere - outer most concentric spheres enclosing the earth - Realm of God and His angels - heaven - hense 7 in my online name; hense Hawk "child of the Light" - indian tribe reference)
Seven Wonders of the World (and Garth's one of them? :))
Seven Years War
Everything's coming up Sevens (Luck)

And there's more - Seven, important number!


10-23-2001, 12:03 AM
Wow Hawk, that is really cool! Especially about your name. No wonder it is so personal and real to you. Thanks for taking the time to share all that.

I believe Garth said on The Charlie Rose interview that everthing was coming up Sevens, and also, that they were lining up. But even though the album had been released at the time of the interview it seemed he was still waiting on them.

I know, in the new testament, the #7 is featured very heavily in Revelation and seems to be connected with Jesus, and to time and space and all things holy. I'm sure it's not the only book of the bible that promotes it, but it's unavoidable in that last chapter.

If there is more you know behind the use of this number in music, I hope you will feel free to take the time to share even more. Obviously it's related to it for some reason. Also, do you know anything about Canterbury Tales?

Do we really need to question the wonder that is Garth? ;)