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11-18-1998, 03:31 PM
<br>Like so many other Eastern/Central fans, I just finished watching the NBC Double Live special. The deepness of this man's emotions will never cease to amaze me. He's not afraid to tell you he doesn't like something and he's not afraid to cry. I like that in a person! I was expecting a concert special, but this was more of a personal look back at the last 10 years on the road. Garth is truly one-of-a-kind! <p>Does anyone know where the clips for "Wild As The Wind" & "It's Your Song" were filmed? I wasn't treated to either song on any show I saw recently. <p>Speaking of videos, what happened to the video filmed for "In Another's Eyes"? Not the live Leno clip, the actual "concept" clip. Is "I Don't Have to Wonder" going to come out? He shot that one a year ago. I'm new here on the board, so please excuse me if this is a repeat inquiry! <p>Sure would like to know how the other timezones liked the show!N

Gary Daniel
11-18-1998, 03:46 PM
FLAFAN...as far as I know the two video clips that you saw on the special, for Wild as the Wind and It's Your Song were both shot during the Las Vegas concerts that Garth did following the month long hiatus that he took from the tour this past June. He took a little break after the shows he did in the midwest, Louisville, Lexington, and Nashville...and then went out west for the final 4 or five months of the tour. Las Vegas was where those two songs debuted...and I believe that that's where they shot the video too. <p>As for I don't Have to Wonder's video, a statement Garth made about a week and a half ago said the video is still scheduled for release later this fall or early in the winter. However, it won't be an official single that'll be released...much like the Red Strokes which was never formally released to the public here in the U.S. other than in the form of video. Hope this helps<p>GaryN

11-18-1998, 03:49 PM
the part of the songs where Garth is actually singing the songs( it's your song and wild as the wind) was done in Las Vegas in August of this year. It looked like they cut in alot of clips of various concerts with it.N

11-18-1998, 07:34 PM
The choir you saw on the special was from Las Vegas, Warm Springs Baptist Church and Unity Baptist Church. They also did an extra recording, without audience, to be mixed in for the album. <br>N

11-19-1998, 01:07 AM
I think the NBC special last night was one of the best things I've seen in a long time! It was awesome!! He looked great, handled everything very well for being 'live' and I enjoyed every second of it!!! Once again Garth gives an incredible performance!!! THANKS GARTH!!!<p>PS. Wasn't it great to have something visual to go with "It's Your Song" I love it more now than I did before.....didn't know that was possible! ;)N

11-22-1998, 08:46 AM
yup "wild as the wind","its your song" were in LAS VEGAS it was sooooo cool cuz' i know i was right there in that audience.7th row front and center!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)N

11-22-1998, 02:41 PM
Thanks for the info everyone! I still want to know what became of the "In Another's Eyes" video! I have seen clips of it on ET, it must exist somewhere!!N