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10-20-2001, 02:49 AM
After Hollywood Squares, Garth hung out in the parking lot for about 30-45 minutes with eight or so of us Nutts. He was in great spirits, totally happy. He took pictures and signed autographs and had conversations while handing out M&Ms... he was great. He was describing the next 24 hours of his life to us and when he got to the part where he said, "then I have to be home tomorrow in time for the soccer game" he kicked at the air like it was a soccer ball with a huge grin on his face - just an adorable thing he did...

While he was handing out M&Ms (plain :)), I asked him if he had tried the new caramel M&Ms. He said he hadn't, so I gave him the three little bags I had with me and he ripped into them and passed them around. He said they taste like coated Sugarbabies - a realization he was quite excited about... probably had to be there. ;) There were a few first-time meetings in the group - three, I think - which was fun to watch, as always. At one point, a CBS security guy came out and said, "Hey, Garth, I'm sorry to break this up but this is a secure parking lot, so they can't be here." Garth just kinda looked at him and said, "Okay man." Without missing a beat in the conversation he was involved in, he moved the group of us 15 feet away to the other side of the gate - out of the "secure zone" – and we all continued with our activities. It was pretty funny.

The girls have a favorite song off Scarecrow – “Beer Run.” Garth thinks that’s pretty funny, considering the theme of the song. It’s track #2 on the album, and he says they always ask him to play “Number two, Daddy! Number Two!” He was so cute while telling this story. :)

He confirmed that he will be on Leno on November 12.

Girls - He’s thin and buff (a few of us girls had opportunities to grip his arms for one reason or another – we all agreed on the buffness factor ;)) and gorgeous as ever.

He’s totally happy, which is great to see. He’s laughing and joking around and light on his feet. It’s really great.

He definitely hasn’t lost his hugging talent!!

I’ve had to retype this post five times – don’t ask – and I feel like I forgot something this time around, but if I think of it, I’ll let ya know.

So that’s the HWS GarthAdventure Update. :)

Garth Always,

Monica Lockhart
10-20-2001, 02:59 AM
Thanks so much for telling us about your Garthmoment!!!

I can see your smile all the way here in Florida! :)

Glad to hear he is in such good spirits..

And that is too funny that the girls love Beer Run the best! I think Wrapped Up In You is awesome! I have even converted a few people over to Garth this week with that song!

Were there any other PGer's there with you??


10-20-2001, 03:11 AM
deAnnalyn was there along with a few GBoxers... I don't think any of them frequent PG. Let's see... Kara, Susan, Kathy (or was it Cathy? I forget. ;))... aaaahh!! I'm forgetting names! I'm sorry! Like I said, it was a very small group of us - which made for a very nice little gathering. :)

Y'know what I just realized?! My left hand still smells like Garth! Seriously! I had my hand on his stomach and then kinda on his chest (in a purely appropriate manner ;)) during the pictures, and his GarthCologne smell is still on my hand! I never want to wash it ever!!! LOL!

Garth Always,

Monica Lockhart
10-20-2001, 03:19 AM
That is great that you had a small crowd! :) Makes for more time with Da Man!

I'm surprised DeeDee didn't get to the show.. thought for sure she would be there...

Sounds like your still on Cloud 7!


10-20-2001, 03:38 AM
We talked with Garth about DeeDee, actually. He was looking for her and the kids and he said he saw them briefly before the show - don't think he had a chance to actually talk to them, though - and was expecting to see them afterwards. As it turns out, though, you can't get into the show if you're under 16, so DeeDee had to stay out with the kids, and I don't know if she was around later or not. I talked to her daughter (16ish?) briefly before we had to run off and she said DeeDee was around somewhere. Garth seemed disappointed, but understanding. I hope they caught up with each other later, but she wasn't with us.

Cloud 77 is more like it!! :):)

You'd think this would get less exciting over time... NAH!

Garth Always,

10-20-2001, 03:48 AM

Thanks for sharing with us!

That was nice of him to take all of you out of the secure zone
to the other side of the fence.

-Diane :)

10-20-2001, 04:02 AM
Very cool Danielle... hehe.. :) Good to see him happy... :d


10-20-2001, 09:00 AM
Dani QUICK! Go have your hand tested to find out exactly what that cologne is! LOL

How was the taping? Did they say when it will air? I hope Garth had a lot of supporters in the audience!

Did Caroline Rhea enjoy our man? teehee

I heard last night from my radio that Toby Keith was going to be there too - was he?

Thanks for giving us great visuals from your Garth moment! I can almost hear, feel and smell him in my mind! :)


10-20-2001, 11:27 AM
Very cool Dani!!!

Can't wait till it airs...Adam loves it when Garth does that kind of stuff!!


10-20-2001, 11:33 AM

It sounds like you had a WONDERFUL GARTHY time!! :) I can almost smell and see Garth :) I'd never ever wash my hand if touched Garth.. hehe :)

Vanessa :)

10-20-2001, 11:54 AM
Wooooohoooooo Dani!!!!! :)
Sounds like a GREAT time.....thanks so much for filling us in! It's so good to hear that Garth is looking and sounding happy. :)

10-20-2001, 03:38 PM

Thanks for posting about the trip last night.
I was there too (Peggy), I gave him the plain M&M's.
And to answer someone's question....No, Toby Keith wasn't there.
The other contestants were Taylor Negron, Daisy Fuentes, Brad Garrett, Whoopi, Garth, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Bruce Vallanche, and two others that escape me, for now. Anyone remember?
They've changed the show a little bit, in the end now, they have a lightning round, where the contestant has to answer as many questions as possible in 60 seconds with the help of a celebrity panelist that they choose. One lady did choose Garth. They only got like two questions right. Garth felt so bad. Poor guy. Then at the very end they have ten seconds to answer one question to make double or nothing from the lightning round. But they don't have to answer it if they don't want. So they ask if she wants to answer it and Garth says, look, I'm not very smart, but because of God and the people, I've got a lot of money. So if you go for it and miss, I'll give you the money. Then the lawyers huddled on the side and wouldn't let him do that. Dang lawyers! So he told her, well then, honey, you'd best keep your money. So they didn't do it.

I think the best part of the show, they were doing promo's about the show and the new lightning round...and Garth tells us, ok Gang, I'm gonna need your help with this...after I say MORE MONEY then I want you to "give it up". He waited a minute and said, That's hip talk for get loud. He did like 4 or 5 promo's, we got REAL loud when he said so. He looked SOOOOO Happy when we did that. When other people did them....nothin. Until they started going "MORE MONEY".
(Which really made Garth laugh). But I don't think we got as loud as when Garth did it (my own opinion).
I hope he realizes he's still got it.....and us.

Well, any questions, feel free to ask.


10-20-2001, 03:46 PM
You are all most welcome! :)

By the time I woke up today, the smell was gone. :( Oh, well.

Caroline Rhea (sp?) wasn't there, actually. She's in New York doing standup these days, trying to get her career moving a little. Toby Keith wasn't there, either - that would have been cool! Maybe he's doing a later show. :)

Thanks for mentioning the promos, Peggy, I forgot to mention those! That was great!

The other two guests were Lisa Leslie of the WNBA and Victor Garber, who is perhaps best known for his role as Thomas Andrews in "Titanic."

Garth Always,

10-20-2001, 05:06 PM
It was great to hear about your garth moments.:) I sure hope one day to meet GB in person. But I hope whenever someone does get to meet him, they will come here and tell us all about it.

It was also great to hear how happy GB is and that he is enjoying his girls. Children grow up so fast and it would be ashamed for him to miss out on that.


10-20-2001, 05:18 PM

I heard that Clint Black was there... is that true. ???


10-20-2001, 06:08 PM
Thanks Dani and Peggy for sharing your time at the taping and after. I have the same question as Ann...did they say when the show would air?


10-20-2001, 06:10 PM
Thanks Dani and Peggy!!! :D What would we do without Garthnutts around the world? Glad you guys had fun and got to see Garth again. :)

Does anyone know when this will air on TV?

