View Full Version : Garth and Trisha's Duet Album

11-24-1998, 06:34 AM
Hey Everyone. I watched Donnie and Marie yesturday and Garth said if he gets his Christmas wish they'll get to do the duet album~but they need to find songs. But it is looking like they are going to get it. You guys, do you know who awesome that is?!?!?! I personally would be one of the first people to buy it. I mean come on, they were made to sing together....why not do an album together?!?! And if they have problems with songs, they can do like Walk Way Joe, In Anothers Eye, Wild as the Wind, Powerful Thing, and then find some new ones. What do you guys all think? N

11-24-1998, 06:32 PM
Great news.<p>Garth is going to have my bank account emptied out before the new year! ;)N

12-04-1998, 11:28 PM
It will be very cool if Capitol and MCA can come to an agreement as far as the Duet Album!!! <p>As far as the songs, I think they need new matterial. In Anothers Eyes is already on 2 albums, and they each now have a "duet" on their own albums. <p>Trisha & Garth need new songs to sing together that are more like In anothers eyes where they are actually singing duet, not just harmonizing for each other!!!<p>N

12-05-1998, 06:17 AM
I think they need to do some fast songs together. Every duet they've done is <b><i>slow</i></b>. Hey, Garth and Trisha, SPEED IT UP!!!N