View Full Version : where is "Do what you gotta Do"?????

11-25-1998, 06:22 AM
garth must be crazy to let do what you gotta do out of this album!!!!!!!but i love the album anyway.... :)N

11-25-1998, 07:30 AM
I just wanted to pass along a little something I heard come right from Garth's mouth on CBS This Morning: He said he had nothing to do with what songs were on the CD, Allen Reynolds chooses the songs. Garth said he has never been good at choosing what songs to put on CD's so Allen does it all!! :) The MAN himself said it!!! ;)N

11-25-1998, 11:15 AM
Well, I understand the reason for not putting "American Pie" on the album with everything else being Garth stuff and that one not, but he missed one in not having "The Old Stuff." Sorry, I know it's been *****ed and yelled about on here long enough, but now that I know who to blame I can ******at least a good week on this again. :-) I just joke about that...Any way, that's very interesting to hear.N