Leanne & Michelle

10-20-2001, 06:12 PM
Oh My Garth, are you guys lucky!!! How cool to have such a small group hanging out with Garth. And it's so incredibly wonderful to know how happy he is these days. Thanks for sharing!


10-20-2001, 08:29 PM
Sorry I didn't post the airdate sooner - it slipped my mind. The five shows will air the last week of November. That's November 26-30.

A page told me that Clint Black was there a week or two ago. So yes, but not at the same time as Garth. :)

Garth Always,

10-20-2001, 08:36 PM
Sounds like you had a great time.. Garth seemed like he was really in a good mood. Those small groups are great !! I'm glad you all had a great time and please post your pics ASAP-


10-20-2001, 09:57 PM
Dani, sounds like y'all had a Garthmazing time. :) What a perfect little meeting you all got to share, then to share with us. THANK YOU. I even felt like I was there with ya. Thin and buff... I'll take it. lol. It's great to see him so happy. Funny thing, my 3 girls all LOVE Beer Run also.. go figure. They'll ask to play that instead of WUIY. To everyone else who was there, thanks also for sharing that Garthtastic Garthmoment.

Ellie :)

10-20-2001, 10:49 PM

Thanks for posting....sounds like you all had a great time. Glad he's happy at long last.

Hey...he's not going to pull a Buck Owens on us....is he??? (LOL) :D



And the white bird called "Freedom" soars thru the skies, and the Children of the World follow behind....."Dance!Sing!Fun!2002!" :D

10-20-2001, 11:21 PM
:) I am sooooo happy that he is happy :) Boy I wish I could go see him like all you guy's :(

I have a question.....He talks and laughs about his Girls ( I think that is just wonderful) does he ever mention Sandy in conversation??? Just wondering ;)


10-20-2001, 11:22 PM
but readin your story made me cry - he's such a wonderful down to earth guy!!!!

10-21-2001, 12:54 AM
Thanks Dani. I can almost feel Garth's happiness with him.

Is Victor the same actor who stars in Garth's Call Me Claus? What part did he play in Titanic?

10-21-2001, 01:10 AM
Dani and Peggy

Thanks so much for sharing - remember, no Garthdetail is too small, so if you remember anything else...

Leno on the 12th! When you guys who are going to Leno see him, you need to ask about the NY talk shows for us east coasters, pretty please??



10-21-2001, 02:41 AM
Yes, Victor is the same actor from Call Me Claus – everyone on the show, except Lisa Leslie and Brad Garrett was in the movie. Well, I’m counting Garth since he executive produced it and did the soundtrack.

He didn’t mention Sandy to me, I don’t know if he said anything to anyone else.

Carol – I’m sorry to be so ignorant, but what do you mean? I know little about Buck Owens, so your comment went right over my head!

Details, details… well, let me think…

When we first approached him, he didn’t notice us until we were pretty much right in front of him. He just looked up and smiled and said hi, totally expecting us and pleased to see us, not acting “ambushed” or anything. I know he’s totally used to it, but it was still nice. Actually, he commented that he had expected to see DeeDee “out here with you guys,” so he definitely expected us. :)

After we had been there for a few minutes, one of the ladies (sorry I don’t remember who it was) asked him if he’d do pictures, and he replied, “I’ll do whatever you want me to do.” We all just looked at each other and made a very commendable effort to keep our mouths shut. We succeeded. :)

When he started handing out M&Ms, he did so by holding his left hand under my open hand and pouring them with his right hand. When the other ladies saw that this was his handing-out method, those who had originally said “no thanks” to the M&Ms decided they really wanted some. Hand contact is always good!

When I gave him the caramel M&Ms, he kinda wandered away in his own little world for about ten seconds, really concentrated on the taste. Suddenly, he spun around and charged at me with an open handful of them, exclaiming, “They’re Sugarbabies! I was trying to figure out what they tasted like! They’re coated Sugarbabies!” I took one from his hand and tasted it to test his theory. It was funny.

When we were taking pictures, he had the three little bags of caramel M&Ms in his left hand, and they kept showing up in the pictures, which he was repeatedly reprimanded for. ;) I didn’t mind, though, since I gave them to him in the first place.

I must say, I’m proud of myself for giving him a brand new M&M experience, too. :)

That’s all the previously unmentioned details I can think of right now!

Garth Always,

Monica Lockhart
10-21-2001, 03:09 AM
Very Cool Dani!!

Thanks for sharing... :)


10-21-2001, 03:22 AM
After we had been there for a few minutes, one of the ladies (sorry I don’t remember who it was) asked him if he’d do pictures, and he replied, “I’ll do whatever you want me to do.” We all just looked at each other and made a very commendable effort to keep our mouths shut. We succeeded.

OH MY GARTH!!!!!!!

I would have fainted on the spot - provided, of course, I could've kept my mouth shut! You ladies did a VERY COMMENDABLE job of not saying what I'm - er - I mean - what YOU were thinking! <weg>

When he started handing out M&Ms, he did so by holding his left hand under my open hand and pouring them with his right hand. When the other ladies saw that this was his handing-out method, those who had originally said “no thanks” to the M&Ms decided they really wanted some. Hand contact is always good!

Gal, ANY kind of Garth-conctact is good! (even the one in my dreams-lol)

That reminds me of the time I met Garth - Nov 99 in NYC. He had been signing things and must have pulled the top off his pen with his teeth - thus getting some ink on his cheek. Anyway, Shelley (Gotta B-GB) said, "Garth, you have ink on your cheek," ... so he turned his cheek towards her so she could wipe it off. She wiped it off with her thumb, I think, and an audible *sigh* went up from all the ladies in the crowd - then he looked down again at what he was signing, and of course I couldn't resist saying - "OK, Shelley, now touch my hand!" lol But the best part was the *wicked* grin Garth got on his face when I said that - he didn't look up from what he was signing - in fact, he didn't miss a beat - just got this *wicked* little grin on his face - VERY CUTE! To this day almost 2 years later I can see it as vividly as if it were yesterday! Made me believe that our Mr. Brooks has a bit of a *wicked* side to him - although he doesn't let it out most of the time (he's too polite!)

Gets a gal to thinkin' though, doesn't it? <weg>

THANKS for sharing more details, Dani! You SHOULD be proud of yourself for the NEW M&M experience - now ya know I'm gonna have to run out and get some of these new M&Ms, don't ya?? I can just see his face when he charged at you with the M&Ms in his hand-lol!

Thanks again, Dani - you made my night!


10-21-2001, 04:10 AM
Gee Dani...

I'm going to have to go buy some of those new M&M's!:p
I just know while eating them...I'll think of Garth pouring
them into all your hands...LOL

Thanks for letting us "Re-live" YOUR memories of the night...
it was like you took us there with you
just from reading your words! :)

What a "Garthy" experience you had!


10-21-2001, 07:08 AM
Hey Danielle!!! :)

Well, I'm VERY glad to hear that you made it to the taping, it felt a bit strange to not see even ONE of my Garthnutt friends that day! Someone did honk as they drove by me, standing out in front of the studios, and I think it might have been JoAnn, but I'm not really sure about that, since I haven't even heard if she was there or not. I have all sorts of questions for YOU, especially about who was or wasn't there, since my husband and daughter didn't have a clue who my friends were, except when Davina talked to you for just a minute, so I did already kinda know that you made it, just didn't know how things went for you, as far as seeing Garth and stuff. It sounds like you all had a GREAT time with Garth, which is VERY COOL!!! :)

We had a GREAT day, too. :)

I'm not really sure where to begin telling my story. I don't think I was planning on telling it AT ALL, but seeing my name mentioned here a couple of times kinda made me feel like I should say SOMETHING, and you all know me too well, once I start to say something, well...

