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10-12-2001, 07:56 PM
A few notes from Jimmy Carters call in this morning

-He's gotten several emails saying how much they dislike the new Garth song. They say it sounds too much like the Chris Gaines stuff.

-One email said "Out of 8,000 songs this is what he come up with?"

-Jimmy thinks the whole Garth retirement thing was due to the Chris Gaines thing. People weren't ready for it. They didn't take to it. That's why it was a failure. It isn't the girls, its simply the fact he's not sure what the audience wants. His ego was shattered by the Chris Gaines failure.
-Jimmy says he likes the new song. (members on the radio staff there also like it. Opinions ranging from great, good, to its ok.")
-Garth's real sensitive about his weight. That's why he wears black alot. He notes that on one particular album cover in particular (I think the Chase) that around his gut is black.)
-His album covers are heavily air brushed.
-He's even shelved two videos because he thinked he looked fat in them.

Once again these are just Jimmy's comments not mine *lol* He's usually a guy that just calls it the way he sees it and is not always negative toward Garth.

10-12-2001, 08:01 PM
I see a green eye monster call jealousy here! I mean why does he has to bash Garth all the time! I mean really! GET A LIFE JIMMY CARTER!


10-12-2001, 09:10 PM
I am sick and tired of reading the negatives..

so Ill accentuate the positive...

-Jimmy says he likes the new song. (members on the radio staff there also like it. Opinions ranging from great, good, to its ok.")

Thats good news :D

Lori :)

10-12-2001, 09:27 PM
IMO, Jimmy always seems to bash Garth for anything he's doing or has done.. can't he ever say anything nice about Da Man?!? :eek: :rolleyes: :o :mad:

Vanessa ;)

10-12-2001, 10:08 PM
Well I was listening to my radio station in Pittsburgh and they played the new song, and after a lady called in and said the song just is not Garth. It was too much like Chris Gaines, and it sounded like a pepsi commercial with the ba ba baas. The DJ said it had too much fiddle and harmonica not to be country but then he made some comment about Garth and played a Real country song, and thats a quote. Boy are the reviews really mixed on this song or what?? The more I hear the song the more I like it. Maybe it will grow on people but dont expect a #1 or even a top ten from this one! You know what though this isnt the first time Garth has been critized for his songs and it wont be the last. I just wish he had waited awhile to release this song and released a different one instead.

But hey Garth is Garth and as soon as the tv specials start then I think things will change. Also I hope that this song doesnt affect people buying the album.

10-12-2001, 10:51 PM
Originally posted by SweetGBFan
it sounded like a pepsi commercial with the ba ba baas.

OMG I'm glad it's not just me! LOL, I keep hearing "the joy of cola..." in my head after all those ba ba baa baaaas, and I have to stop myself and start singing "I'm a pepper, he's a pepper..."

10-13-2001, 08:49 PM
Originally posted by ProducerJ

OMG I'm glad it's not just me! LOL, I keep hearing "the joy of cola..." in my head after all those ba ba baa baaaas, and I have to stop myself and start singing "I'm a pepper, he's a pepper..."

I've been doing the same thing! Sometimes aloud, then I get my kids singing it, then they can't stop! Too funny! Glad someone else admitted to it, so I could. LOL!

10-14-2001, 02:15 AM
Oh man, if I had enough soap to wash out the mouths of those who keep saying Chris Gaines is a failure, as if that is a valid reason to trash ANYTHING they want to about Garth. Is it me, or is there quite a bit of scarecrow saved up for them to feast on later while others are having The Lamb?

10-14-2001, 08:34 AM
Now ya see.. this is the kind of stuff that makes me glad that Garth is retiring! (I can see shock on the faces of the people wo know me, and know that Garth's retiring has left a whole in my heart.)

I say this because Garth has been at the top for quite some time, and most of that time, people in the industry, media, lables, jealous artists, and anti-Garth fans, have been trying to knock him off the mountain for most of it!

Garth is a fighter when it comes to the music, and has always come out on top through it all.

