View Full Version : Yikes!!!! I just dont wanna know....not just yet

09-26-2001, 10:06 PM
Wow...that was a close call....I almost read the thread that has the lyrics posted to the new single. :eek:
OK, call me weird....BUT - I dont wanna know anything about the songs until I hear them the first time.....from Garth! :)

Whew....when I came upon the lyrics, I scrolled down sooooo fast I didn't catch a word of it. I dunno why I'm feeling like this with this album.....never have before. I've always been soooooo eager for even the tiniest hint of what's to come. But not this time. I think it's cuz it's possible that it'll be the last, and I want to enjoy it one song at a time. I want each one to be a surprise. Kinda like Christmas presents.....I want to unwrap each one s-l-o-w-l-y and enjoy it. I hate it when I accidently find out what's in the package before it's opened. I just "opened" Beer Run yesterday.....so I'm hoping to save the others for awhile.

I dont want to even so much as read the tracks list. Geesh....that's gonna be hard since I'm hanging around here so much! :)

I dont begrudge anybody the opportunity to have sneek peeks. I know I'm gonna be in the minority feeling this way. I just can't explain it.....it just seems like we've waited sooooo long for this new album, and I guess I want this particular ride to be a long and slow one.

Anyway....like I said, call me weird! :)

09-26-2001, 10:16 PM
I felt the same way, AFTER I read it. :rolleyes:
I too, would like to drag it out long and slow. :)But, I only read it once, so I won't read it again. :) I didn't know it was alread a song on another cd. I thought the songs would be unrecorded before now. Oh well. I don't mind, I suppose. It will be the first time for me to hear Garth's voice singing it. Always a treat in itself,just to hear him talk. :)

So, I totally agree with ya Cheryl. It will be hard for me too, esp. since some threads you don't really know what the content is until you read the first post. lol.

Ellie :)

09-26-2001, 11:34 PM
Hey Cheryl,

You are not ALONE in this!!

I had a chance to hear somebody's else version, but I thought to myself that I should wait for Garth's first...LOL

After all, I am waiting for Garth's voice, not someone else's...lol