The very first time I met Garth, I had all of my kids with me, but I was so unsure of Garth and how he would be, and there were SOOO many people around us, and I was so nervous, my kids never really got a chance to say anything to him, at all, and vice versa. I've always regretted that, especially that I didn't think to hand my baby over the short fence, to Garth, to get a picture of them together (my baby boy is #6, as some of you already know, just like Garth.) There haven't been too many opportunities, since that time, for me to even try and get my kids close to Garth again. I have taken one of my daughters, Danae, with me on a couple of my adventures, but taking everyone is usually just way too expensive to consider, either because of the cost of tickets (Hollywood Bowl) or airfare. Or it just hasn't been practical for one reason or another. We did travel all the way to Georgia and back, a couple of summers ago, and spent a fair amount of time at the gates in Goodlettesville, with no luck (I found out later that we were there during the time that Colleen was VERY sick and she passed away a short time later, so I assume that Garth was in L.A. or OK at the time. :( ) My only other real serious attempt was at Hollywood Squares, a couple of years ago, I believe. We drove all the way down there, knowing that we had no clue what our chances were, and in the end we ended up seeing Garth driving in and driving out, he smiled, waved, and said 'Hi Sweetheart!', both times, which was exciting and very sweet of him, but a bit disappointing that he didn't stop at all. Don't get me wrong, I never want to be in a place where I begin to 'expect' anything from Garth, and I deeply appreciate EVERY moment that he gives. But, we were HOPING for more, and it was not meant to be, that day.

Fast forward to the Press Conference on the 9th.

When Garth mentioned that he would be in L.A. to tape Hollywood Squares on the 19th, I got so excited, I don't think I heard a word that he said for the next couple of minutes, my brain was working overtime! I figured out that the 19th was a Friday, which made me think that Garth must have had his dates mixed up, because they usually tape on Saturday or Sunday, which had me thinking 'okay, now how am I gonna find out which day he's REALLY gonna be there, oh, Garth!!!' I told myself to snap out of it and pay attention to the rest of the PC, and figured it was no big deal, I would worry about that later. Or not at all. When I went to Nashville for the PC, I honestly had NO expectations of getting close to Garth, at all. I was there solely for the purpose of showing up to show my support and cheer him on!!! So, when we all gathered round back, at the HOF, and it was starting to look like we might at least see him drive out, I really had nothing in particular in mind that I wanted to say to him. When he pulled out of the parking lot and stopped the vehicle and got out, I was fortunate enough to be on the driver's side and in a relatively small crowd of people who surrounded that side AND Garth! :) I really didn't plan anything, but before I knew it, I had managed to get his attention and asked him if he was, indeed, going to be at Hollywood Squares on the 19th? When he said yes, I asked him if he realized that the 19th is a Friday. I started to say something about them usually taping on Saturday or Sunday, but he could tell from my puzzled expression where I was going with all of this, and he told me that they were being very sweet to him and doing it on Friday because he needed to be at home on the 20th, for one of his girls' soccer game! I honestly don't know where the rest of this came from, but before I knew what I was saying, I told him that I was thinking of bringing the kids down to Hollywood with me. I told him that the last time I brought them, instead of going to the taping myself, that we got to say 'hi', but that was about it, and I asked him if there was any chance that he might be able to spare a few minutes to stop and say hi to the kids, if they're there. At first he looked very uncertain and started to say 'I don't know...', but then his expression changed dramatically and he told me that since he knew that I was going to bring my family, that 'for the kids', he would do his best. I was really impressed with the way he quickly changed his attitude about the whole thing, with the way he looked so intently in my eyes as he said it, and the sincerity in what he was saying!!! But, I must admit, as excited as I was, I've learned not to get my expectations up too high, and saying 'I'll do my best' is not neccessarilly a 'guarantee' of anything. Again, I never want to ever EXPECT anything of Garth, I can't believe that I even ASKED him to make an attempt, I even felt bad, later on, for putting him on the spot like that. So, while I knew that our brief exchange committed me to driving to Hollywood and taking my kids, whether my husband liked it or not, and it committed Garth to 'try', I still knew that things don't always work out the way everyone wants them to, even when everyone does their 'best', and I wasn't ready to set myself, and my kids, up for disappoinment. So, no biggie, that was cool of him to say that, but 'we'll see' was the way I tried to approach it.

10-21-2001, 07:18 AM
After I got home from Nashville, I found out from a very special friend of mine who got to see Garth later that day at GBM, that another friend mentioned to Garth something to the effect of 'DeeDee wanted to be here but she had to catch her plane back to California, she said to tell you 'hi' and that she WILL see you at Hollywood Squares and she WILL have the kids with her', to which he replied something to the effect of 'yeah, we already worked all of that out' (sorry if that's not quite correct, I would love to hear about it from the person who talked with him!!) Well, you can just imagine how that made me feel!!! :) It was gettin' REAL hard not to get REALLY excited about October 19th!!! ;) I told my husband, when he hesitated about me going to see Garth, AGAIN, so soon, 'I HAVE to go, Garth is expecting us to be there!' ;) That was weird.

I actually got my husband excited about the possibility of getting to meet Garth too!!! :)

So, we ALL went down to Hollywood on Friday morning, the plan being that Dave (my hubby) and Davina (my oldest daughter, yes, 16ish, the only one old enough to be there) would go to the tapings while I just sort of 'hung out' in Hollywood all day with the rest of the 'Kiddo D's'. We parked at the Farmer's Market, on one side of the property, sent the two of them on their way, and then gathered up the camera and stuff and headed all the way around to the other side of CBS Television City, in hopes of sighting a black Navigator! ;) This was especially nerve-wracking, because the last time we had been there, there was only one gate open, one way to get in and out of the studio, but, I'm assuming because it was a weekday, with more stuff going on there, they had two gates open and it was virtually impossible to know, for sure, which street he would be coming in from, and completely impossible, with only one adult in our group, and no walkie-talkies or cell phones, to try and 'man' both gates, they are just too far apart. So, we were taking our chances and hoping that, by picking the same gate that he used the last time we were there, we might just get lucky. With heightened security, we were also trying very hard (well, some of us were trying very hard, four year olds just don't see to 'get it') to maintain a low profile while hanging out, for quite some time, near the gate and the guard booth. So, we sat at and hung around the bus stop just shy of the sight of the guard. The audience is supposed to arrive prior to 10:00, so when 10:00 came and went, and no sign of Garth, I began to worry that we probably picked the wrong entrance. But, in typical 'Garth form', just when you are thinking it's about time to give up hope, I saw the beautiful sight of a black SUV with that little red Lincoln emblem on the front grill, heading up the street towards us. I stepped close to the curb, put my hand up to my forehead, in 'lookout' fashion, as if to say 'Zat You?', and as they got closer, I could see that it was, indeed, Garth, in the passenger seat, cell phone to his ear, with a big ol' smile on his face, waving at me and the kids!!! Considering the time of his arrival, the phone to his ear, and the obvious fact that he had a car load of people riding with him, I didn't expect him to stop, and was just happy knowing that we saw him, he saw us, and he looked happy about it, the rest would have to wait until the end of the day!

10-21-2001, 07:21 AM
So, while the celebrity guests and the rest prepared for a long day of taping, we set off to 'kill some time' without spending any money! ;) We drove up Fairfax, to Hollywood Blvd., then headed east, in search of the Capitol Building. Duh. Hollywood & Vine. I don't know how I could have forgotten that, but then again, I don't seem to remember a whole lot of anything these days (CRS)! We hung a left at Vine, and there it was! We parked right in front of the tower, and there was Garth's star, right smack dab in front of the doors to the Capitol Building!!! Looking rather nice, I might add! (Thanks much to the Southern California Garthnutts!!!) As I jumped out at and headed around the van to put some money in the meter, I saw a security guard hangin' out there in front and I jokingly said 'hey, you don't mind if we just stand around and stare at Garth's star for a while, do ya'?' He laughed and said 'you know what, he's gonna be here today!' I was like 'Really? You're kidding!' He said 'no, this could be your lucky day, if you're a big fan of his!' I sheepishly grinned and said 'well, as a matter of fact, we just saw him over at CBS!' He was like 'no kiddin'!' So, I told him a little of our story and he told me that if we didn't catch up to him later at CBS, that we should come back over there later in the afternoon, cuz that was when he was supposed to show up, and that we could probably just hang out in the lobby, looking at the albums on the wall and stuff, and maybe we could catch him on his way into the building and up the elevator!!! And to think, I almost didn't say a word to this guy, and here he is telling me all of this! Sheesh. So, we took a couple of pictures, of the star and stuff, and got back into the van, thinking we might be back for some real fun and excitement, later in the day!!!