If not for other more important personal aspects of his life, he would have fought for Chris Gaines and shut up a lot of the people who are now calling it a failure. He doesn't think it was, and neither does anyone who bought the CD! (at least 2 million) So when Mr. Carter uses this as an explaination for Garth's retiring, It makes me rip roaring mad!

As for Garth being sensitive about his weight - Well aren't we all? And correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't every article you read about Garth mention his weight? They're always using unflattering terms like pudgy, or something along those lines. He just beats them to what he knows is going to be in their next write-up! :rolleyes:

Now to the most important thing - The Music! I can't believe how everyone is critiquing this song! Gosh darn it - It's just a song! It's fun, it has great fiddle, great harmonica, great beat and a great voice behind it! I doubt it was meant to be the replacement for the National Anthem for heavens sake! Yes, it's Garth and expectations are high, but everyone sets there own level of them. Why must Garth's be any higher than anyone elses? Just because he sold more records? Good God - he makes music! If you don't like it, fine - but why am I not hearing all the dj's, and the Jimmy Carter's of the world critiquing some of the less than excellent quality songs, from every other artist out there?

Enough is enough! I just want all the craziness to stop! I want the music, but I can not bear any longer the price Garth has to always pay, just to do what he loves. :(


Katy Wildabeast
10-14-2001, 10:32 AM
Why is everyone on Garth's case all the time?? I guess people just can't handle that he is successful, talented and good-looking. But whatever, as long as Garth knows that his true fans love him no matter his weight.

And on a side note, I think that Garth Brooks is a hot, sexy man and I don't care what any of the 'critics' have to say about him, I love him just the same

And Jimmy Carter can stuff a sock in it.


10-14-2001, 11:59 AM
ok.. I'm going to go on a limp here but who's JIMMY CARTER???:eek:


10-14-2001, 12:36 PM

Jimmy Carter is a Nashville critic, probably most known for his appearances on "Crook and Chase", when he commented on whatever was happening.

Anytime he's talked about Garth, he can't resist putting a jab in somewhere. He does it with other artists, I guess... I've never taken a real liking to him.

Okay...what do the comments on Garth's weight have to do with his music?? Grr. *rolls eyes* So what if he wears black a lot??
It's unfortunate about the shelved two videos, IF it's true...
His covers are airbrushed...man, THAT'S never happened before with anybody.
What's Jimmy smokin'?

I do not think the Chris Gaines project (mutli-platinum is NOT a failure, duh) is the reason he's retiring. How dare he use that against Garth, especially when his Kids are involved!! They are the one and only reason that, not knowing a better word for it, "compete" with his career, everyone knows that. How many times has he said he's a father first??

As Ann said...At least he won't have to deal with stuff like this when he goes home for ...a long time. ;)

*remembering Garth's words at CRS..."After all the knives and bullet holes, I'm still here, ya know?"* Thank God. :)


10-14-2001, 12:49 PM
Forgot to add...

Oh, they actually mentioned the SONG?? It's hard to see with all that bashing. At least they're smart enough to like it. ...Let's not mention the fact that Toby Keith Raps in his new one and is the toast of the town. Garth's not even allowed a lil' "Baa baa baa.."?? What the he**?


10-14-2001, 01:02 PM
Thanks Nash... :)

yea I was thinking about that Country rap stuff too.. it IS so NOT country


10-15-2001, 01:34 AM
What about Alan Jackson's "It's All Right TO Be a Redneck'?

Ba Ba Bum Ba Ba Bum, Ba Ba Bum Ba Bum Ba Bum Bum......


10-15-2001, 09:57 AM
I just wanted to point out...When Garth started his 3 year tour he made it clear that after it was over he was going to give his girls the time they need....a more "normal" school life etc...He didn't say the word, but he did hint toward retirement. It was long before the Chris Gaines project was even introduced to the public...I think it was his plan all along, but he didn't want to sell tickets on tour based on the "retirement" issue.

10-15-2001, 07:47 PM
I LOVE those country 'rap' songs of Toby's and Alan's!
"Sometimes, I wanna talk about ME, ee, ee, ee!!"