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11-20-1998, 08:34 PM
Ok, whenever they play "Friends in Low Places" on the radio from the Double Live album, it is to be the one recorded in Dallas for his first NBC Special back in 1991. When I listen to it on the Double Live album it is a completely different recording. I know that the music on all of the "versions" of Double Live is supposed to be the same, but are there different recordings of "Friends in Low Places" depending on which one you have? N

11-22-1998, 07:26 AM
The music on all the <i>Double Live</i> editions is the same. The version of "Friends In Low Places" from <i>This Is Garth Brooks!</i> that you heard is a special CD that was shipped to radio stations back around 1991 or 1992. It has been around for a while.<p>Hope that helps...<br> :)N

11-23-1998, 10:12 PM
Just to help you out with the version of FILP on Double LIVE... I believe that recording is from his concert in Las Vegas...I personally attended that concert, and the audience there was seriously cheering and applauding for a good couple of minutes before he introduced the 3rd verse and plugged the Double live album.. exactly as it is now..... Another reason my friends and I believe the recording was from Vegas, was that Garth didn't sing the 3rd verse, but we as the audience did... he did jump in on the second to last verse "sweet little lady I'll head back to the bar" and then the audience finished it up.. just like on the album... I haven't attended any other garth concerts besides Vegas but I was just wondering if the audience singing the 3rd verse was common or not.....But this is just my $.10N

11-24-1998, 01:31 PM
Thanks-- I knew that the "This is Garth Brooks" version was out as I have heard it on the radio off and on in the last few years. I guess I was just confused because the DJ's talked as if that was from Double Live. Personally I like the version on the album much better anyway- it's great! ;-) <p>CAGirl- I saw garth here in Lincoln, Nebraska in September 1997, and FILP was similar here- he just let the crowd take over on the 3rd verse, and it was incredible- the crowd almost brought down the roof! Has Garth mentioned in any interviews which show FILP was from on the album?N