The rest of our 'time killing' wasn't all that exciting, involved some time at a playground in a park, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, that kinda thing, so I won't bore you with all of that right now. We just couldn't wait for the afternoon to hurry up and get over with!

By about 4:00, we(I) couldn't take it any more and found ourselves parked just down the street from the gate. We knew that we might have to wait there for quite a while, without the benefit of a bus stop on that side of the street, but still trying not to be too obvious to the guys in the security booth that we were there waiting for someone coming out of the studios. So, we hung back far enough not to be seen and I began formulating a plan. We had picked up a bag of M&M's, having been too busy all week to plan any other kind of 'gift', so I put Danae in charge of hanging out close enough to see if the black Navigator came out of the parking lot, close enough to make a quick trip to the curb and tease Garth with the bag of M&M's! I told her that if he just rolled down his window and reached out like he was ready to take them, that she would just have to smile and shake her head 'no' and motion for him to come and get them!!! ;) I figured that this would give the rest of us time to slowly walk that direction, to keep from freaking out the security guards (the last time I was there, and they knew why we were hanging out, they had told us that we were not, under any circumstances, to step off of the curb to approach any of the celebrities or their vehicles!) By that time we would know if Garth's intentions were to stop and talk or to just say 'hi' and boogie on out of there, and if his intentions were to stop and talk, the security guards would figure out that they didn't need to worry about us. So, plan in place, we waited... and waited...

The guy at Capitol had said that Garth was supposed to be over there by 4 or 4:30. The gal I talked to at CBS said that taping would normally be over at 4:30, but that things were running late and to expect them to be done about 5. So, when it got to be about 5:30, the only thing that kept me from worrying was the fact that Dave and Davina hadn't shown up yet, so I knew they were probably running really late.

So, my hubby and daughter finally show up and start telling us all about the tapings. But, no Garth. By six or so, I was really starting to worry and to wonder if maybe they left out the other gate, since he needed to be over at Capitol and wouldn't really have time to deal with us. Davina told me that she got the impression, throughout most of the day, that Garth was constantly scanning the audience, looking for 'someone'! He had never met either one of them, and wouldn't have a clue, except, possibly, for the 'likeness' between my daughter and I, that they were part of the 'D' family. I, on the other hand, couldn't imagine why he would be looking for me and my kids, having seen us out on the curb that morning, and thinking that he must know that kids can't go to the taping! So, we just kept waiting, but as it got later and darker, I really began to lose some hope.

Just as I was beginning to let the negative thoughts get the best of me, I couldn't see a vehicle approaching the light, but I saw my daughter (the one with the M&M's), grinning, slowly making her way towards the guard booth, and then my eyes caught a glimpse of the very front of a black SUV!!! Then I saw Garth getting out and saying to Danae 'There you are!!!' It's obvious, from the stories my family have told me over the past day or so, that I was a bit 'spaced out', because they have told me of conversations that took place between Garth and various members of my family that I don't recall AT ALL, so this won't be a COMPLETE telling of our time with Garth, but I will do my best to recall what I took in. We all made our way over to where Garth and Danae were, in full sight of the security guards (which I now realize I never even LOOKED their direction, so who knows how they reacted to all of this, but they never came over to where we were), as his driver backed up towards the curb. As I reached to give and get my hug with Garth, he said 'I'm so sorry, I had no idea that they wouldn't let the kids into the studio!' I said 'oh, no, you have to be at least sixteen to go into the taping', to which he said 'well, I looked for you!' SIGH!!! :) I told him that I knew he was supposed to be over at Capitol and that he was already late and that it was very sweet of him to stop for us. Had it been just him and his driver, I would have relaxed a little, but he had three other people waiting in the Navigator, and so I felt, once again, like I needed to not waste too much of his time. I'm kicking myself now, when I stop to think that we had Garth ALL TO OURSELVES, and I was in a hurry to get rid of him!!! ;) What a fool. But, he was there with us for a little while. He said 'hi' to the kids, as a group, and they were all acting a little shy, so I tried to urge them to get closer and talk to him. That prompted at least a few of them to take him up on his open arms and get a hug from him! When not a whole lot was being said, I asked Garth if I could get some pictures with him and everyone. He ran over to the vehicle and asked one of the ladies to get out and take the pictures for us, so that we could ALL be in the pictures, which was so sweet. I guess my curiosity was getting the better of me, though my brain wasn't really fully engaged, and I asked her, as I handed her the camera, if she was Lisa (Sanderson.) Garth apologized and said 'This is Karen, Lisa is in there, sitting in the middle, poor thing.' I guess, according to my daughter, as I showed Karen how to work the camera, Garth and Davina proceeded to 'arrange' our sitting! I just sort of thoughtlessly found a spot and she took a couple of shots. The flash wasn't popping up, so as Dave, Garth, and Karen tried to figure out why, I asked Garth if that was Dale in the car, and then I went over to say hi to him. He seemed to remember Danae and I from when she sat in the limo at the Hollywood Bowl last year. I jumped back into the group in time for one more pose, and then I asked Garth if I could get a picture of him with Dakota (my baby who is now four) and I reminded him of the relationship between the two of them, so he would understand why I wanted a picture of just the two of them. I would have, should have, gotten more 'single' shots, but I just felt so pressed to be quick and let him go, the whole time he was there, and I was having a hard time thinking straight and remembering the important things to say and ask. He did say that he remembered seeing Davina, during the day, because he saw her dancing in the audience, to get a t-shirt. And he signed it for her. I vaguely, as I was talking to Davina about the shirt, overheard my husband use the phrase 'fat boy' in talking to Garth, and I couldn't believe my ears!!! I thought I was gonna have to kill him when we got outta there, but later I found out that it was himself that he was refering to, not Garth (he loves to tease me by calling Garth 'fat boy', he's sooo bad!) They were talking about Dave dancing down the aisle, to get a shirt, too, and then Garth signed his shirt 'Dave, God Bless ya pal, Garth Brooks', which Dave is very proud of (it shouldn't take too much longer to have him converted into a bit of a 'nutt'!) I asked Garth if he could sign just one more thing for a friend, a CD booklet, and then I looked at Danae and asked her if she wanted to talk to Garth about her picture of them at the Opry last year, so he ended up signing that too! Another little conversation that I apparently missed out on is that, I guess, according to the kids, Garth and Dakota talked about 'Zat You, Santa Claus?', and Dakota told Garth all about how he liked that song the best and Garth said that one of his little girls really likes that one too!

10-21-2001, 07:25 AM
I did take the time, at one point, to introduce Garth to each one of the kids, starting with the oldest and working down. He pretended to be overpowered by Davis' handshake (Davis is 10), which Davis thought was pretty funny. My youngest daughter, Demaree, who is 6, just gave him the biggest smile and gushed like a love-struck teenager when he said hi to her!! It was so cute, and hilarious, all at the same time! I managed to remember the two CD's that I brought to give to Garth, of a singer named Bryan Duncan, who I've always wanted to introduce Garth to his music. Oh, gosh, I think that's about all I can remember, except that final hug, which I hung on to for as long as I could, especially with my husband standing right there!!! ;) He said something about finally getting to meet all of my beautiful family and told us to all take care of each other. Then we all said our good-byes and he got in and they drove away, honking and waving as they drove up the street the same direction we were walking towards our van!

