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10-20-2001, 09:58 AM
Hey ya'll i know garth is going to come out with a new cd Nov.13. But is he going on tour because from one person i heard yes and from another i heard no? can you people correct me please? thank you ash

10-20-2001, 01:01 PM
Garth said in the press conference, nope, no tour.....TV appearances, tho. Leno on the 12th, and he said the Opry in December. I dont think we know much more at this point. Oh yeah, and whatever type of show he has planned that the contest was for. :)

10-20-2001, 02:00 PM
Hey all...I'm new, my name is Amanda. I've been visiting this site for quite sometime now and I love it. I always like to read the forums b/c you all have such useful info. Anyways, I'm replying to this message b/c I've heard several different things about Garth and touring. I know that Garth said that he wasn't going to tour again until his youngest daughter is 18, which would put him at what??? 53...that's 13 more years without Garth! After also hearing him say how much he misses "the people" I personally believe that he will tour again. Music is my life and I am always going to concerts...maybe that's why I have no money?? Over the years, I have got to know many cool people from attending these concerts and also from working at Sandsone Amphitheatre (one of the concert venues in town) for the past three summers. One of these cool people has toured with Garth before. He also is a roadie for george strait, nsync, aerosmith, tracy lawrence, among many others and I have been fortunate enough to get tickets to each of these concerts within the first 5 rows and have gone back stage at every show and met all of the artists. The reason for all of this is that just about a month ago I talked to him and he told me that what he heard was that Garth was coming out with a new album (which I already knew of course) and also that he would be going on tour sometime next year(2002) to promote it. I know you all probably think that i am just some crazy girl that just joined and that you probably don't believe me, but if he just happens to go on tour next year, all i can say is, "i told ya so!" This guy is a very realiable sorce and if he was lying to me about my favorite singer he knows what would happen to him!!!

Well thanks for reading...i'll talk to y'all later!


10-20-2001, 02:03 PM
welcome to PG :)

I don't think that your reliable source was lying, esp. when it coms to Garth info. :)

Vanessa :)