View Full Version : Favorite Track(s) on new LIVE album?

11-18-1998, 09:00 AM
Hey All,<p>I am curious what is your favorite(s) tracks off of Garth's new LIVE album.<p>I would have to say that Unanswered Prayers wins hands down. However It's Your Song would come a close second.<p>How about the rest of ya?<p>Scott in FLN

Sarah in oz
11-18-1998, 08:07 PM
Tearin' it up and burnin' it down for me, but wild as the wind keeps playing in my head so that's a close secondN

11-19-1998, 12:07 AM
The one song that gives me that true, "Concert feeling" would have to be "The Dance" But "Unanswered Prayers" is right behind.N

11-19-1998, 06:30 AM
Without contest it's "To Make You Feel My Love" for me. His new stuff is what I look forward to and I'm glad it wasn't overlooked on the Double Live! 2nd place is "Standing Outside the Fire". I had never heard him do this in concert until a few weeks ago in Orlando. I like the way he yells "WEAK!" and was hoping this would be the way it would appear on the album! <p>The whole album is special in many respects, but those are the two tracks I enjoy most!<p>Kevin in FLN

11-19-1998, 06:48 AM
i know some people are disapointed (and can understand in some ways), but some of the songs sound SOOOO good... a few of my favs are, we shall be free ; all the added lines are great, that sumer, the dance , outside the fire, tmyfml...sounded awesome at walmart and just as good here,. to pick one favorite, would have to be wild as the wind.N

Lost Soul
11-19-1998, 07:40 AM
While The Dance is my hands down favorite Garth song, I'd have to say that Unanswered Prayers took the cake on this CD. No other song made me feel like I was back at the concert like this one. Dance would be second. And a close third is Friends in Low Place. I just love when he plays those first few notes and the crowd goes nuts.N

11-19-1998, 07:09 PM
I enjoy all of Double live, except for Wild is the Wind, it is songs that I've heard before. I have been listening to it non-stop since tues. my favorite tracks are.<p>The Thunder Rolls<br>It's your Song<br>Tearing it up, and Burning it down<br>Shameless<p>The studio intro's are very cool, maybe sometime down the line, Capitol Nashville will release studio outtakes on Garth's recording sessions as part of a new box set. That would be VERY COOL in my opinion. Like I said, I enjoy the whole album, hope I don't wear it out.N

11-19-1998, 07:19 PM
I will have to say my favorite Double Live song is "Standing Outside the Fire", so far!! I love the passion GB and Stillwater put into this song. "We Call them WEAAAAAK!!", definitely my favorite line from the G-man in this live version! The rest of the songs are a close second for right now! <p>tc<br>N

11-21-1998, 11:53 AM
My list is below:<br>1. It's your song<br>2. unanswered prayers<br>3. the river<br>4. two pina colladas<br>5. callin' baton rouge<br>6. we shall be free<br>7. standing outside the fire...<p>Actually, every song is awesome!<p>TommyN

Love Double Garth
11-21-1998, 01:32 PM
Well, I get goose bumps listening to them ALL, but if I had to pick a couple....Hmmm....I guess they would be TO MAKE YOU FEEL MY LOVE (that is a given...lol!) and THE THUNDER ROLLS. I am so glad that he included the third verses to that one and FILP....<br>The whole CD is VERY COOL! I bought all six of the CD's and then I bought one that I could listen too...the other 6 are in my curio cabinet..for all to see!!!<p>Shari in MN<br>N