10-21-2001, 07:26 AM
Well, it was an incredible day, full of wonderful little moments. I must say, though, that in some ways my head was more foggy this time than it has ever been, while he was with us. All the great things that I can remember so clearly, yet all the things that I can't, and even those things that I just flat out say 'really, he said that??' The important things that I remembered to do and say, and then the ones that I beat myself up for not remembering, the kind of things that can only be said or asked when you have those private or semi-private moments with him, not something I can ask, even if I get to see him next month at Leno, cuz that's always craziness there! Oh, what he does to my head!!! I don't think, in all the times we've talked, that he's ever really gotten to see 'me', cuz I'm always acting like such a dodobrain!!! Ugh!

I just want to say that this whole story has not been told as a testament to how important I am, or my family, or anything like that. I have been very blessed to have the chance to get to know Garth just a tiny little bit, over the past few years, and he did make me feel very specially blessed, this time around, but that's because HE is so awesome!!! Again, I don't know what even possessed me to ask this of him, when I saw him at the PC, I almost want to apologize to him for being so presumptuous as to even ask him to take time for my family, but for whatever reason the words popped outta my mouth like that, he chose to be a big, giant sweetheart of a guy, such that he IS, and make something very special of it 'for the kids'. If that isn't a testament to how incredibly wonderful this man is to his fans, and to people in general, I don't know what is!!!

Thank YOU, GARTH!!! :) Once again, you made my day, I guess I can go home now!!! ;)

And, from my kids, my family:

THANK YOU!!! WE LOVE YOU!!! :) :) :)

10-21-2001, 07:49 AM
Dee Dee...

Wow...your fingers must be tired out from typing that up for us to read...
But what a great read! :)

It's so amazing how Garth remembers you and your family... also that he took the time out to meet and take pics with everyone.
He cares so much about his fans it's unreal how he goes out of his way to make them happy...and your living proof of that! :D

Thanks for sharing!
It felt like I was there watching it unfold!


10-21-2001, 09:14 AM
Wow, DeeDee! Thanks for taking the time to type all of that. What a great story. Glad you got to spend some time talking to Garth and have the kids meet him.


10-21-2001, 11:38 AM
Dee Dee~
How totally awesome!!!! Thank you so much for posting your story!!

Since I have 5 kids, I totally understand what it's like trying to go on Garth adventures! The Opry was a unique thing for us and because of Adam, we were not able to actually talk to Garth at that time, but I am never disappointed about the experience because of all you wonderful PGer's posting your stories!

Perhaps we will all get to see Garth again someday. Until then, I read and relive my own memories with him through stories like yours Dee Dee.

As Always~

10-21-2001, 12:34 PM
It was so great to read your awesome story. You and your family are very special people and I am sure Garth is aware of that. Dee Dee, it was so nice of you to share this very special occasion with all of us. I loved reading about your children meeting Garth. :D


10-21-2001, 02:23 PM
Thanks so much, Dee Dee & Dani!

It really means a lot to us when good people like you both share your Garth moments. I know how special these moments are for you, and how easy it would be to keep them all to yourself, but you chose to give back what you received!

We love you guys! :)


10-21-2001, 03:35 PM
Wow, DeeDee, what a terrific post. I'm so happy for your family. I love Bryan Duncan; can't you just hear Garth cutting loose on 'Have Yourself Commited'?

10-21-2001, 03:58 PM
Oh, DeeDee, thank goodness! We were so worried about you getting your family moment! After Garth left us we stood around hoping out loud that he would find you.

Leslie and I got chummy with one of the pages during the day, Paul, and he told us where to go to look for Garth, which is how we ended up where we ended up. It worked out very well. While we were talking to Garth, Victor Garber and Lisa Leslie came out right past us - and very possibly some others I didn't notice. So we definitely found the celebrity exit. :)

Again, to those who have thanked me, you are most welcome! Thank Garth! :)

Garth Always,

10-21-2001, 04:16 PM
For those wondering, here's a picture of Victor Garber in Titanic garb. :)

Garth Always,

10-21-2001, 04:26 PM
WOW thanks for sharing those stories with us guys, it really means alot to hear about these meeting with Da Man :)
I'd love to see Hollywood Squares, it sounds like Garth and ya'll had a blast. Bless his cotton socks for feeling bad about getting some of the questions wrong.

Peggy- thanks for telling us about the promos, you can always tell when theres a Garth fan in the house, hehehe I bet Garth got a real kick out of that

Dani-What a great story about the M&Ms and well done for keeping your mouth shut, I don't think I could of, though then again i'd probably be too busy choaking to say anything. Bless his heart.

Dee Dee- What a fantastic story, it must have been such an amazing and special day for you and your family. Garth never ceases to amaze me, he goes out of his way to spend time with his fans, and can't do enough for them, he truely is one of the greats.


10-21-2001, 04:29 PM
Thanks for the pic Dani, hey wasn't he in an episode of 'Frasier' as their butler?


10-21-2001, 04:36 PM
Thanks so much for sharing your story :) I'm so glad to hear that Garth seemed so happy :) It's VERY COOL about the M&M thing...I didn't even know they made new caramel ones!!!! Now I'll have to run to the store and get some, then try to imagine that I'm having a Garthy experience as I eat them ;)

10-21-2001, 05:04 PM
DeeDee - Such a great story. Thank you for sharing it. I bet you guys were tired when this was all over with huh?


10-21-2001, 10:38 PM

I talked to DeeDee a couple hours ago and she did make a comment about not being able to believe she stayed up so long! lol I would imagine she was pretty tired. :)


Garth Always,

10-22-2001, 12:11 AM
Hello! :)

Sorry about splitting my post up into five different posts, but I kept getting those messages telling me that I had too many smilie faces and stuff, and it was SOOO late (or early, depending on how you look at it ;) ) by the time I finished writing it all, I just didn't have the energy to bother taking the time to explain what I was doing! Gosh, Brandon must have limited our smilies even further, cuz I didn't really use that many, in fact I was trying really hard NOT to use any more than absolutely necessary!

Anyway, I was so exhausted, when I finally logged off last night, that I complained about 'not feeling well' this morning, and slept ALL THE WAY through Sunday School AND Church!!! ;)

Glad you guys enjoyed it! :)

Diane ~ thanks for everything you said! I'm not sure if my fingers were the most tired, but lets just say my poor fish never got any 'nighttime' last night, cuz by the time I was heading for bed and turning off their light, the sky was already starting to show signs of daybreak! :rolleyes: As far as Garth remembering my family, I can't emphasize enough that HE gets all the credit for that, I can't say as I've ever said or done anything so special as to deserve the attention I've gotten from him. He's just a sweetheart of a guy!!! And I do feel very blessed!!!

Lisa ~ you're VERY welcome!!!

10-22-2001, 12:14 AM
Paige ~ girl, I had heard about Adam, through Monica I think, but I didn't realize that you have 5 kids! Very cool!!! :)

Teach ~ thanks, that was VERY sweet of you!!!

Ann ~ sometimes it is hard to share the stories, but not always for the same reasons. When I met Garth the first time, I almost didn't share it because it was just sooo precious to me, especially when I did the 'to spit or not to spit', cheek-cleaning! ;) But I think the reason it has gotten harder and harder to share them is more because I'm a little concerned that people who have read my stories before, what sometimes seems to be one after another now, I'm afraid that they will start to have hard feelings simply because of how many times I have been blessed to have some pretty cool little moments with Garth. I just pray that I have never been guilty of stepping on any toes, to get those moments. I have tried really hard not to, and I have also been VERY concious of getting the heck out of the way when I am done talking with Garth. I know how precious Garth is to me, and so I have a pretty good idea of how precious he MUST be to a lot of other people as well, and I just pray that I never upset or hurt anyone with my stories.

