View Full Version : UK Double Live Covers

11-22-1998, 04:11 AM
Has anyone else in the UK noticed that we only hav one cover? It is the same as the limited edition US cover, but without the seal - how come we don't get a choice?N

Sarah in oz
11-26-1998, 02:46 PM
The same in Austraila Stuart.<br>We only get the one with flag's on it. Possibly due to the limited market outside of the U S.<br>You can order one direct from the U S on line at C.d now or a few other places. This would perhaps give you another choice of cover.N

12-05-1998, 01:29 PM
http://www.nedward.mcmail.com/garth2.html<br>On this site is a picture from the Double Live cd which shows Garth on the crowd during "The River" You can clearly see me grasping for his shoesN