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09-27-2001, 02:42 PM
since family and friends and coworkers keep telling me that they keep hearing about actors and musicians and athletes giving proceeds and money to the red cross and stuff .. they wonder why they havent heard garths named mentioned...

so i have to keep telling them .. that either he hasnt done anything YET .. or he has done something but made it so attention was not brought to him as it isnt about him... i know one time .. he was being interviewed and said something to the effect of... if you do something good for someone and then sit there and talk or brag about it .. you just took it away ...

09-27-2001, 04:46 PM
I have a feeling he has already donated or has something in the works. I heard one time that you would be amazed at the stuff he donates to but asks for it not to be revealed.:)

Chris Gaines
09-27-2001, 05:00 PM
the total raised to date is:
(with Government money too..)


My question is.. without being rude.. LOL

How much is too much??????

I mean.. I realize nothing can bring back the people...
But the buildings and lifes to get back on track.. and stuff..

Cause this is a hell of a lot of money.. makes ya wonder what they gonna do with it all :)


09-27-2001, 05:55 PM
It's also interesting how quickly all that money was collected. I'm sure it was because of the media attention.

What about all the people who suffered in Bosnia, Mogadishu etc. The same amount of money could never be raised to help them.

It just shows how powerful the medias are.


09-27-2001, 07:31 PM
Jason, it's a lot of money but just think of all the cost that are involved. I bet if each of use wrote down five each, we could still keep this going for a few pages. That money will be used up quickly. Heck the government's putting up 25 million on Bin Laden's head, that of course isn't part of this money but all the other cost of maybe greasing folks hands with money, it's not going to be able to keep putting out for all the other stuff. The buildings are an enormous cost to rebuild and can you just imagine the cost of all the folks that have been working 2 weeks straight non stop? I guess there is no amount going to be enough for a while. Lots of folks getting laid off, a big jolt to the insurance companies and airline industries for all of this, just like with a "Hurricane" as one of the media termed it. I could go on and on, but I'll stop. I know you could think of lots more too. I'm just glad every one is helping. :)