BLL ~ sorry, not sure what your 'real' name is! HOW COOL, to find another Bryan Duncan fan at PG!!! :) :) Isn't he incredible? Did you know that he has a website? It's www.bryand.com and I love it because he has this thing called 'nifty noodles', where he talks about what it's like in the business, on the road, and his struggles as a Christian. He can be kinda down and sarcastic at times, but there's always something that he's learning that he shares, and I've really enjoyed reading his 'noodles.' With everything that has happened, he seems to be much more 'up' and seems to have some new 'purpose' to his life and his attitude. We got to meet him, down in So. Cal., a couple of months ago, and that was cool cuz he was just sitting there, eating a hamburger, when we arrived early at the church he was singing at that night!!! I really wanted to give Garth 'Strong Medicine', but couldn't find it, so I gave him 'My Utmost For His Highest' and 'Joyride', and promised Garth we would give him the other one next time we see him, so maybe at Leno next month. I'm almost embarrassed to admit it, but I don't think I know the song 'Have Yourself Commited'. I was a big Sweet Comfort Band fan, back in the very early 80's, saw them perform in So. Cal. several times, then they split up and I got busy being a wife and mother, hooked up with Bryan's music years later when I found 'Strong Medicine' marked down at a Calvary Chapel bookstore. Didn't like it at first, but later really fell in love with it and have been buying his more recent stuff since then. I bought as many of the older CD's as I could afford, when I saw him in August, but still missing a few, including the one you're talking about, I think. I was VERY impressed with his vocals when I went to hear him in person. He's been around the business for probably 30 years or so, but his vocals are still RIGHT ON!!! Well, enough about Bryan, I suppose, after all, this is a GARTH board! ;)

10-22-2001, 12:16 AM
Dani ~ it was great talking to you this afternoon! I'm SOOO glad for you guys!!! I kinda wish I coulda been hanging out with all those great NUTTS the other day, especially since you guys had such a GREAT hang loose kinda time with Garth, but then I'd still be wishing I'd taken my kids to meet Garth! It was a very special time for us and I will always be grateful to Garth for the time he spent with us, especially considering his schedule and everything! And, yes, EVERY moment of lost sleep is worth ANY moment spent with Garth or being able to talk about it!!! :)

Hannah ~ I guess I haven't really met enough 'celebrities' to say this, but I THINK it's safe to say that not only is he 'one of' the greats, he's gotta be the 'greatest', right? I mean, I don't even know that many normal, everyday people who are as warm, friendly, loving, generous, etc, etc as Garth is, with EVERYONE, much less someone of his stature and high profile. So many in Garth's position just avoid people, like we've got the 'plague' or something, Garth just takes everyone into his heart, no matter who they are. He is truly a 'lover' of people, no doubt!!!

Missy ~ well, as for THAT night, I was wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, all the way from Hollywood to Fresno, just thinking, over and over again, about how everything went and how awesome it was (BTW, Dani reminded me ~ he did LOOK GREAT!!! :) ) But, yes, today the lack of sleep and having had all of the adrenaline disappear from my system, I was pretty wiped out!!! I think I got up about 1:00 this afternoon!

Anyway... with all the smilies, I'm probably gonna be splittin' this one up too! :rolleyes:

I did remember one other little thing: I'm not sure how it came up but I remember Garth talking to the kids and saying something about them sending him a Christmas Card and then he told them 'it's spelled G-A-R-T-H!' ;) He's so cute. :)

Well... guess that's about it for now, again, thanks for all of your very sweet comments and I'm just glad to know that you all enjoyed it! Later...

10-22-2001, 09:44 AM
Thanks for the recap of your moment Dani :D AWESOME! I gotta try some of those new m&ms. I love Sugar Babies :)

Thanks to you too Peggy! :)

And Dee Dee I am so so very happy that your kids and hubby finally got to meet Garth! I hope too, that you are feeling all rested now :)

Thanks too all of you! I just love reading these precious moments :)


10-22-2001, 10:03 AM
DeeDee - I can't speak for anyone else, but for myself, I am very glad that you have been able to see Garth as many times as you have. I have never had the privilege, but there is no way I would ever "begrudge" anyone who has. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us all. It is through those who have had such a great opportunity, that allows us who haven't to be able to be there in our minds and imaginations.

God bless us all (please!)

10-22-2001, 10:09 AM
I forgot to ask you - who is this Bryan Duncan that you are talking about?


10-22-2001, 01:49 PM
<quote>Girls - He’s thin and buff (a few of us girls had opportunities to grip his arms for one reason or another – we all agreed on the buffness factor ) and gorgeous as ever.

He’s totally happy, which is great to see. He’s laughing and joking around and light on his feet. It’s really great.

He definitely hasn’t lost his hugging talent!! </quote>

*sigh* *double sigh*

Dani.......how lucky are you? To be you for that moment....

thanks for sharing your memories, I felt like I was there and it musta been so awesome. I dream for the day! :D :cool:

10-22-2001, 02:37 PM
i'm still on cloud 777,777,777 and i don't think i'm gonna come down anytime soon.

i went not knowing the other Garthkateers would be there. JoAnn was sweet and let me sit with them. The most i had hoped for was just getting in to get a peek at Garth. Cara was teasing me telling me to take my hand down from my mouth. As this is only the 3rd studio i've ever been in i was awed allright. And i imagine i DID look pretty funny.

Garth was looking so fine, it ought to be against the law! Or maybe it SHOULD be the law! LOL. Each time he went to change his clothes, he just looked better and better. At one point he was sitting down below and had just changed into his yellow and black shirt. he looked our way and i gave him a small wave. He smiled and waved back and . . . well, Cara and i melted.

JoAnn and one of the new friends i made had on orange t-shirts that said "Hey Oklahoma Stud Muffin" or something to that affect. When Garth saw them, he smiled and started laughing. He loved it. And so did Whoopi. It was GREAT!!! (by the way, i DO have a hard time with names, so please understand that's my fault, i can't remember my new friends names, but i will remember your face forever until i DO remember them okey? GEEZZ i'd NEVER make in Hollywood :o)

inbetwn the tapings the Announcer dude was randomly picking people to get up and dance down the aisle for a hat, t-shirt, or Garth cd.
So when he chose me i got up there and they put on Aint Goin Down till the Sun comes up and i got the cd!!

When it came time to talk to Garth, all the bravado i had,coming up there, heckling the announcer dude, dancing in front of everybody left me.

i practiced all year talking to other celebrities so i wouldn't blow it and yet i still held back and watched the others, not really knowing what to do or say. When i came my turn to say hey, Garth said "I saw you dancing out there" i looked into those blue eyes, bowed my head and started giggling :rolleyes: (i thought he had come back to his seat afterward.)

Cara had to tell me to get my butt back up there and ask for a hug. So i managed to squeak out "Can i give you a hug?" And he said yes, and gave me a big hug even tho i was kinda funky from dancing.
And i got a pic thanks to JoAnn.

Ever been in a place you just don't wanna leave?

Being in his arms, well, i just wanted to stay there and hug him forever. All the craziness that's been goin on lately, just went away. i felt safe and berry berry happy. i don't know what cologne he might have been wearing, but it smelled VERY nice and i haven't washed my tshirt yet, cos the smell is still there. And the M&M's that Cara had given me to hold for her in my pocket . . .well they melted . . . along with me.

JoAnn showed him pics of what his Star looked like before and after we cleaned it. And he took a pic with the Original "Keepers of the Star" (Cara, JoAnn, Kathy and me)

i was goin to ask for an autograph but i was so blown away the he let me hug him and he shared his M&M's with us that i just couldn't ask for anything more.

When it came time to go, he gave us all hugs again, and i told him this one was from Sean who couldn't be there and he said to give him a hug from him.

he talked to me about my mom, and told me i did the right thing.
And it really meant alot to me that he did that.

And Garth, i have a candle lit for BOTH of them right now. i don't know if the other's heard what we were talking about. Cos i don't talk loud, especially when i talk to you. But i know YOU know what i'm talking about. And i hope i didn't embarass you when i danced. i was so sore the next day i could hardly move, but every spasm was worth it!

okey, now the tears are falling like they did on the way home when it hit me. i was sitting in traffic, sobbing when "Wrapped up in You" came on the radio. i turned it up and still crying with the biggest smile i've ever had and sang along. My heart and soul just soaring up there in the clouds. yeah, i was getting some strange looks (so what else is new?) But i just didn't care!

JoAnn, girl, you gave me a present i can never repay you for. One that will last for the rest of my life. Thank you so much from my heart to yours.

i made new friends (please don't be mad, i will remember your names somehow) i got to be with JoAnn, Cara and Kathy, and the Friends Thru Garth patch i abandoned becos of all the craziness, well Garth is goin to get the first one.

**wiping away the tears that are falling pretty good now**

and Garth,


Love of my life,

seeing the light in your beautiful eyes, hearing you laugh, and seeing you smile and knowing youre doin okey made my heart soar,

You let me give you a hug. And i wasn't dreaming this time, was i? i keep looking at that cd and telling myself

i really wasn't dreaming this time.

Thank you for being patient and letting me get my nerve back up. Thank you for the hugs and pictures. Thank you for the encouragement you gave me. Thank you for the M&M's.

i hope to see you at Leno's. i'll have something to give you this time.

i gotta go blow my nose now, and dance to Beer Run.

i love you and will be a Believer,


(omg, i just realized it took me 3 hrs. to write this.)

10-22-2001, 03:14 PM
I am so, so, so happy for you!

I just went through every emotion possible reading your post! I am left in tears!

ConGARTHulations on your wonderful moment! You truly deserved it!

Thanks for sharing it with us!


10-22-2001, 03:19 PM
It occurs to me that when you have too many smileys in your post, PG shouldn't just delete it all together... seems to me you should be given an opportunity to simply remove some smileys without retyping your whole post. Just an idea. My fault for not copying the text first, I suppose. Here I go again...

deAnnalyn!!! I was hoping you'd chime in! You did great, girl!

Don't worry about forgetting names, I can't remember half of them myself. I remember Cara, you, Susan, and the lady who's sister's name is Trisha. lol. Cathy, right? or was it with a "K"? I don't remember!

Oh, and I remember a tall, studly dude in a Chris LeDoux ballcap... what was his name again? ;)

I had forgotten about the CDs! I won one, too! They were playing "Call Me Claus" over the speakers and I was dancing around at my seat, singing along with every word, and I guess it impressed the guy that I knew the words, 'cause he just walked over and gave me one. :) I later gave it to Leslie, 'cause I already had the album at home and she wanted something for Garth to sign. :)

That's three smileys so far, right? ;)

Oops. Four.

Well, conGarthulations on your first ever Garthmoment, babe!!

Oh, and about that place you don't ever want to leave? I think I'm vaguely familiar with it... we can hang there together!

Garth Always,

10-22-2001, 03:43 PM
:D:D YIPEEE! & YAY! deAnnalynn :D:D Gosh I think I'm gonna have garth moment overload.....naaah!...never happen ;)

(((HUGS))) ~~ CC

10-22-2001, 05:23 PM
DeeDee- try to find that album. It's from 1985, and you may have to hunt at Christian stored or on Amazon. "Have Yourself Committed" is a 1940's style do-wop/swing song that would be awesome from Garth.

Missy- Bryan Dunan is a very cool Christian rocker I've been listening to since the early '80's. He does a church tour, so check you local church calendars and go see him! :)

deAnnalyn- I'm so happy for ya girl. Maybe someday I'll be in your shoes.

10-22-2001, 06:23 PM
WOW Dee-Dee.. I'm just so happy you got your moment !! And such a personal one at that.. that was a great story. I'm at the libary and I think my 30mins is up so I better go.. but that story was just too good not to read the whole thing-
thanks for sharing-


10-23-2001, 12:25 AM
I too like Bryan Duncan. He's also the dude that sings the lead in the title track of Left Behind, the movie.

deAnnalyn, once again, you have me soaring 'in place' with you! How'd you do that? ;) I'm SO happy for you in your happiness!

10-23-2001, 12:43 AM
DeeDee, I don't think you need to feel quilty that you presumed on Garth. I think the blessing and honor was truly his, to give to your family, AND to receive himself. Thanks for honoring us by sharing.

Garth Healing
10-23-2001, 01:03 AM

I am so happy that you got to BE WITH GARTH & reported back such happy news for all of us to share............I'm soooo jealous!!!! I don't think I would ever wash my hand either!!

Thanks for the update on the Leno show. Was the Hollywood Squares show taped for future showing? If so do you know when it will be aired?

Thanks for sharing......

10-23-2001, 03:10 AM

They taped a week's worth of Hollywood Squares episodes, which will air Monday thru Friday, the last week in November - Nov. 26-30. :)

You're welcome. :)

Garth Always,

Garth Healing
10-23-2001, 11:25 PM
Thank you very much, Dani!!! I don't know how to add the smiley faces or there would be a lot of them!!

Garth Healing
10-23-2001, 11:52 PM

That is an incredible story!!He was soooooo sweet to each of your family members--What a special experience for each of you!!!!I think your husband should now understand why you love Garth so much. I wish mine did.....

I am truly happy for you & thank you soooooo much for sharing all of the details with us.

I have never met Garth, but I DREAM of the day that I will meet him like all of us who have not been lucky enough to meet him.

His music & what it means has helped me through some very difficult times in my life. (I have almost died twice) He has encouraged me to not give up & to still believe in my dreams. My experiences have strengthened my faith. I have a better understanding of what life really is. Garth's music gives me hope.

Thank you for your wonderful story!!!! Garth is so generous & geniune!!!

JoAnn L.
10-24-2001, 11:29 AM
Dani, as late as Garth was, it seemed like he was in a place hanging with us that he didn't want to leave either?

We practically had to drag him to his Navigator & make him leave us. I know it sounds really crazy to tell Garth to get out of here & leave us....but we all knew how gracious he was being & he never once rushed us or acted as if he was late for an appointment. Every time I'd ask his publicist "How late is he exactly?" We'd look over at him and he was just carrying on, munching on M&M's listening, talking, asking questions, signing things, taking photos and telling jokes. We both commented that he looked like he didn't seem to care he had anywhere to be.

His group waiting on him were also very gracious and kept saying how great he is, never acting upset, bored or anxious. I kept going over and talking to them. I felt guilty they were waiting on him because of us....but they were all so very sweet & kept saying "Garth is so Great." Just before he left I asked his driver how late he was NOW? He said over an hour. I said, "Well, I guess the radio station will just have to wait then, he's Garth Brooks, they'll wait & wait." He said, "Yeah NO Duh!!" LOL as we turned to look at Garth he was STILL just hanging out, his body language was not of a man trying to get away from a group of women fawning & pawing at him. If he wasn't buzzing so high on those M&M's he probably would have sat down & kicked off his shoes with us. LOL

Dani, I have some pictures for you & Leslie.....email me your addy so I can send them to ya.

JoAnn<----who's been told I don't need green M&M's. :-)

10-24-2001, 12:46 PM
Oh to be one of the women fawning and pawing at him... SIGH... only in my dreams for now. lol. Thanks for sharing Jo Ann. It's great to hear that he is happy again. :)

Ellie :)

10-25-2001, 02:42 AM
CC ~ Thanks, that's very sweet of you!

Missy ~ You too! I know this question has already been answered, at least partially, but I'll take a shot at it anyway... Bryan Duncan used to be, back in the 70's and early 80's, the lead singer in a Christian group called 'Sweet Comfort Band'. I loved their music then, and was a bit of a groupie (not anywhere close to the 'nutt' I am for Garth, but anyway...) Shortly after I really got 'into' them, they broke up and I ended up married and starting a family anyway, so I lost touch and had no idea that Bryan had gone solo until years later. His solo style is very different, for the most part, from the stuff they did as a group, but he has such an awesome, cool, UNIQUE voice and vocal style. He says that one of his biggest influences, growing up, was James Brown, and that has a lot to do with why he calls himself a 'screaming machine.' But, don't get me wrong, it's not like he 'screams' all the time, just something that he throws in here and there. He has a pretty diverse musical style, but he is pretty much known for being jazzy and funky, most of the time. Well, I think he's great and highly recommend that anyone check him out, but that's just my opinion. You should be able to find his stuff at any local Christian book store, but he also has an online thing, at the website I mentioned before: www.bryand.com, where you can buy just about any album he's ever done, with the exception of a few that are out of print, like my favorite, Strong Medicine. I can't find another copy of that anywhere, so I ended up burning myself a copy so that I can give the original to Garth. Well, once again, I guess that's enough about Bryan, especially on a Garth board!! ;) Hope that sufficiently answers your question!

deAnnalyn ~ we must've been listenin' to the same station on the way home, cuz we heard 'Wrapped Up In You' right after we turned the radio on!! Pretty cool, huh??? I knew things were gonna turn out good that day, cuz I heard that song earlier, while we were having lunch in the parking lot at Farmer's Market, and then when it came on right after we saw Garth and got on the freeway and turned the radio on, that was just TOO COOL!!! :D Thanks for sharing with us!

BLL ~ okay, I'll have to make that one next on my list of Bryan CD's to get! Of course, I'm two down, now that I gave mine to Garth, but that's okay! Like I told Missy, you can get just about any Bryan CD you're lookin' for, at his website, even the old SCB albums!! Either that or show up at one of his gigs, he always has plenty at his merchandise table, and no shipping!!! I think you can find out where he's gonna be on his website, as well.

Jen ~ thanks, you're welcome, and good to 'see' ya'! ;)

Dale ~ it always amazes me that you know all about the same non-Garth stuff that I'm into!! I didn't realize that Bryan had anything to do with the Left Behind movie, though, that's pretty cool! I'll have to check that out! And thanks for your kind words, they do help me to feel a little better. Besides, if I did presume too much, I think Garth will forgive me, don't you? I always seem to worry, too much, after I've seen Garth, about all the stuff I said or shoulda said, etc, etc. This, too, will pass, I'm sure.

Garth Healing ~ thank you, you were very sweet too! I always love to hear stories about people who have been very effected, in a positive way, by Garth and his music. I can relate. Not to almost dying, but he and his music have had an amazing emotional and spiritual effect on my life, I have grown so much through my experiences as a Garth fan!

JoAnn & Ellie ~ one bad thing about having the 'fam' along, not much chance for fawning and pawing!!! ;)

Well, I got my pictures back yesterday, thought I'd share one with ya'll, so here it is!!! :) Sorry, it was too big. If someone can tell me how to fix it so that I can put it on here, I will.

10-25-2001, 03:13 AM
Me again. I'm sure there is probably a better way to do this, without making the picture so small, like scanning it in again, at a lower resolution or something, but this is the only thing I knew to do, is to make it smaller. Hope it works...

10-25-2001, 03:33 AM
Dee Dee...

that's a great family pic! what a treasure!
your children are all very "Beautiful"!
Garth looks so happy posing with you all...:)

Maybe someday you can tell me about the "D" thing?
I'm curious...:D

Thanks for sharing!


10-25-2001, 04:40 AM
Diane ~

Hey there! Thank you, that was very sweet of you!!! :) Actually, I don't think it looks all that great, shrunk down so small, but at least I got a chance to share it the best I could.

As for the 'D' thing, it's pretty simple, my husband's name is David (Dave) and my name is Diedra (DeeDee), and on top of that, both of us have middle names that begin with 'L', so when we got married, I guess we just sorta figured that, with us having the same exact initials, we should go ahead and name all of our kids with 'D' and 'L' names, so we did. Our oldest is Davina Llyn, then there's Danae Letitia, Davis Lennart, Delaney Leigh, Demaree Layne and Dakota Logan. Of course, there is a story behind each name, some of the stories are a little longer than others (you know me and my 'stories'), but I won't bore you with all of the details that you really don't wanna hear! ;)

10-25-2001, 07:46 AM
Come on Dee Dee...
don't leave me hanging! bore me ;) I want to know!
I love all your stories btw...

-Diane :)

10-25-2001, 08:34 AM
Dee Dee~ That is a wonderful pic!:D I remember the pictures of your kids that you showed me at the convention :) It is neat to see one of you all together...and with Garth no less! :)Just beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing it!


10-25-2001, 09:14 AM
Dee Dee

Thank you for sharing your picture. All of those are your kids? God Bless You Woman!!!!! Where do you ever find time for yourself?


10-25-2001, 02:24 PM
Diane ~

Oh, geeeeeeezzz, are you serious, you really wanna know all that stuff??? :rolleyes: :p

10-25-2001, 03:11 PM
I coulda swore I only had 5 smilies in that post, and now the whole thing is just GONE!!! :( :mad: :( :mad: :(

This smilie limiting thing is getting downright RIDICULOUS!!! A person can't even write a three paragraph post and really express their attitudes as they go along!!! What's the deal, dude???

10-25-2001, 03:22 PM
Hey Dale ~

I just went and found my 'Left Behind' video and plugged it in and found that song at the end, with Bryan. Very Cool!!! I really like the song, but I think the music is too strong and kinda overpowers Bryan's voice a bit. He's got such an awesome voice, I wish that they had made his track a bit stronger. But, great song, just the same, and very cool that they chose to use him for it!!!

:) :) :) :) :)

10-25-2001, 03:24 PM
CC ~

You're welcome!!! :) And, thanks, that was very sweet of you, what you said! :)

:) :) :)

10-25-2001, 03:38 PM
Missy ~ a very interesting quesion you ask! ;) Actually, in all honesty, up until about 3 years ago, I pretty much NEVER took time for myself. Thirteen years of being mom and only being mom. I realize now that I deprived myself of the chance to 'grow up' and really discover who 'DeeDee' is. That sounds so cliche, but it's also so true. Three years ago, next month, I flew to Texas, all by myself, to see Garth in concert for the first time, and things will never be the same!!! ;) Seriously, that opened up some doors that have been swingin' ever since!!!

I also realize that the pendulum swung way to hard and things have gotten pretty 'out of balance' from time to time. That has become my challenge, trying to find the right balance between taking care of myself and being a good mom. But, I don't feel too terribly guilty for having indulged myself over the past few years. In the long run, it will not only be better for me, but I believe for my whole family, as well. If that makes sense?

Well, with Garth assuming a relatively low profile after this album comes out, it should help me to find my balance! ;)

Believe it or not (even though this is a bit longer than my original post), that IS the 'Reader's Digest' version of the answer to your very 'hit the nail on the head' question!!! ;) Thanks for asking! ;)

10-25-2001, 03:44 PM
I just noticed that my 'signature' is not showing up on my posts. I do have the box checked, to show my signature, so this is a test post, with no smilies in it, to see if that makes a difference.

10-25-2001, 03:45 PM

wonder what's up with that??? :confused:

Original GB Fan
10-25-2001, 04:34 PM
What a great family picture Dee Dee. And to have Garth in it! Talk about the icing on the cake! You must just treasure it.

JoAnne :) :) :)

10-25-2001, 07:47 PM
That picture is so adorable!

What a treasure to have Garth in a family photo!

Your kids are so cute that I actually looked at them before I looked at Garth! :eek: :)

Thanks for posting it!

(side note) When I did look at Garth, I stayed on him for a long time! :)


10-28-2001, 10:23 PM

10-28-2001, 10:24 PM
Nobody's sig is showing up. More Brandon weirdness. I'm sure there's a reason. :(

Garth Always,

Monica Lockhart
10-28-2001, 10:31 PM

The signatures are no more :(

See Brandon's post in the Comments and Suggestions forum.


10-29-2001, 04:34 PM
Dee Dee

I'm glad you figured out how to take time for yourself. Now, would you teach me. My family would fly apart if I wasn't doing everything for them.

When I actually started back to college last year, I thought the guilt was going to kill me. I still feel guilty. But..... I've not quit yet. I plan on finishing if it kills me. :rolleyes: